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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

She Runs Like A Fire Does

OY! I am soooo tired ... the drive to and from Cleveland seemed longer than usual last night/this morning ... I didn't get to bed until 4AM! But the Tori Amos show was sooo fun and sooo worth it ... deets to follow ...

Ms. Britney Spears is spending considerable time standing by her man as he does whatever it is that he does in the recording studio. Here's a picture of Brit Brit coming out of the studio for a break ... let's pause to admire her curves:

OH MY GOD ... have that baby already!!!! Thanks.

Here is, what I hope will be, the last picture that I post from the 2005 MTV VMAs ... check out our fave boy last year's boy from Laguna Beach with his 2 fave chicks:

Stephen is really starting to get irritating ... but who do we think looked better between the girls -- Kristen or LC? I am a Kristen fan ... but I think I have to say that LC looked better. I wonder who held who's hair while they were all puking at all the parties? [thanks Kristen and Erin]

OOOH lookie ... Angelina Jolie is using a New York movie set to try on wedding dresses:

Yeah, we know who she's thinking about as she wears this dress.

On another movie set in New York, Brad Dad Pitt was posing for the cameras:

... and probably missing his new family.

Look how cute Paris Hilton looks in this little number:

I bet she would do very well on that MTV show The 70's House.

Well, well, well, well ... what do we have here? Lindsay Lohan has picked up a new accessory:

The guy is boring but look at that purse! Hot!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen paid a little visit to the set of Much Music for a little Q&A:

If you missed the appearance or are unable to watch Much Music, click HERE for some video clips and a bunch of pictures.

If the Olsen twins aren't enough for ya, how about we check in with the Madden twins ... it looks like the Good Charlotte boys had a really good time at some of the pre-VMA parties around Miami:

Check out the fun swag. Pimpin'!

What the hell is going on here?

Is Shar Jackson being, like, serious with these pictures?!? She looks ridiculous ... and I loves it. [via ONTD!]

Hey look everybody ... it's Cameron Diaz:

Doesn't she look so fabulous and happy?!

Ryan Seacrest has a message for the world:

Oh yeah, and he likes girls, too.

Head on over to and download her podcast. It's a great listen ... there are weird sound bytes and an acoustic performance -- it's awesome!

When you're finished listening to the podcast, click HERE to watch Liz perform Somebody's Miracle and Everything To Me on Live @ I CANNOT wait to hear her new album ... I am so counting down the days to October 4th when the album is finally released. Woot!

Check out these pictures from some Mercedes Benz ad featuring Xtina Aguilera:


Supastar Greg K. and the MisShapes gang threw a cd release party for Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars in New York City last night:

Those kids have all the fun. I have to give a big congrats to Greg K. since his MisShapes party was also listed in the Blender Hot 100. Yeah, you know how we do.

Good news for all of you interested in getting a Motorola Pink RAZR of your very own ... click HERE to enter to win your own Pink RAZR ... the grand prize winner will win 2 of them:

The phone is extremely limited edition ... and it's hot as hell! You know you want one ... and now's your chance!

Les news:
So ... yesterday Sarah spent most of the day running around town buying a brand new car -- she picked up a 2005 Honda Accord and it is sweeeet! When she was finally finished will all the car bizznazz we got in my VW Beetle and hit the road for Cleveland! It rained very steadily the whole way ... we were concerned because Tori Amos was playing an outdoor venue. Strangely enough, the Tower City Amphitheater is completely covered by a huge tent -- it is very bizarre -- but we were totally dry. We ended up missing the 2 opening acts and got there right before Tori took the stage. As we were shown to our second row seats we could hear they were playing Star Wars music as the interlude. About 5 minutes after we sat down the lights when down and Tori came out. Since the concert was a Star Wars birthday party for her daughter (who turns 5 on September 5th) Tori came out on stage dressed as Princess Leia! Since the venue allowed cameras I was able to get some really great shots of the whole show. After a couple songs, Tori brought her daughter, Natashya, out on stage to say hello to the audience. She was dressed completely as Queen Amidala ... she looked soooo cute!

Tash was very shy but she thanked us for coming to her "pah-ty" (in a cute little English accent) and then she threw out some Star Wars toys to the audience. Then Tori lead the audience in singing Happy Birthday to Natasha-Queen-Padme-Amidala ... it was SOOOO CUTE! The whole show was excellent, Tori chose some amazing songs to perform.

