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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

2 Become 1

Y'all know that I really love Britney Spears ... but there is just one thing I can't abide by:

... well, two things I can't abide by ... EW! Even I have to say it ... YUCK!

The big news of the day is that Paris2 got engaged:

People magazine broke the news first, the report states that Paris (male) proposed to Paris (female) last Wednesday after she returned home from Europe. Wow, a new hairdo and a new engagement ... and it's only Tuesday!

But it's not all good news for Ms. Hilton ... while out shopping this weekend she decided to take both of her doggies (Tinkerbell and Bambi) out for some fresh air:

and even though she tried to keep her eye on the parking meter she ended up getting a ticket anyways:

That sucks! Don't you just hate the way a $15 parking ticket can totally ruin your day?

One last bit of Paris news, here are some pictures from a scene of Paris' new movie:

Yeah, Paris Hilton + flying Sea man ... the joke kinda writes itself, don't it?

Whoa ... why is Demi Moore holding her purse in front of her stomach like that?

It looks like she's hiding something ... I wonder what she's hiding?

Good Plastic Surgery has some great pictures comparing the Lindsay Lohan of 2004 with the Lindsay Lohan of 2005:

Wow ... I miss the old L. Lo. Another day ... another protruding bone.

Here are a couple pictures of the Beckham boys:

Baby Cruz looks so big already ... those kids are going to be gorgeous and rich beyond belief. And suddenly, I'm sickened.

Colin Farrell is a cute dad:

But he really needs to not smoke around his son James. I think I heard that kids don't like brushing ash and smoke from their tiny little eyes.

I have never heard of the movie Equilibrium which, apparently, starred Christian Bale ... but I think I'm sorry I missed it:

He looks great. His last movie, The Machinist, comes out on DVD next week.

Does Elisha Cuthbert ever close her mouth?

Now I see why the Thigh Master loves her so.

Whoa, Sienna Miller really knows how to flip out:

She looks like the Bionic Woman springing into action ... I wonder what her deal was?

Jake Gyllenhaal has grown back all of his hair:

I like him with hair ... but I think I like him with a shaved head more.

Contrary to popular belief, Ashley Olsen does eat:

There are a lot of nutrients and vitamins in one french fry.

And finally, Landon from The Real World: Philadelphia has followed in CT (The Real World: Paris) and other Real World/Road Rules former castmembers' footsteps by becoming a model. Here are some pictures from the Wax Brand website:

It was wise of them to hide his missing finger. I also like how they are using sexual ambiguity to sell underwear. He looks pretty chummy with that dude. [via ONTD!]

Les news:
Tonight a few of us are going to see Ben and Sam play a tiny show at Club Bart:

I'm not sure what they are going to play but I am really looking forward to seeing them perform.

I ended up staying home from work today ... I wasn't quite ready to get back to work just yet. I'm going to just hang out today ...


Monday, May 30, 2005

Comin' Home

I was actually a little sad to say goodbye to The Oak Pointe Lodge ... it really started to feel like home. I think I am going to miss the new friends that Erik and I made while we stayed there:

I have to assure you that all of these animals died of natural causes (the little bear holding the candle died of diabetes). We heart them and will miss them terribly.

BUT it was time to get home ... even tho we were having a lot of fun doing nothing I was starting to miss my routine ... there is gossip to be had ... so let's get to it ...

I was happy to learn that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline didn't do anything exciting while I was away ... they did go out for McDonald's though:

While I could easily make a joke about Britney's feet, I think I will refrain from doing so and just chalk up the Mickey D's trip to good ol' pregnancy cravings. Although, it does make you wonder if she is even wearing shoes at all ...

Speaking of people who are famous for not wearing shoes, Mr. Jason Alexander (Britney's first husband) decided to pose topless for his In Touch magazine interview, and here's the picture:

While he isn't really my cup of tea (his face, I just can't condone his face) I can see his appeal. He's definitely more beefy than K-Fed ... I bet he could kick Kevin's ass in a street brawl. Oooh, wouldn't that be fun to see?

