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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's Over

I got a certified letter in the mail this afternoon along with this email from Getty Images, Inc. I might have to pay upwards of $150,000 in resitution! I felt that I owed you all an explanation for why I have to quit doing this blog. Here is the email that I received:

Dear T. Miguel Vanegas, owner of

It has come to our attention that you have made an unauthorized use of copyrighted photographs (the "Work") belonging to Getty Images, Inc. in the preparation of a work derived therefrom ('Pink is the new Blog'). My company has reserved all rights in these photographs, first published as far back as 2001, and have registered copyright therein. Your work entitled 'Pink is the new Blog' is essentially identical to the Work and clearly used our photographs as its basis. Entries dating as far back as July of 2004 have illegally used our copyrighted photographs.

As you neither asked for nor received permission to use our photographs for 'Pink is the new Blog' nor to make or distribute copies, including electronic copies, of same, we believe you have willfully infringed our rights under 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq. and will be liable for statutory damages as high as $150,000 as set forth in Section 504(c)(2) therein.

We demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from our photographs, and all copies, including electronic copies, of same, that you deliver to us, if applicable, all unused, undistributed copies of same, or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of our rights in the future. If we have not received an affirmative response from you by April 15, 2005 indicating that you have fully complied with these requirements, we shall take further action against you.

Very truly yours,

James McIntosh
Getty Images, Inc.

I totally suck. I thought that I could get away with using whatever pictures I found and now I know that I was wrong. I have to pay for all the pictures that I used and therefore don't really feel like blogging anymore. I hope you all understand. I doubt that I will start blogging again. I think I've learned a valuable lesson. I'm sorry, and I'll miss you all :(



Down The Hatch

When Britney Spears is not busy berating the tabloid press via her official website, she's hanging out with her friends outside bars ... like here where she's hanging outside Busby's Bar in Santa Monica:

I heard that she never likes to pose for pictures or sign autographs so I'm happy to see that she's posing for a picture with this guy. It shows she cares, y'all. And, just in case you were wondering what her kids would look like, if she were to have kids with her rat-husband Kevin Federline, well here you go:

These scary-ass kid pix are via Defamer.

So there was an all-new episode of Lost last night ... and how fucked up was the whole Locke backstory?! I have never been swindled out of a kidney but I can imagine that it must smart like a motherfucker. I had a real hard time believing that Swoosie Kurtz was Locke's mother but ... I think we were supposed to believe that with all that hair that he was really young. I love the Sawyer subplot:

And I really loved the whole drug-smuggler plane dream/crash-Boone looks like he's going to die-the freaky light that emanated from underneath the hatch wrap up. The show is really going to get all Twin Peaksy and I approve! Next week ... does Boone die? Does Claire finally have the baby? Does Locke get inside the hatch? Wee!!!

Here is the first picture of the new cast of The Surreal Life 5:

Omorosa and Janice Dickinson?! Oh hellz yeah ... bring it on ... I can't wait!!!

Colin Farrell spent some time in the Bahamas. Looks like the man needed to unwind:

I absolutely LOVE that he spent some of his alone time playing in the sand:

Hahaha! Big, macho man likes to make sand castles and mudpies ... Rock on! Loves it!

David Beckham looks pretty happy since the birth of his third son Cruz:

Here's the man posin' after scoring a goal this past weekend. Cute!

Garbage have begun to tour in support of their new album Bleed Like Me ... here is a picture from their Paris show:

You can see more pictures from this show HERE. [via Enjoy Garbage]

Jessica Simpson needs to bathe and brush her dog Daisy:

It looks ratty as hell! Besides, it's grown too big ... it's not cute and cuddly like Blondie, Ashlee Simpson's new little puppy:


Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher showed up in support of her ex-husband Bruce Willis at the premiere of Sin City:

They decided to wear the ugliest clothes they could find. She looks 50-years old in that outfit! Egads ... they look terrible.

Lindsay Lohan is becoming quite the little New Yorker, picking up a slice of pizza on the way to work and everything:

Hey, at least she's keepin' it real.

