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Monday, January 31, 2005

And Away We Go ...

MJ gets his butt to court.


Brit And Those Brits

How is it that weekends tend to FLY BY at an insanely fast pace? It's like, you blink and it's Monday again. Suck! Anyhoo, let's get to it, shall we?

Finally ... some Britney stuff has emerged from the depths of gossipdom. Here we have the happy little family tanning poolside:

Those British tabloids are just dying for Britney Spears to birth a baby. They don't seem to talk about her anymore without mentioning that she is either pregnant or is hiding her pregnancy. Whatevs ...

Stateside, In Style magazine has compiled a list of the best couples of 2004 and lookie who made the list:

I wouldn't call them the best couple ... but, whatchagonnado? Next up, the reemergence of the new Kevin Federline. I can't wait for the pictures of Kevvy's make-over to emerge. He is set to appear on the cover of Details magazine. He is also rumored to be on the cover of L'Uomo Vogue as well. I can't wait!

The younger Spears is slowly working behind the scenes to eventually emerge in the spotlight ... looks like the eldest Spears (Bryan) wants to tag along:

Jamie Lynn is doing all she can for tsunami relief efforts. You can bid on an autographed Build-A-Bear HERE:

You better hurry though, once His Royal Thighness I finds out about the auction, well, forget about winning the bear. [via]

Wow ... how bad does Pam Anderson look when compared to Paris Hilton?

Time can be very cruel indeed!

Kylie Minogue made an appearance at the premiere of her new movie The Magic Roundabout:

She looks sooo purdy! The movie looks so cute. I hope it gets some sort of release here in the US. But, I doubt it -- Booooooooo! In other awesome news, it's being reported that Kylie is going to headline the Glastonbury festival on the 3rd night. Rawk on!

Bored and want to know if you're as dumb as Jessica Simpson?

Click HERE.

How's this for scary ...

Tonya Harding is one freaky-looking lady, well, whatever she is. I would not want to get into the rink or the ring with her. If you would like to help her pay for her steroids you can purchase an autographed photo HERE. [link via Thighz]

This just in, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks have formed a new singing group:

That's hot!

And now, the news:
And that is that ... Tonight Erik and I are finally going to see The Incredibles at a movie theater:

I can't believe we missed it the first go round. Thankfully, due to the Oscar noms, it is back in theaters. Yehaw!

Have I mentioned that I hate my workplace? Yeah, it sucks ... I am looking to coast for the rest of the school year so ... I better go not do something. Laters.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Trial Foreplay

Well, here we go ... the trial of the new century is about to get underway:

Michael Jackson released a video taped message via his website this morning as a preemptive strike before jury selection in his trial begins tomorrow. Here are some quotes from the message:

In the last few weeks, a large amount of ugly, malicious information has been released into the media about me. The information is disgusting and false ... I never intend to place myself in so vulnerable a position ever again. I love my community and I have great faith in our justice system. Please keep an open mind and let me have my day in court ... I deserve a fair trial like every other American citizen. I will be acquitted and vindicated when the truth is told.

I love how he is worried about jury tampering or fears that potential jurors might be swayed by media reports but has no qualms about trying to influence them himself. Man, it's going to be a crazy trial ... we are sure to be talking about this for a long time.

I'm gonna save the news roundup for tomorrow ...

I managed to finally get around to setting up my newest iPod. It arrived Thursday but really didn't have much time to play with it. I decided to name him Phillipe:

He just looked French to me. It's awesome. So tiny and so portable ... perfect for carrying around when it's too cold to carry around the big iPod. I love him!

Last night was fun, a bunch of us met up with Ben and Sam at the Lager House for Sam's birthday. The 2 local bands (I, Magician and Thunderbirds Are Now!) were awesome ... the other band (Turing Machine, from New York) was not. Ben kept buying the pitchers so I kept drinking them down ... so fun! Also, it's amazing what you can find in bar bathrooms:

I loved this sign. I checked out the website and can't figure out if Jillian Ann is a singer or a model or both ... I guess if you're a more psychotic Tori Amos then anything is possible.

