Sunday, January 23, 2005

Your Dirty Little Secret

What the hell is going on?! Neither Britney nor Kevin have been photographed lately ... hmmm ... I wonder what they've got cooking. They can't hide though, I'm gonna keep my peepers peeped for any new shots of them out and about ...

Let's do a follow-up ... Fleshbot has sniffed out more deets about the MTV True Life star turned gay porn actor that I talked about a few weeks ago. His porn name is Tony Cage:

Oh yeah, that is SO him. It seems that he has been in 3 movies. Check out his bio HERE at his porn movie studio's website.

The Donald made an honest women of another wife yesterday. The kiddies at Oh No They Didn't! were able to scrounge up photos and scans of the wedding invitation:

I'm gonna spare you the lame joke about how Donald Trump said to Melania "You're Hired!" I did like the New York Post headline that read Lady Is A Trump ... that one was good.

Aw'ight, aw'ight ... Jenny's looking good in this picture:

Though the dress looks a little like a used tissue ... I'll give it snaps for style though.

The Dent discovered that a couple more Tori Amos promo pictures have surfaced on her record label's Aussie website:

Her promo machine is in high gear ... it's almost Tori Time.

In Style magazine's website is featuring Paula Abdul and her evolving looks over the years:

I love how they started off with the gaudiest picture they could find. They have an entire gallery of her looks ... it's like a stroll down memory lane. Ah Paula, how I loved you so.

I have to give a shout out to Nicole @ Rock The Tote! Not only is she very sweet (and dirrty) with her compliment about my site but she also makes and sells effing awesome bags, shirts and pins:

I love this bag! If I were bold enough I would carry this bag. Maybe I can get it as a gift for Uncle Grambo? Anyways, check out her site and buy something. Her stuff is the shizzle!

And now, the news:
So last night Erik and ventured out into the mounds of snow to see a movie. I had been grading most of the day and poor Erik had been shoveling the mounds of snow so we had to get out of the house. Okay, you know you're at a ghetto movie theater when you see posted signs like this:

People just suck! Hahahahaha ... it's funny though. We ended up seeing Closer:

Personally, I thought the movie was bad. I hated the characters and thought the plot situations were just ridiculous. It was completely unbelievable and totally implausible. You have to know that when a movie starts out like a Hoobastank video you're in for a bad time.

That said, I can see how it was probably a great play but, for me, it just did not translate to the big screen at all.

Ding Ding, you're order's up! Poop sandwich for 2!

I've still got more grading to do ... oh the joy! I keep getting really great emails from people (and I got my first piece of hate male for dissing the president). Not sure if I'm qualified to be a God Father but it is a very sweet offer ;)

I'm out.