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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bennifer Got Hitched!

Boo! I'm kind of embarrassed to be posting this news so late ... Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got married yesterday! It appears that they are no longer merely Bennifer 2.0 ... since they sealed the deal they are now, officially, the one and only Bennifer:

Publicists for the couple have also confirmed her pregnancy. I am so sorry for not bringing the news sooner ... in my defense I had to leave the house early this morning to make a lunch date ... sowwy!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Let's see how long this one lasts!


I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

Boo ... I'm home again ... back in Detroit Rock City ... but don't get me wrong, I'm not sad to be home, I'm just sad that my LA adventures are over for now. I had such a blast ... LA is a great town ...

It's too bad that I didn't get to run into Britney Spears ... I would have loved to show her how much of a fan I am ... you know, because I know that she is such a huge fan of mine:

That's my girl, y'all! I'll meet her one day.

Hopefully, I'll get to meet her after she is over and done with Kevin Federline:

He is such a tool. At least he's good for something:

Although, with all those cases of Coke I don't think he's a very good grocery shopper after all.

The BET Awards happened while I was in LA ... I was actually at the Hollywood & Highland Center when the stars were arriving ... but can someone tell me why Jason Alexander, Britney's first husband, was there?

Methinks he just showed up for the free swag. Or maybe he was there to represent his peoples?

Beyonce was also at the BET Awards ... and we know why she was there ... to give out free boners:

I wonder if Jay-Z approved of this? Anyways, click HERE to see the full list of BET Award winners.

Okay ... so I found the paparazzi pictures of Nicky Hilton from Tuesday afternoon (when I was there) and I am NOT in any of the pictures! I'm appalled!!

Boo! I was walking right behind her for a little bit while the photogs were snapping away ... I was sure I was going to show up in one of them. Damn! Anyways, I didn't want to take out my camera while I was inside Kitson with her but I managed to snap a couple of pix with my camera phone:

They're not the greatest but they're better than nothing. Incidentally, I did not buy anything there ... I did want to get one of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shirts but they were all too small ... I just can't squeeze myself into a SkeletwinTM size -4.

Tori Amos is in London promoting her new book Piece By Piece:

Wee! She looks great! I can't wait to see her in August!!

If Lindsay Lohan does it then Nicole Richie has to do it too ... anyone feel like ogling a SkeletwinTM in a bikini?

Eating again, Nicole? I'm starting to think that she is just posing with food products just to be cheeky.

Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis are no Posh and Becks ... but they like to hang out at the beach as well:

Thank the stars above that Brandon kept his clothes on ... I will be forever grateful.

Mary Kate Olsen was spotted on Melrose the other day:

It's too bad I couldn't be everywhere at the same time ... MK would have been cooler to run into than Nicky Hilton.

Aww ... look at how cute Coco Cox-Arquette is in these pictures with her daddy, David Arquette:

CUTE!!! I like her hat.

I love me some Colin Farrell but ... what is up with the ugly pajama pants?

He should just take them off ... that would be much better.

Since Batman Begins is already playing in theaters, it's time to get ready for the next superhero movie to get excited about ... I can't wait to see the Fantastic Four movie:

And I really can't wait to see Chris Evans wearing nothing but a towel ... and a pink towel at that. HOT!

And finally, it's game time ... can you guess who this Hottie McHotster is?

Click above to see who this hottie is

Check out that outline ... I think I see some weenis! [thanks Lee]

Let's do some news:
Yesterday was pretty exhausting ... Erik and I only got about 2 hours sleep before we had to get up and get to the airport. The flights, thankfully, were not that bad. We flew Frontier airlines ... and were able to watch Direct TV satellite programming while we flew. So cool!

I have to send out much, much love to Adriana, Brian, Wilia and Matt for being such amazing hosts:

Adriana and Brian were the best kids to play with ... beautiful Wilia and hot Matt were kind enough to give Erik and me use of their room while they were away ... We had an amazing time mostly because we were treated like kings. I love you guys ... thank you so much for everything!!!

Many of you sent messages asking where you can buy your own STARVE WARS T-shirt ... You can but that shirt and the Federline t-shirt at Now, go buy 2 t-shirts each!

There are A LOT of pictures from my LA trip ... you can see all of the LA pictures HERE and all of the War of the Worlds premiere pictures HERE.

Unfortunately someone deleted the "pinkblog" username I created for you guys to use so you are going to have to create your own personal FREE accounts at to view the pictures.

And speaking of War of the Worlds ... Sarah and I went to go see the movie last night after I was able to sleep for a couple of hours:

The movie is very true to H.G. Wells' story (as best I can remember). The special effects were stunning ... and the acting was superb. I suddenly feel open and ready to embrace the teachings of Scientology ... Yes, I think I am ready to transcend to a higher plane of existence. Call me crazy, but I think I'm really starting to understand where Tom Cruise is coming from. I finally "get it". Tom Cruise is completely right about everything.

