Monday, January 03, 2005

Hangin' Wif Da Crew

Erik and I met up with Adriana (and Ben & Sam, Sarah, Leila, Angi & Tony) for a last supper of sorts before she goes home to Los Angeles. We had so much fun having her home this trip ... can't wait til she comes back home!

Dinner at Little Tree was fun but coffee/tea at Sweetwater's afterwards was really fun ...


Callin' It In

So, yeah, I didn't want to go to work today ... so many other people took today off as well so I decided to as well. I wanted just one more day of sleeping in. I'll deal with "the end of vacation" tomorrow.

Nicky Hilton (perhaps trying to be the Paris Hilton of 2005) spent the first hours of 2005 ... well, drunk:

I suspect this will be Nicky's year!

Britney Spears, hot off the debut of a new single (still #1 on LA's KIIS FM radio station), showed up at a spa yesterday with her rat husband and her new bodyguard (who is a former NFLer):

Which reminds me, I have a gift card for a pedicure to use ... thanks Di!

Let's do the news:
Yeah, the first goss round-up for 2005 wasn't that stunning but hey, give it time.

Tonight we are having a last supper with Adriana before she goes home to LA this Wednesday. Word on the street is that we're eating at Little Tree ... woot!