Here is the setlist:

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Ribbons Undone
Mr. Zebra
Playboy Mommy

Tori's Piano Bar

My Favorite Things (Rodgers & Hammerstein / Sound of Music cover)
Rocket Man (Elton John cover)

Jamaica Inn
Cars And Guitars
Cool On Your Island
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Goodbye Pisces

2nd Encore

Liquid Diamonds
Hey Jupiter

The only drawback to the whole experience was the audience ... there was a lot of talking and just rude behavior. I can't remember having to deal with a more rude audience. It didn't hinder our enjoyment of the concert but it was a bother nonetheless. Because we were allowed to take pictures I took A LOT of pictures. To see all the pictures from last night's concert, click HERE.

I also ran into a couple of Pink fans ... I have to give a shout out to Jordan (pictured above saying Wassup) and to Susan. It was very cool meeting both of you.

As I said earlier, the drive home was long ... but Sarah and I made it fun. I'm still a bit whipped so I'm gonna go veg in front of the TV. Hope y'all have a great day ... I'm out.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Father's Day

With all the MTV hoopla going on this past weekend it seems that our dear Spederline took a backseat to all the excitement. Not to worry ... they were hard at work. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been spending considerable time at a recording studio the past few days. During a break in recording (K-Fed on the mic, not Brit) they duo sat down for a quick heart-to-heart:

Ahhh ... it seems that the bliss that comes from domesticity rears its ugly head even while Spederline is at work. But don't you fretnone ... they were made for each other.

Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson kissed and made up at the MTV VMAs this weekend:

It seems that all of those rumors of a feud were completely wrong! We've been hornswaggled! Yeah ... right.

Before Lindsay was doing photo-ops with Ashlee she was hanging out at a RocaWear party ... checking her email, reading blogs and stuff:

Yeah ... we know she reads Pink is the new Blog.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW check out these CUTE pictures of Brad Pitt on set with Zahara and Maddox:

I think we should start calling him Dad Pitt. He looks really happy. [via ONTD!]

Jessica Simpson spent some post-VMA time sunning herself by the pool:

Um, can someone tell me why she had a Rubik's Cube with her? She couldn't possibly have been playing with it. Notice how she's trying to ignore its mocking stare.

Jennifer Love Hewitt really, really, really loves reading tabloids ...

... at magazine stands so that the paparazzi will take pictures of her and hopefully will end up in the tabloids herself. Lame beyond words.

Jenny McCarthy, who was going to write a book about marriage bliss until then she got divorced, was seen out and about with a new man:

I know, I know ... it's probably her bodyguard but you never know. Maybe she's got a thing for big guys with goatees and black socks?

Prince William is the picture of the proper royal gentleman ...

... usually. Maybe he was just tired ...

Tobey Maguire is getting all Brad Pitt-y with Sarah Gilbert's baby boy:

These are actually really cute pictures. I'm glad to see that Tobey has finally started to shed a few lbs. He still has a little ways to go to squeeze back into that Spider-Man costume.

When the party ends at 2 AM the throng of party-goers spills out into the street ... and then we can see who is hooking up with who:

I can totally buy that Nicole Richie might hook up with Mischa Barton ... but Ryan Seacrest and a girl ... c'mon now.

Nicole Richie is gracing the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

What's with the heavy make-up all of the sudden? She looks pretty good in the first picture but she looks like an aged hag in the second. She needs to give those fake eyelashes back to Tammy Faye.

Paris Hilton loves doing housework:

And Nicky Hilton loves to watch. See, I just know that Paris is going to make a wonderful wife for Paris. [via Oh La La]

You know you've made it when you are asked to pose for the cover of the hottest magazines ... Cosmopolitan ... Elle ... Vanity Fair ... Well, finally a magazine has called up Kim Stewart to ask her to grace the cover of their magazine:

Next up, Vogue.

Did y'all watch the series premiere of Prison Break last night?

I am SO excited that Robin Tunney is in this new series! She is such an amazing actress ... Empire Records, The Craft, Niagra, Niagra, Cherish ... I love her!!! The show itself looks promising ... I like the way they are piecing together the whole story little by little -- much like how Lost unfolded last year. I was a bit skeptical until we learned the secret of his tattoo -- genius. I'm DVRing this new show ... let's hope it stays great.

