Thursday, January 20, 2005

(Polar) Bear-ly There

Here is the requisite Britney/Kevin update for the day. It appears that K-Fed has been seen around town totin' a pack of diapers, most probably for his newborn son:

While the rumors are running wild that Britney's trip to babystyle was because Britney is pregnant and needed to shop for maternity wear ... did it ever occur to anyone that maybe they were shopping for his other children? Couple that with the fact that the store has public restrooms and we have the answer to the mysterious trip to the maternity store ... or do we?

And can we just talk for a moment about last night's episode of Lost? What a great episode:

I think it’s pretty clear that the kid, Walt, is some kind of freaky-deaky weird-o. We learned from the flashback that he has some weird stuff about him. The bird thing was creepy and I think whatever power he has is being influenced/amplified by the island. Is he responsible for his mother’s death in some way? Is he responsible for conjuring up the polar bear which he keeps focusing on from the Spanish comic book? It would explain how a polar bear came to be on a tropical island? Locke is aware of his potential ability (which is why he’s trying to nurture him). Obviously there is much to learn about little Walt ...

Oh yeah and Claire emerged from the jungle in the last seconds of the episode!!! She looked battered and tired but is she still pregnant? Argh! It is going to be a lifetime until the next episode airs (they are going to air 1 or 2 more re-runs before the next new episode)! I’m so glad I stayed up until 2AM to watch the show. I went out to the movies last night and had to tape both Lost and Point Pleasant. I just had to watch Lost as soon as I got home.

What the hell is going on with Lil' Kim? I had to censor this picture because it is totally NSFW:

If you are really interested in seeing the uncensored picture then click HERE (gotta love those ONTD kids) But be warned, she will be smiling at you … all lips, no teeth.

*If the pictures don't work at the site, let me know and I'll hook you up. Not that it's a pretty sight at all ...

Jennifer Lopez paid a visit to TRL yesterday and she showed up with promises of a tour and some fierce-ass shoes:

Hot! That’s all I have to say. I’m glad Jenny’s back on the block. Coming Soon -- Jennifer Lopez: Beyond the Runway ... a new reality show on MTV.

How’s this for back on the block ... Tiffany is back on the scene. She is working with Solis to sell shit:

I am very excited about her pink campaign. I wonder if she’s up for doing more promotion ... like say for a pink blog or something?

Let’s talk about HOT. Can I get a witness? Paris & Nicole look so nice and classy in this picture:

Paris Hilton may not the brightest girl in the world but she looks good in this picture. I’m sure they’re going to take it back into the toilet once The Simple Life 3 starts airing but let’s just bask in the prim and proper style for now.

In other hot news, this comes straight from the runways in Europe -- Dolce & Gabbana are making super low-rise jeans the thing for men to wear this year:

I approve, I approve! I might have to start some workout regiment if I’m gonna snag myself a pair … ugh, and I might have to shave, you know, “down there”. Ah the price of fashion. Maybe I’ll just admire the threads instead of wearing them.

Condi Rice has been blabbing about her boss during her Congressional confirmation hearings:

C’mon beyotch, tell us something we don’t already know.

Speaking of things that blow, check out the Funhaler:

Um ... no.

And now, let's hear it for the news:
So last night, Kirsten, VLB Sarah and I took in a double-feature at the movies last night:

House of Flying Daggers was magnificent. I loved the fight scenes. The stuff they are able to do in movies these days is remarkable. I love being visually stunned by movies. You don’t get a lot of stuff like that from American films. Check it out if you get the chance.

A Very Long Engagement was just as equally good. It is SO Ameli√© it’s not even funny. War is hell and this movie shows that but the story was poignant and touching … and I just love Audrey Tautou too.

That is all for now, I administered my exam earlier this morning and now I’m going to correct them before I go home for my 3-day weekend. Holla! I’ll prolly be back later but in the meantime, pay heed to my new official spokesperson: