Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Following Takes Place Between 10 PM And 11 PM

We had a blast hanging out with Jake and his mom ... we probably had too much fun as this photo suggests:

We swear we weren't drunk! There was a lot of eating and shopping, some diva finger-snapping and a buttload of chocolate. Fun, fun, fun!

My TV show dilemma was solved when I found out that The WB website incorrectly announced that the new episode of Charmed was to air tonight. It did not so I was able to watch the 2-hour season premiere of 24 instead. Egads ... what a great show! I was afraid that 24 would air on Sunday nights opposite Charmed but it actually airs on Monday nights! And there will be another 2 hours of 24 tomorrow night! Woot! While watching 24 I was able to flip over and catch some of the season premiere of The Surreal Life 4.

I can tell that this season of The Surreal Life is going to be very interesting. Especially if Verne "Mini Me" Troyer keeps drinking himself stupid (check out video of a naked and drunk Verne urinating in the corner of the room HERE)! Oy vey!

And can I go on record as saying that it really creeps me the eff out to see Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) making out with ... well, anyone?! Ew!

Work in the AM ... time for bed ... laters!

Conflict Of Interest

Jake the snake is bringing his mom over for a day visit in a little while. The plan is to visit here at our place for a little bit and then head to downtown Detroit for lunch and shopping. I do plan on being home this evening. I have a dilemma and I'm not sure what to do. Tonight there is a new episode of Charmed airing on The WB but tonight is also the season premiere of 24 on Fox:

What to do, what to do?! I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and the last issue that arrived came with a DVD of the first 24 minutes of the season premiere of 24. I watched that DVD last night and LOVED it! I think I'm going to tape Charmed and then watch 24 live ... or vice versa, you know, whateva!

I'm gonna save the goss for tomorrow ... but thanks to shout-outs at both Thighs Wide Shut and Oh No They Didn't! my site traffic has spiked ... well, it doubled actually:

Doesn't that rock!? I apologize to all new visitors ... my weekend posts are kind of lame. I really cook during the week though ;)

Holla atcha boy!