Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Lucky Day

Today has been so hectic so far! I normally post much earlier in the day but today was a little different. Tracey and I made plans to hang out today ... either I was going to meet up with her in Ann Arbor or she was going to come to the East side to hang. I got a call at about 11 AM from her ... she was in town. She picked me up and we had to go downtown to drop off lunch for her man. We decided to have lunch in Greektown so we went to Pizza Papalis. We talked about going to play at the casino after lunch so we decided to spend just $2 each ... no more, no less. Our casino of choice was the Greektown Casino (right across the street from where we had lunch):

She spent $2 and ended up walking away with $3.50 and I spent $2 and walked away with $2.50 -- WE BOTH WON! Additionally, the casino validated our parking so we also got to park for free! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! I love hanging out with Tracey. She is so CRAZY and we always have so much fun. Woot!

Superhero Hype has the first look at some merchandise that will be sold when Batman Begins comes out next summer:

I really like the BatLight key ring!

It seems like Kevin Federline is finally working for some of the money he enjoys:

Although, I think he's going to get into trouble when he gets home. I don't see any Red Bull in that shopping cart. Where are the Cheetos?! Someone is going to be pissed.

I think I stumbled upon this new trend in Hollywood. It seems that all the hot celebs have taken to owning tiny dogs to cart around in public:

So far I think only Pamela Anderson has jumped on the tiny-dog-bandwagon but I think it's gonna start catching on.

Always the Mother of Re-Invention, Madonna has decided to morph into my friend Shane's mom a soccer mom from Ohio:

Rumor has it she has re-emerged to work on her new album. I really think she should do other things than just write children's books and push Kabbalah on other celebs ... maybe she can sell clothes?

What is with her hair? It makes her look old! At least she still looks better than Donatella Versace:

Let's do the news:
And that is that. Preparations are underway for a friendly gathering at our home tomorrow evening ... more on that ... later.


I am totally loving Kylie Minogue right now. I have been extremely lucky to come across some unreleased/leaked tracks in addition to the newly released tracks that accompany her new greatest hits CD UltimateKylie. While the new tracks I Believe In You, (Can't Stop) Giving You Up, and the new b-side B.P.M. are great to have there is something special about getting unreleased tracks too. I Know (another track from the Scissor Sisters sessions) and Made Of Glass (that was demoed and recorded by Kylie but will probably end up going to Rachel Stevens instead) are soooo damn good! I am reveling in the Kylieness of late. Here's hoping that more of her unreleased and forbidden tracks leak to the 'Net as well ... woo!

Fear The Darkness

Tonight was very fun! Sarah called and wondered what I was up to and since I was up to nothing I decided to hang out with her. Hello, just like old times ... we had a lot of fun. I went over to her place because we weren't sure if we were going to meet up with Angi and Tony for dinner and a movie or what. We ended up staying in for pizza -- we also played Trivial Pursuit: The 90's Edition:

Hello, she kicked my ass all over the place! It was ridiculous!! While I knew a few of the answers pretty easily SHE KNEW EVERY OTHER ANSWER PRETTY HANDILY. I got my ass beat like crazy! Grrr ... she ruled that's for sure.

Another reason we decided to stay in for the first part of the night was to watch MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2 because we knew from the episode promos that Dipshit Steven was going to get his ass kicked off the show:

The stupid idiot decided that he was going to smack Shane across the HEAD because he was getting annoyed. Of course MTV has a "no hitting" policy (much like in grade school) and he was immediately ejected from the show. I howled with glee ... I can't stand that asshole!

So the Battle of the Sexes ended at 10:30 PM but our night was not finished. Sarah and I decided that we were going to a late movie right after the Battle of the Sexes was over ... we couldn't decide what movie to see. We toyed with seeing either Closer, Meet The Fockers or Darkness. We wanted to be scared, rolled the die and ended up choosing Darkness:

What we ended up getting was a steaming pile of horse shizz! I'm not exaggerating here -- it was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen! We were hoping that since Anna Paquin was in it (hee hee, we love Anna Paquin) that it would have some redeeming merit. This movie blew so hard ... I mean ... STUPID! Not scary, not interesting, not worth a poop sandwich ... it just plain SUCKED! Do NOT See This Movie ... you have been warned.

It is now 3 AM and I am ready for bed. I love being on vacation. Wee!!!