Thank the stars above ... Paris Latsis (the male Paris in Paris2) finally fixed his horribly dyed hair:

Gone are those horrible roots! Huzzah! Huzzah! A cheer rises up from the crowd!! He looks 10 MILLION times better ... I greatly approve.

Ryan Phillipe, fresh from his surfing jaunt from last week, decided to go out on the town:

Homeskillet was flying solo again ... and it looks like he was throwing around mad paper. Yeah ... he's hot.

Jessica Simpson seems to have gotten herself into a bit of trouble:

That bag of goodies seems mighty fishy. The cops sure seem interested too. Hmmm, she prolly got out of trouble just because she is Jessica Simpson. But still, that bag looks full of different sorts of medicines. Hmm ...

Aww, Nicole Richie and Adam Goldstein take a break from shopping to share a little kiss:

It's cute ... and kinda nauseating all at the same time.

Lindsay Lohan is continuing on her downward spiral:

It looks like she is turning into Kimberly Stewart. Why in hell would she do that?! Her trashy bleached out hair is looking worse and worse ... if it wasn't so fun talking about her downfall, I might stop paying attention to her altogether. But don't worry ... I wouldn't dare.

Speaking of Kim Stewart, it seems that she is dating a new man:

It looks like she is awfully chummy with Wes Scantlin, the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd. Normally, this wouldn't really be that big a deal ... except that Wes used to date Rachel Hunter, Kim's ex-step mother. Um, what? She needs to just go away ... and get her teeth fixed.

Keifer Sutherland and Eva Longoria are making a movie together:

... that is why they are being photographed together recently. Whatevs, it looks like they have a nice, playful rapport with one another. They should just do it.

David and Victoria Beckham were seen out on the town in Spain somewhere:

He looks great ... she .. doesn't.

Hayden Christensen likes his booze:

In these pictures he looks drunk and high ... instead of "just high" like he always does.

Jennifer Lopez is beloved by gays all over the place:

I, too, love La Lopez ... she looks great in these pictures.

The quick news:
You can prolly guess, we ain't gonna do nothing tonight ... things should be back to normal tomorrow morning ... some time ... I'll have things back on track for the rest of the week ... I'm fairly certain.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Day Of Rest

Sunday ... now that's my fun day ... seriously, my "I don't want to run" day ... and it sho' wasn't ... lessee ... we woke up for breakfast ... ate ... then went back to sleep ... then woke up ... for a little bit ... then went back to sleep ... then decided to get ready ... we spent some time on the banks of Saginaw Bay/Lake Huron:

The weather was amazing ... and the day seemed to last forever. After a nice leisurely day of ... doing nothing ... we had ice cream and then bar-b-q-ed some steaks. We did have satellite TV in the library of the lodge and we all just sat around and hung out. 'Twas verrry nice indeedie!

Wanna see the rest of the pics from the weekend? Click HERE to see them all.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Maxin' & Relaxin'

Let me tell you about my adventures at The Oak Pointe Lodge in Caseville, MI (at the top of the "thumb" of the state). I have to admit, I was not too keen on heading up north to, what I thought would be, a rustic manor near Lake Huron. I thought it was going to be run-down, dirty and very boring. I couldn't have been more wrong. The place was amazing! It was so posh ... I was shocked! It felt like we were staying in someone's home ... our room had a 2-person jacuzzi with an electric gas fireplace, a queen canopy bed and our own private porch overlooking the pond on the property. We awoke each day to freshly cooked and served breakfast right outside our room. It was heaven ... we had so much fun ... Saturday was spent getting our bearings and discovering all the things the Oak Pointe Lodge had to offer:

Our first day was chock full of paddle-boating, canoeing, eating, drinking, laughing ... and ended up by the campfire roasting marshmallows for s'mores. Yeah ... it was niiiice!

Wanna see the rest of the pics from the weekend? Click HERE to see them all.

username: pinkblog
password: pinkblog


Friday, May 27, 2005

Boys Don't Cry

I have been exiled to the land of no internet access ...

... but don't worry ... I'll be back real soon. Nothing better happen whilst I'm gone, ya hear?