I'm out. But will I return ..?


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pink's Is The New Dawg

The last day was so fun ... we were able to finally catch a "celeb" in their natural surroundings (shopping on Robertson) ... and we rollerskated ... but those deets will come a bit later ...

Aww, how cute is this ... Bow Wow and Kevin Federline are playing together:

It was nice of their moms to let them have a playdate.

Ashley Olsen looks entirely too happy to be shopping at Fred Segal in Santa Monica:

I'm glad that shopping doesn't make me feel suicidal.

Lindsay Lohan has donned the bikini again:

... and yet, she never actually gets a real tan.

Nicole Richie used to have boobs and then she stopped eating ...

... and now she has nothing. I can't believe that I have bigger boobs than Nicole Richie.

LOL ... Katie Holmes' boobs look totally deflated:

I wonder what happened ... her boobies look so sad. [thanks Autumn]

Check out these pictures of a NOT PREGNANT Paris Hilton:

The wind going up her dress does make it look like she's carrying a load of baby Hilton, don't it?

Bennifer 2.0 have decided that what they really want to do is direct:

Filming the paparazzi is so passé already.

Here is Mischa Barton getting into her car:

Ooooh exciting!

Ryan Seacrest has come up with his own line of clothing, here he is wearing one of his shirts:

Um ... who would wear this stuff? Why?

Like the smell of Cumming? Now you can smell like Cumming all the time:

Can I never see Alan Cumming's arm pit hair ever again? Thanks.

AWWW, Denise Richards and Lola Rose are so cute:

It's too bad she's not back with Charlie Sheen. It'd be nice to see the family reunited.

And finally, here is another picture of Jonathan Lipnicki from the premiere of War of the Worlds wearing that kickass Detroit Tigers shirt:

Did I mention what a cool kid he is?


YES! Finally ... I had a real celebrity sighting just like I've always wanted. The premiere of War of the Worlds was very cool ... but celebrity stalking where the paparazzi are swarming around a celeb is so fun! We spent the day on Robertson hoping to run into Paris Hilton ... and we ended up getting Nicky Hilton instead. As soon as we got there we grabbed some Starbucks (obvs)... and then Nicky Hilton came out of The Ivy and then went shopping at Kitson:

We were in Kitson with her ... They closed the store and we spent a good 25 minutes shopping with Nicky Hilton. It was very cool ... If I can find the actual paparazzi pictures I'm sure to be in some of them ... I hope I can find them!!!

WHEW! Those paparazzi can be pesky ... they kept hounding us too:

It's so hard being famous. We had such a blast ... it was the perfect way to end this fantabulous trip.

I was told to pay a visit to Pink's hot dog stand so I did:

It was so amazing! Adriana and I shared a delicious dog ... it was great.

We spent the last hours of our last night rollerskating at the Moonlight Rollerway. We had so much fun ...

Skating was very fun ... check out these awesome posed pix:

And with that ... our super-fabuloso trip is totally dunzo ... posting should be back to normal starting tomorrow ... Peace out LA ... I <3 U totally and I can't wait to come back.


PS: I did not get to watch The Insider yesterday ... if anyone can get me a copy of the show I would be eternally grateful. If anyone can send screencaps, that would be aweseome as well. I would like to see myself on TV.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pink Is The New Scientologist

So okay, yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER ... I got to meet TOMKAT for real ... deets to come in a sec ...

First off we have to talk about Ms. Britney Spears ... look at this hot mama:

Go on girl! You go with your bad self ... uh huh ... work it girl ... oh yeah ... [thanks Victoria]

Yay! Here are some cute pictures of Hilary Duff as she does some shopping in Toronto, Canada:

She looks much happier to be photographed. I love her outfit and that dog is so cute. I need to be carrying around a little dog while I'm hanging out in LA.

Wow ... are these actual pictures of Nicole Richie ... eating ... ICE CREAM?

I don't know what to say ... if she keeps this up she will really hurt her standing as a SkeletwinTM. Eh, I'm not worried ... this is probably her meal for the month.

The other SkeletwinTM, Lindsay Lohan, is still in New York apparently back in LA ... here she is with little sister Ali Lohan:

I wonder if Lindsay and Ali are campaigning to be the new Britney and Jamie Lynn?

Hmm ... Jennifer Aniston seems to be enjoying this Star magazine:

Celebrities can be so hypocritical.

Check out how scruffy Daisy has gotten recently in this picture of Jessica Simpson at the airport:

Jess needs to bathe that thing ... it looks terrible.

