Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm Dreaming Of A White Xmas

Normally I would never, ever want to receive underwear as an Xmas present ... but this year I'd make an exception:

I love Aussie Bum products. I have 2 bathing suits (that I'm mostly afraid to wear) and a couple of athletic shirts. Now that they have forayed into the world of underwear ... well, I hope to get some ... maybe for Xmas??? Thanks to Bill @ Tottyland for reminding me how much I love Aussie Yum Bum!

Big Is Better

I have to confess that I was very disappointed with the way that Manhunt turned out. They cut the cutest guys within the first couple of weeks and we were left to root for the hottest of what was left. I was not pleased. I am encouraged by The WB's new show Big Man on Campus. I am not quite sure what the goal of this show is (and I have no interest at all with how the girls figure into the show) but I have no doubt, from what I've seen already, that there will be plenty of eyecandy to keep me entertained.

The show debuts tonight on The WB at 9 PM EST.

He Sucks Too

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words [via]:

Pictures Are Easier Than Words

Welcome to my chock-full-of-pictures post! I generally save pictures that I come across for use in entries but I realized that I saved a lot of pictures for today's post. I want to use them all so, enjoy!

Last night Ame and Stephanie came over and we all went out for dinner. Ame scored a sweet job ... in Tennessee and will be doing an initial move this week and then a final move next week. We are going to miss her and Matt (her hubby-wubby) sooooo much! But anyways they came over and we all went to Fishbone's for dinner. I had awesome sushi and had an awesome time. Here's a (dark) pic of Ame and me from last night:

Don't we look cute? We look much cuter than Becks and Vicky are looking these days.

Well, lookie here ... Britters has fled the warmth and solemnity of California for the shopping in New York City ... of course the paparazzi will find her no matter where she goes:

That hat is SO not cute! But at least now we know what happened to her other dog, Lacy.

The new trailer for Batman Begins is online, click the screengrab below to check it out:

Here is a new poster for the movie [via]

Batman Begins won't be out for a while but ... The Ring Two is set for an earlier release in March '05 ... you can see the trailer at the official site. It looks veeeeerrrry scary!

Hey guess what ... Paris Hilton is going to be on TV again! The Simple Life 3 is set to debut in January ... and the first promo pictures have been released [via Oh No They Didn't!].

Click the image above to see the other promo pictures

And here comes trouble ...

The only person who could make this group of celebs any more notorious would be Fred Durst ... so worst!

And speaking of worst ... how about some Eminem news? Well it seems that he is now reaching out to the gays. While appearing on German TV he was quoted as saying, "I hate the fact I have such a bad rap from the gay community and I think this gives them a little light relief, don't you?" and then he dropped his pants and bared his ass. You know what, he does that a lot:

I wonder if he's trying to tell us something? And, not that I'm noticing but, he has a very smooth-looking ass ... I wonder if he waxes? Looks like he has been taking advice from the Fab Five.

Speaking of ... hey girls, here comes the Fab Four:

OUT magazine has the Queer Eyes for the Straight Girls on the cover of their latest issue. Why do the straight guys get a Fab Five but the straight girls only get a Fab Four ... hmmmm ...

And now ... the news rundown:And, HELLO, the best news of the day ... at 10 AM tickets went on presale for Ashlee Simpson's Detroit show in March (the general sale is this Saturday at 10 AM) and I scored 2 tickets. Our tickets are in the orchestra section, 3rd row!!!! How awesome is that?!?

Yay! It's going to be a great day!