It's date night tonight so I prolly won't post again until tomorrow. Holla!


Saturday, January 29, 2005

She Mars

Angelina Jolie appeared at some world summit thing this past week looking cool as a cucumber:

It still remains to be seen if she really was the reason that Brad and Jen broke up. If she did have something to do with the break-up then I suspect we might be seeing Angelina and Brad "hanging out together" around the time their new movie debuts. In the mean time, Angelina is offering Brad some friendly advice ... you know, as a friend ... she is just biding her time, y'all.

I was very happy to discover that Veruca Salt (the new VS, that is) is being well-received down unda in Australia ... and look how great Louise Post looks!

She took a lot of flak for packing on the lbs. after she split with Nina Gordon but, as we have learned from Courtney Love, when you stop taking drugs you start eating ... a lot. Y'all know how much I love Veruca Salt and I'm really pulling for Louise and Nina to reunite someday. In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy their music separately. If Louise keeps rockin' out:

Then she is going to back to her old self in no time. Check out more pix HERE.

The first promo pictures of Alyson Hannigan's appearance on Veronica Mars have hit the Internets:

She looks amazing! I love the hair. I am going to have to start watching the show again to get caught up in time for Alyson's arrival (February 22nd). [pictures via by way of]

I am totally on board with Nicole Kidman playing Samantha in Bewitched but I'm really not feeling Paris Hilton as Jeanie:

This scan is from this week's issue of US Weekly. The caption reads that Paris will appear as Jeanie on American Dreams. She looks good in the costume ... hmm ... well, we'll have to see the episode (March 13th) and then decide. In other news, Paris claims to be happy about being single. She's just happy she doesn't have to write any new love letters.

I don't particularly care for Donald Trump ... but I really hate him as a Cabbage Patch Kid:

Gaw ... I will not make a "you're fired" joke or anything. The doll was auctioned off for charity already but I really hope they don't start mass producing them. I just want the bad thing to go away ... go away now ... go!

Whether they're stable or highly unstable (well, one of them at least) the Olsen Twins are now on their own. They've bought out the attorney that has handled their mega-billion affairs and now have full control of their empire. I dunno, they can't continue to generate that much cheddar for much longer, right? They are getting older, right?

Er ... maybe I shouldn't doubt them for they will soon become the Earth's overlordesses, sure to rule with an iron fist.

Mariah Carey has a new album to start peddling so it's about time she whipped out her boobs:

Head over to Blender magazine's website to check out other pictures of her exposed tees1.

And now, the news:
Kylie Minogue night at the Necto last night was soooo fun! Not only did they play tons of Kylie songs, they also played her videos too. It was very fun dancing in the Red Room with Kylie emanating from the video screens:

We don't get much Kylie Minogue in this country overall, people around here hardly know who she is. There was no way I was going to miss a Kylie Minogue night. I managed to get a promo cd and a poster before the night was over. Rawk!

Rumor has it that peeps are gathering tonight at the Lager House to help celebrate Samantha's birthday as Thunderbirds Are Now! provide the entertainment. I may have to attend.

1Look at that, I used 2 Uncle Grambo-speak thingies (note the entry title). Does that mean I have pay royalties or something?


Friday, January 28, 2005

Tri-an Adams

Rachel, the hot chica from Scene Stars, gave me the heads up on some incredible Ryan Adams news ... homeboy is going to release 3 albums this year:

The first one, a double album titled Cold Roses (credited as Ryan Adams and the Cardinals), will drop on April 19th. The other 2 albums are titled Jacksonville and 29. If you count the double album, then there will actually be 4 albums released this year. NME ran the story this morning but Rachel had the scoop last night.

Dude is mackin' like a P.I.M.P. Holla atcha boy!


Turning Jedi Mind Tricks

That's it, we're gonna have to go back in time if we're going to talk about Britney Spears. has pictures of Britney all cozied up with some dude ... these pics are from back in the day ...