Speaking of Lost, here are some promo pictures for season 2:

I'm very excited to see where the story goes in season 2 ... I hope they don't drag out the Walt part ... I need to know what happened to him. The second season of Lost premieres on September 21. Still want more? Click HERE to check out some season 2 promo videos.

Check out these promo pictures for the new Joss Whedon movie, Serenity:

I really hope this movie is a success ... we need to have Joss Whedon making more movies! Serenity opens in theaters on September 30.

Tori Amos has decided to make her concert tonight, the Cleveland show, a birthday party for her daughter Tash. From The Dent:

This comes to The Dent by way of Tori's management. (Tori also told the audience about this at the Rochester Hills. MI show!) The day of the Cleveland, OH show, which is August 30, 2005, is Tash's birthday party, which will have a Star Wars theme. Everyone in the crew (including Tori) will be dressed as a character from Star Wars. Therefore, Tori would like to invite everyone in the audience to also dress as a character from Star Wars. (This is completely optional of course.) This should be great fun, so please participate if you can! (And yes, I know that Tash's birthday is on September 5, 2005, but I have been told that the party will still be on August 30, 2005 in Cleveland.)

Of course Sarah and I will be in attendance ... we are bringing toy light sabers and toyed with the idea of dressing up in full costumes but I'm not sure if that's really gonna happen. I'm sure there will be a lot of geeks fans dressed up as their favorite Star Wars characters ... I mean ... if you ask someone to dress up as their favorite character -- you're gonna get what you asked for:

And then you'll be really sorry you asked in the first place:

Oy! I'm hoping we're allowed to take pictures ...

The news:
I've got a lot of running around to do today in preparation for the Tori Amos show tonight ... Sarah is working on getting a new car ... it's cruiseazy around here! I gotta jet ... but you know I'll be back -- same bat time, same bat channel.


PS: Please note, I've taken Towleroad's lead and I've also created a button in my adstrip for those wanting to donate to the Red Cross in light of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. If you can afford to donate to the Red Cross, please do ... let's all help out as best we can.




Monday, August 29, 2005

You Don't Know The Power That You Have

So ... yeah ... the big news from yesterday, obvs, was the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. Unfortunately for the VMAs I had a date with Tori Amos so I was unable to watch the show live. But I did manage to come across a whole slew of pictures from the VMA red carpet:

I did watch most of the VMAs after I got home from the concert ... I can say that it looked a lot better than the VMAs from last year. I loved Mariah Carey's performance ... The Killers were awesome too! I'll have to watch them again all the way thru but it looked pretty good. [via JJB]

Check out these pictures of Hilary Duff, Joel and Benji Madden walking the streets of Miami:

They look great! I bet hanging out in Miami was insane this weekend ... all those musicians and celebs walking around ... how fun! Arjan Timmermans, from the music blog,was able to attend the VMAs. I sent him some stickers and look who wanted to pose with them:

Rock on! I want to thank him from the bottom of my <3 for taking my stickers to the red carpet. Make sure you check out Arjan's site for his exclusive report from the 2005 MTV VMAs. And if that's not enough for you, check out Egotastic's massive VMA picture post HERE or The Prettiest Pony's blog entry entitled Minutes: The 2005 VMAs HERE.

Jessica Simpson attended a pre-VMA party thrown by OK! magazine ... I wonder where Nick Lachey was?

I don't really like the look ... her hair looks wet and her dress looks like a towel-wrap. She looks like she just climbed out of the pool. Jess did hook up with her hubby for the Ocean Drive magazine party:

And she looked much better. But did you see her at the actual awards? She looked like a deranged serial killer. She looked a mess better than lil' sister Ashlee Simpson tho. I don't know why Ash is going for that June Carter-look with that hair ... but she needs to reaaaaally not do that ever again.

In other parts of the world ... things were happening that had nothing to do with MTV. Angelina Jolie attended a benefit for Haitian refugees:

It was so nice to see Meryl Streep and Wyclef show their support ... but what was Lindsay Lohan doing there? Can she even properly pronounce the word Haitian? Whatevs, good for her for offering her support for such an important cause.