Let Them Eat Cake ... Me

Wow ... I don't know what to say ... Well, I guess I should start off by saying Happy Birthday to Dave! Apparently, Dave is a big fan of Pink is the new Blog and his co-workers got him a birthday cake ... with me on it:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm honored ... and a little weirded out.

Seriously, I think it's hilarious. I'm glad that so many people like this blog so much ... So, I hope you have a great birthday, Dave ... may Lindsay Lohan offer you a bump of coke, may Paris Hilton flash you her cooter and may Britney Spears show up to your party to toast you ... with Red Bull.


Miss U Much

Dude, it seems like either Britney Spears or Kevin Federline are EVERYWHERE lately ...

All I know is that I better run into Spederline while vacationing in Los Angeles next month. It would make my existence, they would get good publicity ... and imagine the fun pictures I'd have to share with all of you. It's win-win-win situation.

What is scarier than a Bratz-inspired Lindsay Lohan doll?

EEK ... there ain't nothin' that could be scarier than that ... oh wait, how about Lindsay Lohan looking cracked out and trolling the back alleyways ...

YIKES ... that's pretty damn scary ... there ain't NOTHIN' that could be scarier than that ... OH WAIT ... HOW ABOUT LINDSAY LOHAN IN A BIKINI ...

SAKE'S ALIVE ... she looks so, so terrible! I don't understand how a very curvy and sexy girl could want to starve herself into bones. It's frightening ... and a bit sad. L. Lo ... please start eating again.

On a positive note, Linds, I do like your tattoo ... but I would suggest one tiny alteration ...

See ... that would rule hardcore!

Woo! I love me a good Sarah Michelle Gellar sighting ... it seems that she and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are getting out of town:

While it's good to see SMG out in public again, it does make me miss seeing her on TV every week. But man, those Buffyverse peeps are everywhere these days:

Seth Green ... David Boreanaz ... Michelle Trachtenberg ... they're everywhere!!!

Hey, does anyone want to see a naked picture of Nicky Hilton?

Click above to see full size, uncensored version

I kinda covered it up for those of you at work ... you can check out the uncensored version too ... if you want ... I dunno ... I don't like Nicky trying to look all sexy ... I prefer seeing the regular ol' Nicky Hilton:

Yes ... that'll do nicely.

Ashley Olsen looks embarrassed to be recognized:

She must have seen those pictures of her sister Mary Kate with her freakish boyfriend. I'd hide my face too.

I'm sorry ... I just don't get the appeal of the Gotti boys:

It's like ... they wear too much makeup and use too much hair product ... Yuck! [via]

Wanna rub up on Robbie Williams?

Well now you can ... Madam Tussaud's museum has unveiled an interactive wax statue of Mr. Williams. Um ... I wonder what the chest hair is made out of.

Here is a very cute picture of Julia Roberts' twin babies:

The look so cute ... Awww ....

Ashton Kutcher was minding his own business ... just doing this own thing when he looks across the street and sees someone flipping him the bird ... so, like any normal person, he flips the bird back:

I wonder who it was that gave him the finger ...

... Charlize Theron! That bitch!

Happy Birthday goes out to Siouxsie Sioux:

She turns 48 years old today ... amazing ... she still looks stunning!

Nine Inch Nails have decided not to perform at the MTV Movie Awards, they had this to say:

Rock on! I <3 Trent Reznor.

And finally, here is the poster for The Dukes of Hazzard movie:

It's kinda plain and boring ... click HERE for some plain and boring AIM icons and wallpapers.

Let's do the news:
Erik and I went to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith last night ... he hadn't seen it yet so we decided to go:

He really loved it ... I liked it better the second time. I was able to learn a lot more information the second time around. If you've only seen it once you should go again ... It gets better.

Erik and I are meeting up with some friends in Caseville, Michigan for the weekend. We will be staying at The Oak Pointe Lodge for 2 nights, 3 days. It's not rustic, per se, but it is not technology friendly ... there will be no internet access. On the plus side we will have a jacuzzi in our room so ... I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Sooo ... I won't be posting again at least until Sunday night ... but maybe not until Monday. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Hey celebs, don't do anything until I get back, ya hear?

I'm out.

PS: YAY K-DAWG! So happy you finally got the Big O! XOXO



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