... pre-Cheetos and Red Bull. I have never seen these before and have no idea who this dude is. They look pretty close (if you know what I mean) in many of the pictures. My fave pictures are these 2:

Click image for larger size

J-L Spears looks young enough to still wet the bed. Does anyone know who this guy is and what the relationship is? I may have to hold off on the Britney discussion ... at least until she gets her ass out in public again. Damn, I'll even take barefoot Britney!

I know Brit, I <3 you too!

I was able to catch the 3rd episode of Point Pleasant last night:

The storyline is slowly unfolding and I am intrigued ... but I'm not hooked yet. We'll see how things progress. I did conclude a few things: 1.) Grant Show is really old, 2.) Dina Meyer always plays a great bitch and 3.) Young clergymen = icky sexual tension. I hope things pick up soon or I may lose interest. C'mon Marti, don't let me down.

My sources have sniffed out more news about Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The opening crawl sequence has been revealed and will read thusly:

Episode III


War! The Republic is crumbling
under the attacks by the ruthless
Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
There are heroes on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.

In a stunning move, the
fiendish droid leader, General
Grievous, has swept into the
Republic capital and kidnapped
Chancellor Palpatine, the leader of
the Galactic Senate.

As the Separatist Droid Army
attempts to flee the beseiged
capital with their valuable
hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a
desperate mission to rescue the
captive Chancellor...

Hmm ... sounds promising, don't ya think?

Ever since I started seeing commercials for the movie Alone in the Dark I knew we were in for a major poop sandwich. Xtian Slater and Stephen Dorf aren't really the kind of dudes that bring in the box office bucks these days ... throw in Tara Reid playing an (sic) intellectual and you've got a recipe for a pile of crud:

If this movie bombs like I suspect it will it looks like dear Tara might have to fall back on her other talents:

While the Oscar goody bag will include the all black Motorola RAZR V3, it looks like the folks who attend the Grammy Awards are going to have to settle for a bunch of crap instead:

The only thing that looks good in that pile of junk is the U2 special edition iPod. Maybe they should throw in some hot underwear from American Apparel to at least satisfy the hipsters:

Oh wait, hipsters don't attend the Grammy Awards. Ah well, looks like the Grammy goody bag is just going to have to suck. [American Apparel ad via Gawker]

And for no particular reason at all, here is a picture of Jesse Bradford:

Do with it what you will :)

So how's about we do the news:
I opted out of dancing last night mainly because I really didn't fancy venturing out into the subzero temps. just to end up coming home after 1 AM smelling of bar stink. Goddamn, I'm an old man. Well, I'm going to try and make up for not going out last night by going out tonight. Necto is having a Kylie Minogue night tonight:

Not only will they be giving out free Kylie swag but they will be playing ONLY Kylie songs from 9:30 - 11:00 PM. Aw shizz, I'm gonna drop it like it's hot like a mothereffer, y'all!

Also today I have a "big meeting" with the big boss about my teaching contract for next year. It promises to be a fun time. Not! Here's hoping that I come out on top ... ain't life grand?


Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Real LB

And the Britney-sighting drought continues ...

She must be too busy making sure that K-Fed isn't sluttin' up other chicks or something. Come back girl ... we miss you. Her new single is set for release in the UK next month and the supposed cover has been leaked:

C'mon ... I could make a more professional-looking cover and I suck at Photoshop. I really hope this is a fake ... or something.

TV last night was trés boring. A Wednesday night sans Lost is hardly worth living through. I managed to chuckle a few times during The Simple Life 3 but I just found myself laughing at things that I had already seen in the first 2 seasons. I forced myself not to slip into a coma during The Newlyweds:

Because I really wanted to watch the season premiere of The Ashlee Simpson Show. Come the fuck on, can you spare me the To Be Continued ... bullshizz! It seems really stupid to stretch out the SNL thing any longer than necessary. Ashlee, get it over with and move on. If these pop stars would just listen to me they would be a lot happier. Geeze, someone call her agent already!