So, Courtney Love was found to be in violation of her probation and she was ordered back to rehab as punishment:

Yeah ... can I get busted for a probation violation and get sent to this place? In any regard, I really believe that Courtney is going to learn her lesson this time.

On the other side of the pond, musicians convened for the Kerrang! music awards. Check out these new pictures of Marilyn Manson and his beautiful fiance Dita Von Tesse:

They are such an odd but happy-looking couple.

Jesse Metcalfe has range, y'all:

Who in Hollywood wouldn't want to hire him?!

Aaron Carter ... man on man ...

I've got 2 words for you: Pro Activ.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are back to looking identical again:


What is this ... check out these pictures of Lindsay Lohan from a shopping trip last week ... does it look like she's gaining back some of her healthy weight?

She looks fuller again! This is great news. I hope she stays curvy and healthy ... and I hope she dyes her hair back to red, too.

Kim Stewart is trying to rock the white sunglasses look:

Girl, please. Paris Hilton and I already did that look. It's over. But you keep on tryin'!

Wes Culwell (from Boy Meets Boy) took some pictures and wrote an article for Instinct magazine:

It's a pretty interesting article. I can't wait until a magazine sends me on a sweet-ass vacation in order to write an article for them. Instinct -- call me!

Oh My Grossness ... someone needs to seriously help Ciara ... wait, scratch that ... someone needs to seriously help us instead!

I think I'm seriously blinded. [via I Don't Like You In That Way]

Let's move on to prettier subjects ... like the 2006 Mr. Gay Competition:

The US needs a representative for the 2006 Mr. Gay Competition ... if you think you've got the goods to represent the U.S. of A. then click HERE and learn how you can apply.

WTF?! I would enter but they aren't looking for Detroit candidates ... but they are looking for Oklahoma City candidates! Boo!

Check this out, Motorola has released an extremely limited edition PINK RAZR cellphone and they are giving it away to the hottest Hollywood "It" Girls ... here is a collage of the lucky folks who have been chosen to receive their own pink RAZR cellphone:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Naomi Campbell and Mandy Moore have just been added to the list as well.

Oh yeah, and Motorola sent me my own pink RAZR too:

I am honored beyond words. I have to admit, this pink RAZR is seriously the coolest phone ever! If you think the RAZR is hot is silver or black ... you obviously haven't seen the pink RAZR in person. Woot!

Pink is the new RAZR!

The news:
OMG OMG OMG! What can I say about yesterday ... it was truly one of the funnest and best days that Sarah and I ever spent together. We decided to try and make the Meet & Greet with Tori Amos before her Detroit show ... we used to do Meet & Greets all the time but we know they can be stressful and difficult and we aren't always very successful getting to actually talk to Tori. But we decided to give it a shot for old time's sake. Man, am I glad we did because we got to meet, talk to and take pictures with the Goddess herself:

There weren't tons of people at this Meet & Greet so most of the people who were there got to spend time talking with Tori. Sarah asked her to play Tear in your Hand at the concert and I got to chat with her a little bit about her daughter's upcoming birthday party in Cleveland (details on that tomorrow). We both got to take pictures with her ... it was truly unbelievable.

At the show we ran into author Neil Gaiman (who is one of Tori's best friends) and we managed to say hello to him. Then Tori came out and gave a truly spectacular performance ... with one of the best set lists ever:

Here is the setlist:

Original Sinsuality
Pretty Good Year
Amber Waves
Doughnut Song
Barons Of Suburbia

Tori's Piano Bar

Karma Police (Radiohead cover)
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Don McLean cover)

The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Baker Baker

2nd Encore

Tear In Your Hand

As you can see she did Tear in your Hand for us ... that along with China, Carbon and Baker Baker ... well ... we had the best time ever. I kept telling Sarah how much it means to me that she and I share our love of Tori Amos with one another ... we always have the best time together.

Sadly, our wonderful day was marred by the fact that Sarah's car died on the way home from the concert. We were at the drive-thru window at McDonald's and it just died. I had to push the car away from the window and into a parking spot. Erik had to come pick us up ... but now she's looking for a new car and I'm confident that things will work out perfectly for her!

Oy! I'm a bit whipped so I'm gonna go chill before I have to head out and do some errands. Piece out!



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