Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In The Buff

I have managed to accumulate a bunch of Buffy-related pictures and news stories so I think I have to post a Buffy-centric entry. Enjoy!

I don't get how THE BEST TV SHOW EVER gets cancelled and THEN really cool things like a Buffy video game specifically for mobile phones gets released:

I love it! When this game is available I will definitely get my hands on it. I love playing Buffy on Xbox. I'm sure it won't be quite that good but still ... I want it!

I came across this Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading card and I just wanted to post it:

This is Faith right after she accidentally killed Deputy Mayor Allan Finch (played by Jack Plotnick). This was the point where she turned evil. Hmmm ... I wonder what Jack Plotnick is doing these days?

My friend Tony who lives in LA was telling me all about how Tom Lenk (Andrew on Buffy and Angel) is doing his own comedy show:

I cannot even tell you how cool it would be to see Tom Lenk's show! He is hilarious! I love him as Andrew ... I'm hoping that Tony can get me an autograph. Wouldn't that rock?!

Not enough Tom Lenk for you? Click HERE to see a short film called Boy Next Door (1999) featuring Mr. Lenk.

In other Evil Trio news ... Adam Busch (Warren on Buffy) has a band (god, does everyone have a band?!) called Common Rotation:

I absolutely loathe the character of Warren. I would check out Common Rotation's music though ... Here's hopin' they bring their tour to Detroit Rock City.

Marti Noxon (ex-executive producer of Buffy) is bringing us a new show called Point Pleasant:

She talks about the show HERE. I've seen some promos for this show and it looks ... scary .. and not just because Grant Show stars in it. Is the main girl the anti-christ or is she just really goth? We won't know until the show starts airing January 19th on Fox.

The 5th and final season of Angel comes out on DVD next month:

With this release all vestiges of the Buffyverse will be out on DVD. Erik and I are very close to finishing watching the final season of Buffy ... then it will be time to start the Angel series.

And finally ... the best news for last ... there will be a Buffycon this coming June in the Detroit Area:

The MotorCity Buffycon will play host to stars like:

Headliners: Anthony Stewart Head ("Giles"), Nicholas Brendon ("Xander"), with "The Trio" Adam Busch ("Warren"), Tom Lenk ("Andrew") and Danny Strong ("Jonathan")

Bonus Guests: Kali Rocha ("Halfrek"), Jason Carter ("RepoMan" Angel"), Kelly Donovan ("Xander's Double") and Stacey Scowley. Special Appearance by Julie Caitlin Brown

I'm 99.9% sure that I'm going to be there! Woot! I'm officially a geek-nerd-spaz! Holla!

The other Buffy-esque news:
And that is all. Wow, that's a lot of Buffy stuff to talk about. As soon as Erik and I finish watching all of the Buffy episodes I will post my Top 10 Best Episodes list complete with commentary. I bet you can't hardly wait!

Are They Or Aren't They?

Okay, what the hell is going on with Brad and Jen? Are they separating or what? THE DAYS after they announced that they were separating (01.07.05) they were photographed on holiday making with the smoochies as if they were the happiest couple alive:

Jennifer Aniston is even wearing her wedding ring as she strolls the beach with Courtney Cox-Arquette and Coco. WTF?! Hollywood couples are soooo weird! Maybe they are playing a prank on all the gossip rags ... if so, well played! If not, break up like normal people already. At least they are getting support from another famous couple ... At least these 2 can't separate until they finish doing shows for MTV.

Jamie Lynn watch is still in full effect. She has been doing press in New York these past few days. I love how much she resembles her big sister in this paparazzi candid:

I really think the backpack keeps her looking young. All she needs is a Red Bull in one hand and a white-trashy boyfriend in the other.

Friendster is sooo over, but My Space is the new place to be. Look who I found in my extended network (check out her My Space profile HERE):

It's Trashelle and her bestest friend in the world. MTV please cast her in your next season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge ... I miss watching Trashelle hump boys on a weekly basis.

UPDATE [via Sarah]: HERE is Katie's profile on My Space! I love her! She got robbed on Battle of the Sexes 2 this season! I just messaged her asking to be her friend ... LOL!

HBO is airing a cool-looking documentary titled Thinking XXX:

Porn stars were photographed for a book in the exact same pose with and without clothes:

And the documentary shows the process of the book's creation. Not only does the documentary and book look cool but there is even a soundtrack that offers new music from Ladytron and other electro acts like Peaches and Tiga. Porn rules!

Did you know that Cindy Crawford still does modeling?:

Neither did I. I'm glad that she's okay with being America's Long-Past Top Model.

Here's another Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith picture. It looks like Count Dooku is about to lose his head:

I'm actually getting excited for this movie ... hmmm ....

And finally, here is a new Lindsay Lohan picture for no reason:

And to be fair, here is a Hilary Duff picture for no reason:

Hahahahaha! That sandwich is just wrong. On the plus side, Hilary is donating profits from her tour to the tsunami victims. I really hope she doesn't barf up that sandwich. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

And now, the news:
Wow ... that was a lot of goss. Whew! Anyways ... that's it for now. I guess I should do some work now. Hee hee, we'll see about that.