Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Official is functioning as Jamie Lynn's official website:

Sign up for her official mailing list y'all!

She even has her own blog:

I foresee a debut album by the end of the year; perhaps opening slot on Britney's Mona Lisa tour. Holla!

Oh Yes They Did!

Yay! I was very excited to see that I got a shout-out at Oh No They Didn't! yesterday:

I love that blog! They have the funniest contributors and always have the latest goss to share. Every time they mention my blog my hits go through the roof:

Wee! I love hanging with the cool kids.

MTV has designed a new website devoted to the First Ladies of Video and they have dubbed Britney Spears the First Lady of Video Pop:

Rawk! See, Britney really is talented and smart ;)

So, anyone watch Lost last night? WTF is up with the storyline lately? And can we not with the incestuous love affair:

Yeah, yeah I should've seen the twist coming but I tend to not think that the only "brother and sister" couple on the island are more than "brother and sister". While that revelation was surprising what really struck me was how little they focused on the newly found metal hatch that was discovered 3 episodes ago. I get that they are drawing out the ramifications of the find but come on! Let's open the damn thing already.

And for the record, I knew the whole incident where Boone and Shannon were being chased (and eaten) by the monster was not real. Classic dream sequence.

The Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia is having an exhibition of Kylie Minogue costumes. Someone on The Kylie Minogue mailing list shared some pretty awesome scans of the pamphlet from the exhibit:

Click image for larger size

Click image for larger size

How kickass is that?! ::Sigh:: I would love to visit Australia some day ...

Fischerspooner are back with a new album this year:

From the guys themselves:

We are happy, excited, tired, relieved and proud to finally have finished our new album, Odyssey.

And what an Odyssey it has been! It was a quest to say the least, personally and creatively. We set out to make something artistically innovative and to evolve our sound on this album but in doing so we had to evolve as artists as well, which was at times perilous and painful. In the end, you can hear it, the agony and the ecstasy.

We worked hard, for an extraordinary two years with some extraordinary collaborators, to make a coherent AOR record, a total statement. Inspired along the way by psychedelia, classic rock and the ideas of the romantics that were the roots of rock and roll (intuition over ration; emotion over intellect; transcendence through the supernatural; the artist as hero), we tried to combine those influences with our own take on modern pop music to create something new and, hopefully, unique.

We can't wait for you to hear it and we?ll see you in 2005.


Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner

I can't wait! This is going to be a kick-ass year for new music!

Lastly, I got an email from Abercrombie & Fitch telling me that they just received their spring line:

Hmmmm ... yeah ... oh wait, you do know I mean new clothes right?

And now, the news round-up:
I am very happy to report that the temperature right now is 58°F and breezy. It feels like spring outside and all the nasty snow is melted away. I love weather like this. I hope to enjoy it as best I can because the temperature is supposed to plunge by tomorrow. Wee ... as long as the snow melted away I can accept the cold.

I'm hanging out with Kirsten and VLB tonight for a very long engagement. Woot!