Monday, January 24, 2005

::Moan:: A Lisa?

Britney Spears just called into TRL to premiere her video Do Somethin'. After they debuted the album they announced that MTV will never air the video again (at least in the US). But, if you missed it, the digital cable station MTV Hits re-airs episodes of TRL the next day. So if you missed it you can catch it tomorrow.

Britney announced to the world that her alter-ego is called Mona Lisa (I'm sure Esther, Mimi and Damita Jo all approve). It is her persona when she wants to be "mean".

The video credited the directors as Billy Woodruff and Mona Lisa.

Lastly, when asked if she was going to release an album soon she only said that she was working on something that "wasn't an album" but that it is a "show", but "not a tour", that would be out "next year". Hmmm ... You can download audio of Britney's appearance on TRL HERE at

Oh Britney Mona Lisa ... I still loves ya!

Lean Back

As we in the Midwest continue to dig ourselves out from under the massive pile of snow I find myself back at work and ready for a new week. Yuk!

So, did y'all see Jamie Lynn Spears when she was on TRL on Friday? The good news is that she looked cute:

The bad news is that she wasn't that eloquent. Not that I expect my fave pop stars (or soon-to-be pop stars) to spout Socrates or anything like that but I do want some semblance of intelligence. Granted she's still a little girl tween and I bet she was nervous but c'mon J-L ... you gots ta represent! I'll cut her some slack:

She is, after all, this year's Spears. [pictures via]

Incidentially, Britney Spears will be on TRL today to debut her new video Do Somethin'.

The big news from this weekend is all about the death of Johnny Carson:

Is it terrible that I heard the news via first? Anyways, I had no idea that he was on the brink of Death's door. Click HERE for the Thigh-bestest obit for Mr. Carson on the whole Internets.

Um excuse me ... how come Eliza Dushku is showing up all over town and in magazines when her TV show, Tru Calling, has been cancelled? We've seen more of her since the show got axed then when it was airing on Fox.

I think she looks great in this picture from Golden Globes night. I'm a sucker for vivid colors and I think she pulls off this dress nicely. But what is going on in this next picture? Is it just me or does her date (from the Coach Carter premiere) look like a psycho?

And WTF?!? Is she preggers or something? I may have to investigate. And, if a creepy guy like this put his mitts on me I'd have to whip his ass Slayer-style. Here's hoping that Eliza gets a new gig soon ... I like seeing her out in public.

So who all watched Charmed last night? You gotta love that the episode was called Extreme Makeover: World Edition

I know that many people, Buffy enthusiasts especially, consider Charmed to be the poor man's BtVS. I used to be in that camp but have since grown to love the show. Since Buffy and Angel have gone off the air Charmed has become the last of the original supernatural soaps still on the air. Call me crazy but I still love the show. It's cheesey and ridiculous at times but moreso than not, it's chock full of fun episodes and interesting scenarios (I loved when the girls became Goddesses). This season took some time to grow on me but if Charisma Carpenter (ex-Cordelia on Buffy and Angel) deemed the show worthy enough to guest star then that is certainly good enough for me!

Gizmodo has discovered that the tilt ya head back trick still works on bottles of Pepsi with free iTunes download caps:

This is great news! Bottles with game caps have been showing up in some areas of the country even though the promotion hasn't officially begun yet. I've yet to see them in the Detroit area but they should be soda popping up soon. Whoot! Looks like I'm gonna have to go on a Coke hiatus and start drinkin' the Pepsi ... doin' the lean back, lean back, lean back.

How about some news:
1As you may know, I *just* upgraded to the 4th generation 60GB iPod and now I find out that a 5th generation 80GBer is on the way. Boo! I totally might have waited had I known this news sooner. I have to admit that I totally love my new iPod though. I named my old iPod Leland and I decided to name my new iPod Jesus (pronounced Hay-soose) but I think I'm going to call him Chuy (pronounced Chewy) for short. He rocks!

The screen is awesome and I love the new click-wheel. If you are at all thinking about getting an iPod (or an upgrade) then I say do it! The 60GB iPod is freaking amazing. It's my favorite toy right now. I think I'm going to be happy with little Chuy ... until he reaches capacity. Ah well, such is life.

My class is almost over. I still have to write comments for each student and then submit my grades but all that will be over by tomorrow afternoon. Holla! I should get back to it ... more soon.