Additionally, check out these pictures of Jessica from her issue of GQ:

I am not very impressed by the pictures ... they look funny. She's still hot ... but the poses are kinda dumb.

Did ya hear that Avril Lavigne and Deryk Whibley got engaged?

Here's the duo showing off her engagement ring. Isn't she like 19? That is so punk rock!

And finally, have you seen the trailer for the King Kong movie yet?

It looks pretty good ... very Jurassic Parkish ... but with a big monkey. See it for yourself HERE.


Holy shizz ... I don't even know where to begin ... yesterday was amazingly fun ... tho it didn't start out that way. I do have to say Mission Accomplished! I did get to see TomKat with my own eyes and I'm not talking about this one:

Adriana, Erik and I had a great Salvadoran lunch before heading down to Hollywood. We got in line next to Grauman's Chinese Theater to try our luck at hopefully getting a chance to maybe catch a glimpse of any of the celebrities attending the premiere of War of the Worlds. It was very hot in the sun and people quickly got crabby (::cough:: Erik & Adriana ::cough::) but we hung in there as best we could. We even practiced a little bit just in case we were able to get close to Tom Cruise:

Erik decided to bail so he and Olivia went off to drink ... Adriana hung in there with me, waited it out and got into the fan area next to the red carpet with me! We got a prime spot right at the end of the red carpet (in front of Pat O'Brien and The Insider camera) and met superfan Kim:

She is a pro at these premiere things ... she had all the info. She even got her picture with Tom Cruise! But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyways ... it wasn't too long before they started giving us stuff ... and I'm not even exaggerating here ... they gave us brownies, Lemonheads, Jaw Breakers, Red Hots, Mike & Ikes, Good & Plentys, Cheez-Its, Goldfish crackers, Cheetos, Doritos, potato chips, cotton candy, ice cream, water, pop, popcorn, Fig Newtons, licorice, churros, Snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, peach cobbler, lemon bars and more ... seriously, they just kept coming out with more and more sugary stuff for us to eat. I was a little worried the food would be laced with Ritalin ... then I realized that Tom wouldn't let that happen to us ... but it was probably laced with L. Ron Hubbard juice or something to brainwash us into becoming Scientologists!

BUT FINALLY ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the actual TomKat y'all, came out to greet the fans:

I just couldn't get a picture with Tom ... I tried but I couldn't get close enough ... how freaking hilarious would that have been? I asked Katie for a picture but she said she was only signing autographs ... so I got her autograph (all she wrote was "Kate" ... Hilarious!). As you can see I got a lot of pictures ... some of them are pretty good. And, seriously, could they be more gross with all the affection?! It's true, they just couldn't keep their hands off one another the WHOLE TIME:

It must be love, y'all. Or maybe it's a $5 million dollar contract ... who knows?

While we didn't get to get any pix with TomKat we did get a couple of pix with 2 other celebrities:

We got to meet Pat O'Brien (fresh from rehab) and Jonathan Lipnicki (the little kid from Jerry McGuire). Pat was nice ... he seemed pleased we asked him for a picture. Jonathan was so cool. He spent a lot of time talking with the fans ... he was very patient when we asked him for a picture (had to turn the camera on, get it focused) but he also seemed geeked that we asked him for a picture. He's a cool ass kid!

Here are some pictures of the other stars who came to the premiere:

I almost got a picture with David Hasslehoff (he came right over to me and was about to pose) but stupid Will Smith came over and ruined it! They started talking, posing for pix with each other and then left. I was so pissed! LOL! Anyways, I actually was expecting a lot more but ... it was really really fun. Even Adriana, who was all grumpy, got into the spirit and had a blast. It was very "Hollywood" ... and while it was fun being there and taking my own pictures, I think I'll just leave the picture taking to the pros. Check out a side by side comparison of a picture I took and a picture that a real photographer took of TomKat riding by on a motorcycle:

LOL! Check out the professional pictures from the War of the Worlds premiere HERE and HERE.

Damn ... we were tired but we still had to make dinner at Newsroom ... so we (Olivia, Erik, Adriana and I) got there and met up with Alice, Michael & Bradley (Mike & Brad), Adam, Jon and Jeff :

The service sucked ... the food was subpar ... but the watermelon martini I had with 3 watermelon slices was pretty good.

At the Newsroom I got to meet Randy from! You know they make the coolest t-shirts around (like the Kevin Federline shirt I wore yesterday at Buffy's house) so I was so excited to meet the man behind the t-shirts. He was soooo cool, he brought me a gift and everything. You should visit their site and pick up a t-shirt ... they're the best!

Today is our last day in LA ... I think we're gonna shop on Robertson all day long before we go Roller Skating tonight. The trip has just flown by ... but it's not over quite yet.

I'm out!



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