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Monday, October 31, 2005

Dress You Up In My Love

Thank you all so much for sending in all of your awesome Halloween pictures. It was so fun getting to see what you guys look like all dressed up for Halloween. Believe me, it was very difficult narrowing down the pictures to what I thought were the Top 5 Best Pix. I chose the pictures that spoke to me most ... but all of your pictures were very fun, very inventive and very cool to check out. I wish I could send everyone stickers but ... well, that just can't happen. So ... here are my picks for my 5 fave Halloween pictures:

Aren't they great? They're either funny, timely, well done or just cute. If you are one of the five people who sent me these pictures I will be emailing you for your addresses so I can send out your stickers.

As I said, I had a hard time narrowing down my picks ... so just for fun, here are the ones I chose for honorable mention:

There were a lot of Spederline submissions ... here are my fave Spederline pix:

There were also a lot of Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits submissions ... here are my fave ones:

And just because ... here are a couple sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Once again ... thank you all for sending in your pictures ... I loved checking them all out ... I hope you all had a great Halloween and I hope we can do this again next year.


UPDATE: Here are pictures of some of my friends in their Halloween costumes ... they're just too good to not share ...

The Cereal Gang = Adam as Frankenberry, Jim as Lucky the Leprechaun, Jon as Count Chocula, Davy as Crackle, Jeff as Cpt. Crunch and Rachel as Boo Berry. Adriana as the Sand-Witch, Brian as Bert. Tony as the 80's Roller Boogie Boy and Lisa as the piece of Sushi. Ryan as Harry Potter and his friend Angie as Hermoine. Ultragrrrl and Josh as Spederline (Halloween '04). Matt and Wilia as Failed Super Heros Super Busy and Super Sleepy.

And JAKE made the best Frankestein EVER!

Soooo hot! What a fun Halloween!!!!!!!



Whoa ... it's a bird, it's a plane ... it's a whole slew of hot bloggers hanging out at a Halloween party. Check out blogbuds Matty, Bradford, Andy and crew gettin' into the Hallowe'en spirit:

Matty and the other heros look great ... Bradford as The Joker looks amazing ... and Andy WHO DIDN'T DRESS UP still looks cute ... but he's a poop head for not playing well with others. [Source]

Happy Halloween, bitches! You guys look great!



I Am Samhain

Happy, Happy Halloween ... Halloween, Halloween ... Happy, Happy Halloween ... Silver Shamrock:

It's Halloween, bitches! The danceparties are over and now it's time to get down to bizznazz ... it's all about the candy today/tonight. I hope you all have a fun and spooky Halloween. To all you pagans out there, Happy New Year!!! [Source]

There is a lot to cover today ... so let's get to it ... here are some pictures of Britney Spears and her dear baby Sean Preston as they are deboarding their private jet as they arrive in LA:

Booo! The baby is still covered up ... Hmm, K-Fed is nowhere to be seen ... I wonder if there is trubs in paradise? It is my understanding that things are not going well with our dear Spederline. I'm gon' have to keep my eye on them ... [Source]

One last Spederline thing, here is a picture of Kevin and Christian Audigier -- he's the main designer for Ed Hardy (also responsible for the Von Dutch designs):

Ain't he a pretty sight? Well, if you want Kevin's new look you can buy it at If you want the original, authentic Kevin Federline look then you can buy it HERE. [Source, thanks Patricia]

Check out these amazing pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal from the Jarhead press conference over the weekend:

Oh yeah ... I deff approve. [Source]

Here are some pictures from the New York City premiere of Jarhead ... Jake was joined by his co-stars Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard:

Smashing ... they all look great ... Pete's lookin' a bit bloated but it's hard to look good standing in close proximity to Jakey poo. Click HERE for interview video from the premiere (thanks Sarah). [Source]

Pink reader Kristen was lucky enough to attend the NYC premiere of Jarhead and confesses that she spent more time watching Jake watch the movie rather than watch the movie herself (I'd have done the same thing!). Here are her personal pictures that she shares will all of us:

Yes ... that's right ... Kristen got to meet and take a picture with Jake Gyllenhaal. Rock on, K ... good for you! And thanks again for sharing your pix!! [thanks Kristen]

Look at how amazing Claire Danes looked at the premiere of her new movie Shopgirl last week:

There ain't a thing wrong with her ... even her hair is blowing in the wind majestically! Well ... the dress does make her look a wee bit like a Twinkie but still ... she looks great! I'm gonna try and wrangle someone to go see Shopgirl with me this week. [Source]

