Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sabbath Stuff

So I've been thinking ... the rumors about Jessica Simpson possibly having a role in the X-Men 3 as Dazzler have been pretty rampant since the summer. There has been no refutation of the story and since she handily won the Daisy Duke role in The Dukes of Hazzard movie I wonder if the rumors will turn out to be true. But wouldn't it be hella cool if Ashlee got a part in the movie as well?

That would be hot! Of course the obvious choice for Ashlee would be Siryn (with the mutant ability to destroy things with her voice) but still ... she could at least play Jubilee (arguably, the most useless X-Men member around). Hey, a gig is a gig. I fear Ash might have to go back to acting if this singing thing doesn't turn around in a major way. Anyways, just a thought ...

EDIT (update via Matt): Here are a couple of movie screencaps from an old Antonio Sabato, Jr. movie called The Big Hit:

These pictures coupled with the promo pictures I posted yesterday might make me actually check out Antonio Sabato, Jr. movies ...

Another Madonna/Versace picture is out:

The airbrushing is making me nauseous.

The news:
Jake is coming for a visit tomorrow and we have no plans for today ... all this snow is really making me want to hibernate.