Pamela Anderson is the new face, er, body of Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam campaign:

She looks really good and not at all Hepititus-ridden at all!

Since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided to sell their unused multimillion dollar NYC apartment it looks like they need to unload some furniture as well:

I know these kiddies need the cash but, seriously, they should burn that carpet!

High School Yearbook flashback:

If I ever become famous I'm going to have every single yearbook from my High School burned and utterly destroyed.

And finally, Abercrombie & Fitch have gotten their summer line of clothes in stock:

I don't care what you say, I love me some A&F!

Let's get to the news, y'all:
Last night was very fun ... we just ate and hung out ... tonight Erik and I are going to see Andy's band, Pilot To Co-Pilot, play a show. It should be very fun.

My Spring Break is nearing its end and I'm very sad about it ... so I'm going to take off and do as little as possible while I still can. Later!


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Letter Of Truth: Tabloid Edition

March 30, 2005

Dear False Tabloids,

As you read this letter, I bet you are asking yourself: Who? Who, me? Am I a false tabloid? Well, I don't know. But after this posting, I hope you are asking yourself a lot of questions. Your employees are a reflection of your magazine. Do you, Us Weekly, In Touch, Star and other desperate magazines want employees who are honest, or those who are liars? It seems to me that you'd prefer the latter. I'm really concerned about the people you hire to work at your companies. I'd like them to ask themselves the question, "What am I lying to myself about?" Is it that you are 50 pounds overweight? Is it that your children aren't making wise decisions? Or is it maybe that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you? Until you face what is going on in your life, I guess you'll remain a false tabloid.


P.S. People Magazine is great in my book!

Stream of Consciousness


Falling Stars Burn Bright

So ... after a week of healing here is what my star tattoo looks like now:

I did my best to look happy ... or smile or something ... I don't thing I was very successful. Oh well ... this is me, perfect as I'm ever gonna be:

Love me for me!


No Wire Hangers

I mentioned yesterday that Kevin Federline spent a few days in Las Vegas with his homies while Britney Spears, the dear wife, stayed home in Los Angeles with her brother Bryan ... here are a couple pictures of Kevin while he was in Las Vegas with his bros:

The New York Post is reporting that Kevin was a bad boy while he was away, saying:

While there, the dancer partied with pals at Pure, in the company of self-described "VIP escort" Vanessa Hulihan, Us Weekly reports. "At one point, she was sitting on his lap," one onlooker tells the mag. ". . . he was sliding his hand between her thighs." Federline and Hulihan "hung out" all weekend, Us says, and he "refused to answer Britney's phone calls. He's been telling friends he doesn't want her to have his baby." He added: "If I ever get a divorce, I want to move to Vegas."

Hmmm ... while this is entirely true it seems too easy to say that he was up to no good and everyone would believe it. Take this news with whatever grain of salt you feel is necessary. Anyways, he wasn't there for long because he's already back home in LA with wifey Britney ... the 2 were seen on Bryan Spears' apartment balcony:

Balcony Watch 2005 continues ....

The Sun newspaper is so cheeky ... check out this comparison chart betwixt Britney Spears and Xtina Augilera:

Granted, Britney has been lookin' pretty rough lately ... I still think Xtina looks wretched in both pictures here. [via]

The Fantastic Four website has been updated with new wallpapers ...

And a very fun screensaver. Click HERE to see the third, longer trailer.

Gwen Stefani has released the video for Hollaback Girl:

As you can see, it's very Drumline inspired ... you can see the whole thing for yourself HERE.

Have you heard? The Bravery are the new The Killers:

I picked up the album yesterday and it's pretty damn good. Not quite as poppy as The Killers stuff but I can see why Brandon Flowers is all pissy. We'll see if The Bravery can make as big a splash as The Killers have ... you can hear their entire album HERE.

As soon as Ashlee Simpson finished her Detroit show last week she flew right home ... maybe to hook up with her new Hoobastank boyfriend?:

That's it really, I just wanted to use these Ashlee paparazzi photos ... let's move on ...