Here are some pictures of our dear Jilary in their Halloween costumes for Haylie Duff's Halloween party:

I'm not sure what Hilary is supposed to be (she looks "French") but Joel is obviously Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Hi, he's hot ... except that he's missing his jock strap. Haylie looks like she's trying to be Wonder Woman ... well, she's close enough I suppose. [Source, thanks Kari]

Hilary Duff was all smiles this weekend in her hot-ass boots at the 12th Annual Dream Halloween For Children Affected by AIDS Foundation last week:

Hot, hot boots. [Source]

Dakota Fanning was also on hand at the Dream Halloween fundraiser ... but she showed up in a Halloween costume:

Her little friend (who looks like her twin) is supposed to be Mary Poppins and I think Dakota is supposed to be dressed as Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind. Why am I not surprised that 11 year old Dakota Fanning is a Gone with the Wind fan? I'm convinced that girl is actually 48 years old. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera and her fiancee Jordan Bratman got all gussied up for the Body English Halloween party in Las Vegas this weekend:

She actually looks great. Not too skanky ... she actually looks cute. Jordy's costume isn't that spectacular but matched with Xtina's ... he looks cute too! What the hell?! There isn't anything bad to say about Xtina ... and I'm shocked. Leave it to Xtina Aguilera to look her absolute best for the scariest holiday of the year. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, the original SkeletwinsTM, reunited at Blender magazine's Rock and Roll Halloween party last week:

::SIGH:: They make such a great duo ... they may not be as sickly thin as they used to be (well, at least Lindsay isn't) but I still love my SkeletwinsTM. [Source]

Whoa! When Whitney Houston puts away the crack pipe she really cleans up well ... check out La Diva at 25 Strong: The BET Silver Anniversary Celebration which will air Tuesday night on BET:

I'm not sure how long Mary J. Blige is letting Whitney use her wig but she looks great in the meantime. You go, Whitney! [thanks Johnnie]

Ashley Olsen glammed out for the Fendi 80th Anniversary Party Hosted By Karl Lagerfeld. Here are some pictures of Ash and Ms. Lagerfeld at the event:

Is it me or just Karl Lagerfeld look like Jay McCarroll in about 30 years? What is it with the fashion types? Anyways ... Ashley was really workin' that vapid look that she does so well ... and her arms look meaty. Quoi?! I wouldn't say she looks healthy, per se, but she is lookin' a might better than she usually does ... or am I thinking of Mary Kate? I always get those 2 mixed up. [Source]

Check out these adorable pictures of Reese Witherspoon and her baby boy Deacon:

The only thing that would be cuter would be if a shirtless and sweaty Ryan Phillippe, glistening in bright California sunshine, was the one pictured with baby Deacon ... yeah ... that would be cuter. [Source]

Eva Longoria is goin' all over the world with a nasty hickey on her neck ...

... but that hickey ain't as disgusting as that thing she's got on her head. WTF? Her stylist needs to be fired ... and then tortured to death. I love that she is wearing sleeves on that sleeveless dress ... OY, what a mess. [Source]

Here are some new promo pictures of Madonna from her Confessions on a Dancefloor photoshoot:

Okay ... enough with the Kylie Minogue homage. I hope we get some new pictures soon. [Source]

Here is the cover of Lindsay Lohan's new album A Little More Personal (Raw):

Have I mentioned that I really hate her first single, Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) mainly because of her overuse of the parenthetical bracket? I mean, the song sucks but the parentheses just make it all the more worse. I hope this new album isn't chock full of confessional bullcrap ... I get enough of that from Ashlee Simpson's new album. [Source]

Pink reader Jenny sends us this picture of the supposed house that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes purchased in Ottawa Hills (which is a suburb of Toldeo, OH):

Um, have I mentioned the frightening proximity of Toldeo to Detroit? What if TomKat actually do move to the area?! The Scientologists are coming! The Scientologists are coming! Heaven help us all. [thanks Jenny]

Jake Gyllenhaal and crew are on the cover of this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Welcome to the suck, indeed. [Source]

Detroit radio station Channel 955 dj Spike was lucky enough to meet Gwen Stefani at her Detroit show this past weekend:

They both look great! Thanks for sharing the picture, Spike. You know who to call the next time you have a backstage engagement to share. Isn't Ashlee Simpson comin' our way next month? [Source]

I was able to meet some Pink is the new Blog readers at the Gwen Stefani show ... here is a picture of me with Elizabeth, Angie and Kelly:

I have to give a shoutout to Ryan (who took this picture) and to Joel who came over to Say Hey! as well. [thanks Elizabeth]

I got to spend the afternoon with Tracey and Zakiya yesterday. I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL my goddaughter is. She is seriously the cutest baby in the world. She came over all dressed up in a cute little pink Laura Ashley ensemble ... SOOO cute!

