Saturday, January 29, 2005

She Mars

Angelina Jolie appeared at some world summit thing this past week looking cool as a cucumber:

It still remains to be seen if she really was the reason that Brad and Jen broke up. If she did have something to do with the break-up then I suspect we might be seeing Angelina and Brad "hanging out together" around the time their new movie debuts. In the mean time, Angelina is offering Brad some friendly advice ... you know, as a friend ... she is just biding her time, y'all.

I was very happy to discover that Veruca Salt (the new VS, that is) is being well-received down unda in Australia ... and look how great Louise Post looks!

She took a lot of flak for packing on the lbs. after she split with Nina Gordon but, as we have learned from Courtney Love, when you stop taking drugs you start eating ... a lot. Y'all know how much I love Veruca Salt and I'm really pulling for Louise and Nina to reunite someday. In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy their music separately. If Louise keeps rockin' out:

Then she is going to back to her old self in no time. Check out more pix HERE.

The first promo pictures of Alyson Hannigan's appearance on Veronica Mars have hit the Internets:

She looks amazing! I love the hair. I am going to have to start watching the show again to get caught up in time for Alyson's arrival (February 22nd). [pictures via by way of]

I am totally on board with Nicole Kidman playing Samantha in Bewitched but I'm really not feeling Paris Hilton as Jeanie:

This scan is from this week's issue of US Weekly. The caption reads that Paris will appear as Jeanie on American Dreams. She looks good in the costume ... hmm ... well, we'll have to see the episode (March 13th) and then decide. In other news, Paris claims to be happy about being single. She's just happy she doesn't have to write any new love letters.

I don't particularly care for Donald Trump ... but I really hate him as a Cabbage Patch Kid:

Gaw ... I will not make a "you're fired" joke or anything. The doll was auctioned off for charity already but I really hope they don't start mass producing them. I just want the bad thing to go away ... go away now ... go!

Whether they're stable or highly unstable (well, one of them at least) the Olsen Twins are now on their own. They've bought out the attorney that has handled their mega-billion affairs and now have full control of their empire. I dunno, they can't continue to generate that much cheddar for much longer, right? They are getting older, right?

Er ... maybe I shouldn't doubt them for they will soon become the Earth's overlordesses, sure to rule with an iron fist.

Mariah Carey has a new album to start peddling so it's about time she whipped out her boobs:

Head over to Blender magazine's website to check out other pictures of her exposed tees1.

And now, the news:
Kylie Minogue night at the Necto last night was soooo fun! Not only did they play tons of Kylie songs, they also played her videos too. It was very fun dancing in the Red Room with Kylie emanating from the video screens:

We don't get much Kylie Minogue in this country overall, people around here hardly know who she is. There was no way I was going to miss a Kylie Minogue night. I managed to get a promo cd and a poster before the night was over. Rawk!

Rumor has it that peeps are gathering tonight at the Lager House to help celebrate Samantha's birthday as Thunderbirds Are Now! provide the entertainment. I may have to attend.

1Look at that, I used 2 Uncle Grambo-speak thingies (note the entry title). Does that mean I have pay royalties or something?