PETA has issued an open letter to Jennifer Lopez, and here it is:

Click here for full size image

Surely a letter like this will get J. Lo to give up her love of fur. But, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Courtney Cox-Arquette and baby Coco were seen playing at the beach:

That baby has gotten so big ... she'll be walking on her own in no time. Yay for Courtney! She looks so happy!

And finally, Penelope Cruz was out with a friend having a nice lunch, I wonder what they were talking about?

She's pretty ... much prettier than Selma Hyack ... too pretty for Tom Cruise ... and way too pretty for Stetson man Matthew McConaughey.

And now, the news:
Can I just tell you how amazing last night was?! VLB, Kirsten, Erik and I went over to Sarah's for a sushi/massage party ... and it was heaven! Angi spent an hour on each of us and we were like jelly afterwards ... she has amazing fingers! It was such a fun night ... I can't wait until we can do it again. Angi is still training for massage therapy so she'll need to practice on us again ... and again ... and again ... wee!!!!

Tonight VLB and Kirsten are coming over here to watch some movies. We're going to watch Mommie Dearest and Breakfast At Tiffany's ...

LOL! And now, I'm out. Later!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Who Put The T In Trashy-Gossip?

Kevin Federline has fled with his buds to Las Vegas and that leaves Britney Spears all alone ... to hang out with her brother Bryan Spears. She spent some time suntannin' on his balcony:

And then she got him to join her and they both went down to suntan by the pool:

Looks like these 2 are going to be hanging out for a little while:

There is still no official word from her that she is, indeed, pregnant so ... we wait ... and watch Britney tan ... and stuff. But what of Jamie Lynn Spears ... she's been kinda quiet lately ... well, that's because she has been busy cheerleading: has a great little article on her goings on in the world of competitive cheerleading. I'm sure the Thigh Masta will love the pix of JL in her uniform.

24 was exciting and boring all at the same time. Is the end nigh for Behrooz Araz?

Nothing really happened on last night's episode ... but they are promising a "shocking twist" in next week's episode ... so I guess we must wait.

The Inferno II was pretty damn good though ... I can't believe it, but I think I'm becoming a Beth fan:

She is out to fuck over the Bad Ass team ... and that means that Veronica and Rachel are going to be pissed off ... I love it! Hee hee!

Here are more pictures of David Beckham and his (alien) wife Victoria:

Now we know why she's always wearing sunglasses ... to hide her alien eyes that give away her true self. Now that we know Victoria's Secret we can better keep an eye on her.

Penelope Cruz has been cleared for take-off:

That outfit is hideous! No wonder Tom Cruise dumped her ... well, the ugly outfit and other reasons ...

Well look at that, Jennifer Lopez looks really happy:

... and not necessarily preggers. What the hell ... all I keep talking about is babies ... I wonder if I'm just responding to my biological clock or something ... let's move on ... let's talk about something I know about ...

Like gay men ... You know, for being straight, Tom Cruise can look pretty homo in some of his photoshoots:

QueerClick (NSFW) has found out that Tom Cruise is featured in Super Magazine. He looks ... flashy! Oh Tommy ... now we know why you got rid of Penelope.

Martha Stewart spent Easter Sunday at church:

No doubt she's praying that she'll never have to go back to prison. The only salad she wants tossed is in the kitchen, not in her prison cell.

Justin Timberlake is still with Cameron Diaz:

He must have a thing for acne-inflicted chicks. More power to him ... someone's gotta love 'em.

Pamela Anderson is just ... kinda trashy-looking:

But she's good to her kids ... that's cool.

Let's do the news:
Last night I went to a screening of Morrissey's new live DVD Who Put The M In Manchester? at the Emagine Theater:

It was kinda cool seeing it on the big screen like that. It kinda felt like being at a concert. It brought back fond memories of when I saw Moz here in Detroit.

Tonight we are all going over to Sarah's for a massage party ... Angi is becoming a masseur and she needs to do people in order to complete her training ... it's going to be a fun sushi-infused rub-down party! As long as we don't play spin the bottle it should be just good, clean fun.



Monday, March 28, 2005

They're Already Here

Well ... the rumors about Britney Spears being pregnant are swirling around about as boisterously as they ever have before. Every thing she does is analyzed for hints that she is actually pregnant ... and I'm really about to do the same thing myself.

The dress she is wearing does seem to be a maternity dress ... either that or it's just really fucking ugly. She's looking irritable and nauseous so it could be morning sickness ... In any regard, I'm sure that if she is pregnant that she's already got a name all picked out and ready to go:


Well, another weekend of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe NOT being seen together has just occurred. Reese was seen out with the kids and Ryan was seen with some dude:

Hmmm ... who is this guy that Ryan is getting all sweaty with at the gym. I guess it could be his friend ... or it could be his personal trainer ... or he could be someone else entirely ... Hmmm ...

For Easter, Reese took Ava out to an Easter egg hunt:

While Ryan just went out for a smoke ... alone:

Verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting! How long has it been since they've been seen together now?

Let's move on ... David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham were out this weekend:

And while Becks was doing his Holy best, Victoria was busy showing off her amazingly thin figure ...

She just gave birth to her baby a little over a month ago! She claims that she didn't starve herself to get back to her stick-thin self and I actually believe her.

The REAL REASON that she is able to be so thin, so fast after giving birth is because SHE'S AN ALIEN:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! She even brought some of her people to Earth with her!!! Poor Becks ... I bet he doesn't even know!

No wonder he's still with her ... she must have possession of his mind ... and sadly, his body as well! I know your secret Victoria Beckham!

And I'm suddenly realizing that I should shut up before I get vaporized with a ray gun or something like that ... Oh No They Didn't! scrounged up these promo pictures of Nicole Richie:

I believe she's doing promo for her upcoming album ... or something. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like ... Hee Hee!! And for the record, I think she looks pretty good ... and that's saying a lot.

Wow Chris Kirkpatrick (N*Sync) has really gotten fat!

I believe that he is now the fattest member of N*Sync ... although I haven't actually seen how big Joey Fat-one has gotten so ... I wonder if Chris has been eating himself out of depression over the fact that Justin Timberlake has had so much success as a solo performer?

Tara Reid has been photographed without her boobs hanging out or her legs spread open ...

Shocking, ain't it?

Mariah Carey is lookin' great in his heavily Photoshopped picture from Blender magazine:

If you would like to download her entire new album for evaluation purposes, you might want to click HERE. Get it while you can!

Wow ... Scarlett Johansson has really bad skin when she's not all heavily madeup:

She looks almost as bad as Cameron Zitty McPussbags Diaz ... and speaking of ...

Ain't Cameron Diaz just a doll in this picture?

I bet she's fun to have sex with ... don't she look like a pill?!

And Now, The News:
The weekend was very fun ... Saturday night, Erik and I drove down to Toledo, Ohio to see The Javelins open up for Thunderbirds Are Now! On the way down we stopped for a scrumptious dinner at Chik-Fil-A and boy, lemme tell you ... I was in heaven!

Those of you who know me know that I used to eat Chik-Fil-A almost every day that I lived in Oklahoma when I went to OU. I miss it terribly and there are no Chik-Fil-As in Detroit at all .... so getting to eat there is a huge treat for me! Anyways ... we ate and then got to the venue ... which was called The Happy Badger ... which turned out to be a coffee house/computer store/clothing store/concert venue ... and I shit you not! It's owned by this hippy couple who wanted to make a fun, safe place for kids to hang out. We were the oldest people there to see the show ... by a lot of years! When we got there we found out that there were 7 bands playing total ... so in the meantime I had a soda, Erik had a homemade hot chocolate and we played a game of Battleship (he fucking won). Anyways ... The Javelins and Thunderbirds were amazingly fun!

If you're interested, you can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

username: pinkblog
password: pinkblog

Easter was spent at Erik's grandparents house ... we had a nice meal and visited for a while. All in all, it was a very fun weekend.

OH and Guess What?! I have the whole week off ... my Spring Break continues y'all! Holla!!



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