Saturday, January 15, 2005

Supposed Current Pop Culture Junkie

Wee! I am happy to announce that I have been asked to be a contributor at Pop Culture Junkies and I have accepted! Michael (the guy who runs the show) and I have been emailing since Xmas break and after some delay on my part and a major server migration on his part -- I am officially a contributor at the site. Here is a screen grab of my first post:

I'm pretty geeked to have been asked. I've been reading PCJ forever and now I'm a part of the team. Wee!

Now let's get down to bizznass ... So here we have a nice photo of Britney and Kevin at LAX as they are leaving for New York (where they've been for the past few days):

Here are some photos of the couple as they arrived back home in LA yesterday:

WTF is wrong with him?! He looks so stupid. Shit, those stupid cornrolls corn rows looked stupid on Justin Timberlake when he started wearing them. Mr. Federline, you're no Justin Timberlake. Don't be surprised if K-Fed ends up guest-rapping on a future Britney Spears song. Oh, the horror!

[The new pictures are from the gang at Oh No They Didn't! Their site is down for the time being, here's hoping they come back real soon]

One more bit of Brit-Brit news, we all know that her video hit the Internets yesterday and now we know that the song Do Somethin' is going to get remixed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (the dudes who work with Janet Jackson):

Here in D-town, everyone is all a-buzz about the opening day of the North American International Auto Show:

Their logo sucks ... and so does the website. I think I might skip it this year ... not sure yet ... and I just realized that this was just pointless to even discuss.

Ricky Martin has decided that the survivors of the tsunami really need him around:

I would argue that they do not need him touring about the devastation acting as if he is going to personally do something. Hopefully, for those people, he brought a big check with him. Hopefully, for those people, he won't be staying long.

So has anyone noticed Owen Wilson's mega-unit in the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou yet?

Thanks to Defamer, if you missed seeing it on the bigscreen you needn't fret. Is it air? Is it mega-penis? Does it really matter?

Tony gave me the head's up that Tiffany is going to be performing at Pop Starz in LA on January 21:

Bitches! I miss all the good stuff ... boo!

And now, the news:
  • Has the house for The Real World: Austin been found? Wanna learn all about the other Real World houses? Then click HERE.
  • Speaking of The Real World, why was Ace checkin' out Justin Timberlake's penis? Which former cast member of Growing Pains did Trashelle have intercourse with? Find out HERE.
  • Jennifer Garner's boobs had to be enhanced for Elektra. Unfortunately, it didn't help with the reviews.
  • Apparently girls aren't the only people who can finagle their way out of traffic tickets.
  • First "Brooklyn", then "Romeo" and next ... "San Miguel"?
  • Emma Baby Spice Bunton is having honcho issues.
  • Gonna skip seeing Elektra but still want to see TINY CLIPS from the Fantastic Four trailer? Then click HERE.
I am happy to report that my iPod upgrade went as smoothly as I hoped it would despite help from the employees at the Apple Store.

Apple Store employees don't know shit! When I went to purchase my first iPod and employee mistakenly told me that the iPod definitely would not work with a regular USB port -- that I had to install USB 2.0 ports for it to work at all. The truth is that the iPod will work with regular USB ports but only much more slowly. I ended up buying and installing USB 2.0 on my computer but I didn't have to, necessarily. I asked one of the cuter employees last night if I could use the cables from my 3rd generation iPod or if I had to use new ones (I had hoped that I could just plug the new iPod dock into the old cable thereby keeping me from moving my computer desk ... and all the mess that would go along with that) and he told me that the old cables wouldn't work. When I got home last night, I tried to plug the new iPod dock into the old cable and, whaddayaknow, it worked! Stupid Apple Store idiots. They really don't know shit.

But anyways, I'm happy with my new 60Gb iPod which spent all night long charging and uploading 7,800+ songs ... with TONS of room for more! Woot!