Wednesday, December 29, 2004

You Think You're Chocolate ...

... But you're chewing gum. -- Annie

Tony sent me a cd a few weeks ago along with a mix cd and some other fun stuff. I put the mix cd in my car (to play should I forget to bring my iPod) and left the other stuff on my desk. My desk ate all those things and I quickly forgot that they ever existed. Erik tided up and managed to salvage the other cd and put it on top of my stack of newly acquired cds. I noticed the new cd, Anniemal, on top and today decided to give it a spin -- Oh My God does this cd rock! I think my new favorite artist is Annie:

I can't believe it's taken me this long to hear this cd! Pitchfork named her song Heartbeat as the #1 single of the year while I would name her song Chewing Gum the #1 song of the decade. I know this sounds extremely hyperbolic but Chewing Gum is so infectious ... I can't stop playing it. And when I do finally stop playing the song it keeps repeating in my head (and you should see the video).

This will not be the last you hear of Annie ... I've only just discovered her ...

Not A Party

There is shizz for news today so I'm going to have to wing it. Firstly, Erik and I are hosting a gathering of friends this evening at our home ... mainly because Adriana has never seen our home. So while it's not a "party" party there is sure to be fun and merriment ... and possibly pictures. Stay tuned.

So, okay, the Simpson sisters and their men have returned from Hawaii ... Ashlee was spotted with Ryan at a basketball game in Texas:

I think these too should run off and get married in Vegas after the new year ... oh wait, that was SO 2004. Who knows what hijinks 2005 will bring?!

Sadly, one of my favorite characters from Beauty & The Beast passed away today:

You might better recognize Jerry Orbach (the voice of Lumiere) from Law & Order. He was 69 when he succumbed to cancer this morning.

Lastly, I just downloaded my 100th song from iTunes -- Jimmy Eat World - Work (Featuring Liz Phair). Do I get some kind of medal or something ...?

More news:
And that is all. I will have a full update of the party gathering tonight. Holla!