Thursday, January 06, 2005

We Interrrupt ...

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Britney Spears shops, flips off paparazzi and reads Playboy magazine

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Let It Snow X 3

Huzzah! Huzzah! The unthinkable actually occurred this morning! University Liggett School closed for a snow day! We NEVER get snow days! All day long yesterday people kept grumbling that we should get a snow day ... and we did! I woke up at like 6:01 AM and looked at the clock and then immediately thought "Damn, no call" (because we get called in the morning of snow days). Then about 3 minutes later my cell phone rang ... it was the Erik I work with telling me that school was cancelled for today! Woot!!!

I looked around online to find some pictures of how hard we got hit with the snow:

The first picture is from a camera that usually shows the Detroit skyline, but it was iced over. The second picture shows a man measuring the snow in inches. I like inches! As soon as I'm done blogging I'm going to sit my ass down on the couch and relax. Oh yeah!

So there was a new episode of Lost last night. Great episode. They did a very good job in keeping the viewer interested in what was really in the briefcase that was discovered; why did Kate want so desperately??? I also loved her flashback ... I knew she wasn't an innocent bystander but I was convinced that her real name was going to turn out to be Maggie -- I hate when they trick me! I was less impressed with what was actually in the envelope:

But I'm sure it's going to be of some significance at some point. I can already envision, somewhere down the line, the country letting out a collective ::GASP:: The toy airplane!!!. I can't wait.

This one is for Erik, lookie-lookie whose yearbook photo I found:

I still prefer Laguna Beach to The OC. Polster could totally beat up Seth.

Miss Britney, fashion maven, has taken to donning motorcycle gang outerwear:

I like it. I much prefer this coat to her range of t-shirts (even though I am a huge t-shirt fan, I just think the one's she wears aren't that funny).

In other Britney news, her official website announces that there will be a new section entitled Truth Be Told which will tackle subjects like:

The media's never ending "Britney vs. Christina feud", Is there professional competition brewing among the Spears sisters?, Speaking of Jamie Lynn's "Seventeen" magazine cover story, does Britney want to start dressing similar to the Olsen sisters?

... and more! Additionally, letters released by Britney to her fans are no longer referred to as Letters of Truth. They are now to be referred to as Streams of Consciousness. Rawk on Brit!

Sarah always tells me about Paris Hilton's wonky eye ... I never noticed it before ... well, before now:

You can see other wonky Paris pictures HERE.

Here is the 4th Madonna for Versace picture:

No comment. But I do have to report that the story about Madonna and Guy renewing their wedding vows was completely wrong.

But I will comment on this mock-up of what an Apple/Motorola iPhone might look like:

Daddy like! I would snatch up a phone like this in a millisecond. I'm still loving the phones that I already have but ... well, there's always room for one more.

And now, the news:
And that is all for now. I'm still uploading cds to my iPod (just about 1Gb of space left) but on the plus side all of my Prince albums are now uploaded (but I still have singles and EPs left to upload ... gaaa, will it never end?!).

Sarah and I are hanging out tonight ... woot!