Alright, so I'm sure many of you have seen Lindsay Lohan's new video for the song Over, right?

I love that Drew Fuller (ex-Chris on Charmed) co-stars but can someone explain to me what the eff is going on in the video? Here's how I see the storyline: Lindsay can't see Drew anymore because his father beats him and Lindsay coaxed him into taking his father's car for a joyride and he got busted. Oh yeah, and there was a make-out rendezvous in a trailer and an incident at a pool party where Drew's dad made him leave Lindsay and come home. And Lindsay wants to know if they are over or not??? I've seen the video a few times ... am I missing some subtext or something? They should teach this stuff in college or something. Music videos can be so complex and confusing.

If someone can make me understand what is going on in that video I might be willing to offer a pretty sweet reward:

And the loser gets this shirt. This offer ends soon so y'all better get cracking.

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 may be a cutie but I have to object to seeing him shirtless:

Somebody get this boy some Hawaiian Tropic STAT!

Kylie Minogue has been making a pretty big to-do about the new ring that she's been wearing lately:

Rumor has it that the ring is a gift from her beau Olivier Martinéz. It looks a little ugly but I love her so much that I don't want to make fun of it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any pictures of her green finger before I crack a joke.

So I mentioned yesterday that I was all excited about seeing Stephen Coletti from MTV's Laguna Beach at Necto tonight ... before he cancelled his appearance. So ... I'm not going to talk about his stupid ass any more ... well, unless he reschedules and actually comes to Detroit. That said, there are plenty of other Laguna Beach kids to talk about. Dieter Schmitz, who I always thought looked a bit like a burn victim, has been keeping himself bizzy:

No, not posing for underage gay porno mags .. he's been working to raise money for troubled teens. Good for him! He may not have been my fave LB cast member but I'll give him snaps for helping out his fellow man. Check out his profile at My Space.

Lo Bosworth has been, well, hanging out it seems:

According to her My Space profile she'd "rather be shopping". Good for you Lo, don't aim too high or anything.

My girl Kristin Cavalleri is completely done with Stephen and ready to take over Laguna Beach:

Kristin also has a profile at My Space and actually updates her blog. She is a pretty big Ashlee Simpson fan and, according to her, the new season of Laguna Beach will begin airing on May 5th. Woot! I guess I'm not too upset about tonight's cancellation ... but just think about the kickass pictures I could have had for tomorrow's post. [Big up to Sarah for helping out with all the My Space links]

I came across this piece of piercing jewelry by Diesel:

And have no idea where you're supposed to wear it ... ideas?

Let's hit the news:
So I have one more Chris Evans picture to share. It really doesn't flow or fit with anything that I talked about today but here you go anyways:

I love it when famous people use their celebrity for good causes ... especially when they do so in their underwear ... and are hot dudes.

Word on the street is that all the cool Detroit kids are congregating at Luna tonight for some happenin' 80's-type clam bake. I might have to make a cameo. I'm audi.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Since ABC is airing a rerun of Lost tonight I may be able to catch the season premiere of Simple Life 3:

Methinks that this show is on it's last leg, especially if they are still looking for families to exploit for this season. Call me crazy but I really think they have run out of Simple ideas. I suspect this season will, what's the phrase, suck balls.

But that doesn't mean that Paris Hilton isn't going to stop doing promotion:

Today she was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to help celebrate Ellen's birthday. Interesting that Nicole Richie didn't go with her. Hmmm ... a suspicious person might think that Paris is looking to ditch Nicole once and for all. Worst case scenario, Paris could always fall back on writing Hallmark cards or something.

I want her to stop doing dumb TV shows and focus on her album, that would be the best way to annoy impact the world.

In any regard, check it, pretty soon I'll be chillin' with La Hilton in the VIP room of ClubParis and y'all gonna be hatin' on me. Such is the price of fame.



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