I was in the mood to get grossed out so I went out for a late showing of Saw II last night ... Erik, the gentle flower that he is, opted out:

Oh.My.Grossness. It was totally gross ... I loved it! It was a great sequel to a great movie ... it's not Shakespeare, people -- it's just good ol' fashioned blood and gore -- perfect for Halloween-time. I thoroughly enjoyed it even tho I watched much of the movie from between my fingers. If you're not a fan of needles (like me) then you will find one particular scene especially difficult to watch. Blah! I loved it!

And how pissed am I to find out that I could have been THIS for Halloween?!? Boo!!! I wish I had found it sooner ...

Today I begin my preparations for my next trip out to LA. Yes, I will be flying out to LA this Thursday for another week in SoCal. I have a lot to do this trip out but I'm still planning on blogging each and every day. It better be warm, y'all ... I'm already dunzo with the the cold here in D-Town ... and it's only just begun.

REMEMBER ... today is the last day for you to send in pictures of your Halloween costumes ... tonight I will be picking my Fave Top 5 and will post them tomorrow ... winners will get a Pink is the new Blog sticker!

I'm out.


Sunday, October 30, 2005


Woot! It's only one more day 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween ... one more day 'til Halloween ... Silver Shamrock:

Well ... I think I'm all Halloweened out ... we went to 2 danceparties already ... dressed up again last night (pix at the end of today's post). All that is left is for the handing out of the candy ... I couldn't possibly go trick-or-treating ... right? Incidentally, if you have never seen the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch then you are very VERY fortunate. [Source]

Let's get to the goss ... Kevin Federline has emerged from hiding to burn thru some of Britney's money ... here are pictures of our fave freeloader droppin' mad dollas at Ed Hardy in Santa Monica:

I guess he must have been running low on trucker hats. [Source]

Paris and Nicky Hilton got all dolled up for a Halloween party this weekend ... here are pictures of the girls dressed as a cavewoman and a policewoman:

I think they kinda look boring ... the cop outfit is a bit blah and the cavewoman outfit it just eh. At least Paris let a bit of her underboob peek out from her top. That's hot? [Source]

Paris Hilton attended the Blender magazine's Rock and Roll Halloween party earlier this week and was met by a cavalcade of A-List celebs:

Oh wait ... my bad. [Source]

Pink reader Meghan sent in these pictures of Brad Pitt on the set of his new movie in Winnipeg, Canada:

I love that she was able to get so close to him. The pictures rule, thanks for sharing Meghan.

Tori Spelling seems to have found another, another boyfriend:

Or should I say manfriend? This dude looks a little long in the tooth. [Source]

Here are some great pictures of Ben Affleck:

I can finally see his appeal. [Source]

Here is a picture from Brody Jenner's My Space profile ...

... that Kristin clone standing behind them does not look happy. She definitely has that Team LC jealousy look in her eye. [Source, thanks Nix]

And finally ... I recently received an email from Abercrombie & Fitch alerting me to the fact that they now have their new season's clothes:

I may have to stop by and check it out. [Source]

Les News:
Whadda night, whadda night ... Erik and I hung out all day with Brandon before I had to go to the Gwen Stefani concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. I have to admit that I was very surprised by the show ... it was way better than I thought it would be. Gwen is selling out arenas with just one album! Amazing! The Black Eyed Peas opened up the show ... now, I'm not a BEP fan at all but I went in with an open mind -- and they were better than I thought they'd be. I figured Fergie would be center stage and it would be all about her but that wasn't the case at all ... her ass was usually relegated to the sides of the stage. Wee! And I have to admit that their Humps, Humps song is really growing on me ... BOOOOO!!! I didn't bring a camera but I had my Sidekick and took a few grainy pictures:

Gwen told the crowd that her dad (Dennis James Stefani) and grandparents are from Michigan and that Chris, her keyboardist & background vocalist, was also from Detroit. She had a lot of love for D-town. Here is the setlist:

Harujuku Girls
What You Waiting For
The Real Thing
Rich Girl
Danger Zone
Long Way To Go (dedicated to Rosa Parks)
Wind It Up (new song)
Orange County Girl (new song)
Bubble Pop Electric


Hollaback Girl

Yeah, it was basically her whole album plus a couple new songs. The stage, the lights the dance routines ... it was a killer show.

