Friday, February 04, 2005

Karma Can Be A Bitch

It's Friday and I ain't got shizz to do ... well, that's not entirely true. There's goss to be had!

MTV claimed that it was only going to air Britney Spears' video Do Somethin' only once (because it was made for International release) but put it on their website for 5 days. In those 5 days it has become the #1 Hot Video on the website. But what's really interesting are the director credits:

Brit-Brit is really serious with this Mona Lisa thing. And how does an aspiring director celebrate the launch of her first successful video? She head's on down to the DQ for a frosty treat:

It's good to see she's getting out of the house and not just wandering her balcony in the nude.

As my duty as Gay Master, I feel I must inform you that tickets have gone on pre-sale for Cher's supposed FINAL SHOW EVER (the password is farewell):

But, hello, we've heard this before. I think this is actually her 5th or 6th FINAL SHOW EVER. But, just in case it's her final FINAL SHOW EVER then you might want to get on getting those tickets.

It must be very difficult being a celebrity pet. You get shoved in designer carrying bags or dangled from bony, stick-thin arms all over town ... it must be rough! For example, look at poor Tinkerbell:

It seems like one of her little legs is caught in a loop or latch on Paris' Louis Vuitton bag! Tinkerbell must have been a very bad person in a former life to be reincarnated and have to suffer through a karma-hell like this.

But what sin did Nicole Richie commit to have to be seen in this monstrously hideous dress???

It must have been really bad. She looks like a metallic twinkie. If I were her, I'd sue my stylist.

Don't you love it when celebrities think they're being really cheeky by taking pictures of the paparazzi?

Well, I'm fairly certain that we will never, ever see another paparazzi picture of Drew Barrymore any more.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was in Japan to promote her movie The Grudge:

Doesn't she look genuinely happy to be there? has the first picture of 50 Cent as he will appear on The Simpsons:

I'm not a fan of his homophobic stance on ... well, everything ... but I have a duty to bring you the goss.

Yesterday I posted a picture of the new Dukes of Hazzard but today let's take a look at the real Dukes of Hazzard:

I forgot how homoerotic the show tended to be. Call me crazy, but it's gonna be hard to measure up to the real thing. Check out more pictures, courtesy of Dreamcaps, HERE.

And now, the news:
So, I'm usually quite partial to things with "Boogie" in their name (Boogie Fever, Boogie Nights, Boogie Down Productions) but I just cannot endorse the movie Boogeyman. It was pretty wretched. The plotline was exactly the same as the movie Darkness Falls (except it was a killer tooth fairy in that crapjob). Nonetheless, it was entertaining to witness (if only because it was free). I had fun with Mike because he is great at skewering bad movies ... hello, he does it for a living.

This weekend should be fun. Erik's friends from high school are staying with us so there's bound to be fun to be had. Eh, did that sentence even make sense? Ah well ... I'm off ...