Thursday, December 23, 2004

Xmas-Eve Eve

Diana is home for the holidays and we are planning on meeting for lunch and merriment which is very interesting because we did the exact same thing exactly one year ago today:

Posted 12.23.2003 12:14 PM
erik had to work today so he wasn't able to have lunch with me and DIANA who is home from DC!!! she met me at erik's place and we went to pronto! for lunch. it was nice catching up with her ... we are having dinner with erik on saturday :)

Oh Diana, we are SO predictable :)

It's going to be a very interesting day ... We here in the metro Detroit area woke up to a BUTTLOAD of snow:

This is the view of Detroit from Windsor, Canada. It's gonna be a fun time in D-town ... have I mentioned how I loathe the snow? Booooo!

In Britney news, Access Hollywood has named our dear Ms. Spears the Top Star of 2004:

"Access Hollywood" has named its "Top Ten Stars of 2004," with Britney Spears in the No. 1 spot. The rankings are based on the number of stories that aired on each star. Spears _ who was married twice, canceled a summer tour because of a knee injury and released a greatest hits album _ topped the list with 119 stories.

Beyonce is in the No. 2 spot, with 102 stories, followed by Donald Trump, 94 stories; Michael Jackson, 84 stories; Tom Cruise, 72 stories; Jessica Simpson, 69 stories; Paris Hilton, 63 stories; Nicole Kidman, 62 stories; Jennifer Lopez, 54 stories; and Whitney Houston, 52 stories.

Congrats to our favorite Diva of all time!

Speaking of Divas, it seems that Jenny is coming back from the block with a new album, Rebirth, and a new single, Get Right, ready to drop in early '05:

Here is the album's tracklist:

01. "Step Into My World"
02. "Get Right"
03. "I Love"
04. "Whatever You Want"
05. "Ride Or Die"
06. "Cherry Pie"
07. "He'll Be Back"
08. "This Is Me"
09. "I Got You"
10. "Still Around"
11. "Hold You Down" feat. Fat Joe
12. "Apresurate" (Bonus Track)

I wonder if Track #6 is a Warrant cover song?

Oh, silly Jessica:

Don't worry sweetie, they're still there.

Let's do the quick news-rundown:And that is all for right now.

Tonight, Sarah is having a huge-ass Holiday party ... simply anybody who is anybody is going to be there:

It shall be a blast! I will have pictures to share. Meow!