Okay ... so after Gwen I had to book it home because we had another danceparty to go to. Erik really wanted to dress up as a priest so Brandon and I had a hard time finding costumes that matched ... we ended up going as death:

Yeah ... whatevs. We get to OSLO and immediately liquor up and start to have fun:

It was kind of a weird crowd ... I felt like I was in a Roman Polanski dream sequence ... but we had fun anyways.

And that was basically it ... we partied til we pooped and then went home ...

Did you remember to turn your clock back an hour, you folks in the US who are governed by Daylight Savings Time? If not, it's not as late in the day as you previously thought.

Today is going to be chill ... I don't want to do a thing. I'm out.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Dukes of Brokeback Mountain

Woot! I got Erik to dress up for Halloween last night ... it wasn't necessarily a pretty sight (either of us) but we did have fun ... deets at the end of today's post ...

Ashlee Simpson ... you scamp, you ... is it true that you really didn't steal Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend?

Cuz ... you and Wilmer Valderrama always look pretty tight. But, if you say you didn't then I guess I can believe you ... [Source]

Oh no. Nicole Richie got suckered into taking a lunch meeting ...

... what the hell was she thinking? [Source]

Here are pictures of Kelly Osbourne heading into her 21st birthday party:

I absolutely *love* what she's wearing. I understand the designer is someone called Glad. [Source] has posted some new pictures of the boys down in Mexico:

GC just wrapped up a quick tour that took them down to Texas and then to Mexico. How muy bueno is that?! [Source]

Tyra Banks is saving her Halloween costume as a surprise for her show next week ... but here's a little preview:

I wonder how she got so white? Hopefully she didn't do it the "Michael Jackson" way. She got Paris Hilton down tho. [Source]

And finally, check out these pictures of Adam Brody gettin' all sexy to sell clothes and underwear for Jeans & Clothes:

Everyone knows that flashing pubic hair and lookin' all innocent is the way to generate huge sales. Well done, Adam. [Source, Source]

So, Erik and I got to see Kathy Griffin do stand-up last night and she was utterly amazing! I have only seen her in censored mode because I've never seen her live before ... and she was brilliant! She performed in front of a sold-out house at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts. She opened the show by welcoming us to her Scooter Libby Indictment party and took off full force. If you haven't seen her live then you really haven't seen her yet. My favorite part of the show was when she started talking about her latest encounter with Celine Dion:

I haven't laughed that loud and that hard in a long time ... anyways, that was my favorite part ... until she started telling the story about how she got locked out of her hotel room in nothing but a shirt and panties ... AND THEN PROCEEDED TO TAKE OFF HER PANTS TO ILLUSTRATE HER POINT:

Yeah, she told the whole story with her pants around her ankles. It was great! Do yourself a favor, check her out on tour if she's coming to your town. It's a good time.

Oh, one more thing ... she alluded to still hanging out with Matt (her husband) so it seemed like maybe she was patching things up with him but at the end of her show (while she was telling the "panties story") she confirmed that she is still going thru the divorce and that "it sucks". Apparently, she and Matt are still friendly but their marriage is over. Boo!

ANYWAYS ... after Kathy's show, Erik and I met up with Sarah and Brandon and we got dressed for the Dethlab danceparty at OSLO. Erik and I dressed up as Bo and Luke Duke -- The Dukes of Hazzard -- and Brandon dressed up as Cooter:

I tried to get Sarah to dress up as Daisy Duke but she just wasn't having it ... so we decided to just say she was a cat named Daisy.

Yeah, those wigs were hot and scratchy ... but we wore them for most of the night ... but after a couple hours at OSLO we ditched the wigs and became the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain:

Sarah became the interchangeable wife to the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain and Brandon became a freaky dude in a nappy blonde wig.

We had fun ... but the music could've been better. They did play some Siouxsie and the Banshees and Fischerspooner ... but when the playlist turned to outright booty-shakin' techno we were pretty much dunzo.

We had so much fun dressing up last night that we may do it again tonight ... but with different costumes. Stay tuned! Any dressing up and dancing will have to come after I attend the Gwen Stefani show at the Palace of Auburn Hills tonight!

OH YEAH ... last thing ... send me pictures of you and your friends in your Halloween costumes. I will post my picks for the Top 5 Best Pictures on Tuesday November 1. If I post your picture, I'll send you a sticker.

I'm out.



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