Saturday, January 22, 2005

Are You Gawking @ Me?

Whew! What a crazy week! I feel like a little princess ... and I love it! But I'll get to that in a minute.

KIIS FM in LA is reporting that Kevin Federline has definitely recorded an album:

KEVIN FEDERLINE has recorded a hip-hop album that will come out in 2 months. BRITNEY helped him with the recording, and she also designed a new look for KEVIN.

The rumor from the ONTD kids is that he will go by the name The White Parasite. I think that is too obvious. I think he should be The White Sucka. But, whatever his name don't be surprised if his album does drop really soon.

Jennifer Lopez is usually a maven of supreme style but:

I'm just not down with J.Lea look. Jenny, do not succumb to the Dark Side of bad style. [picture via britpoppa]

I'm not sure if this picture is real but it looks real and that is good enough for me:

I'm usually not a fan of nip-slips but I like the idea of Jessica Simpson poppin' out a little sumpthin'. [via Oh No They Didnt!]

It's an old magazine but:

You gotta love the sentiment. Das Ist Heiß! has been updated with, what seems to be, new album art:

Check out a kickass remix of the their first single Just Let Go HERE.

It's news time, y'all:
So I've been getting some attention in the past couple of weeks. Just after the new year I've been getting mentions in some very popular blogs which made my site traffic soar. I couldn't be more happy. I really enjoy reading these blogs and it was really nice hearing that they liked me too. Check out my favorite testimonial so far:

Pink Is The New Blog is my new favoritestestest piece of the 'nerd. If homie fucks as much as he blogs, sign my sweet a-hole up. And then reserve said sweet a-hole a three-week stay at my local emergency room. I know what it's like, man, I know what it's like. Tattered butthole is so not hot.

Hot indeed!

I mentioned yesterday that I've been getting mad love from Thighs Wide Shut and Whatevs ... and then I found out that Gawker linked me:

If I thought my traffic was soaring before ... well, it went outer spacial after that one mention:

Um, Hello, you know things are pretty swell when you receive an email from the über cool hotness!

I totally feel like this:

I just hope it doesn't turn out like this: