Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Phat Tuesday

What the hell is going on here? K-Fed has been seen quite a few times recently flying solo without Britney:

Homeslice went out for a night of bowling with his bros and Britney was nowhere to be seen. Could the rumors be true? Is this a sign of marital discord? Might this be the end of Spederline? Man, we are not that lucky. I'm fairly certain it they won't last forever, but I doubt they are over quite yet.

Pleeeeeeeeease tell me that you watched 24 last night!

Oh man ... if it ain't one thing (like kid and mama Araz [nursing a gunshot wound] running around town looking for a doctor that won't rat them out before mama Araz bleeds to death) it's another (like Sarah getting successfully framed as the CTU mole). This episode had the viewer gasping right up to the very last second!

Edgar may have been successful in sniffing out the real double-agent inside of CTU (superbitchface Marianne [Aisha Tyler] is about to get her ass beat for information) but not before his beloved Sarah suffered a few (well, many) zaps in the neck (and other things) while being tortured for information. Tell me that you didn't gasp out loud when Marianne's car exploded ... and don't lie! Hot show! I cannot wait for next week!!!

Ashlee Simpson was on TRL yesterday to promote her UNICEF auction for tsunami relief (you can bid on items HERE). She also managed to talk a bit about her new album (she figures it might be out by the Fall) and her upcoming tour:

In addition to performing songs off her album Autobiography, she said that she is working up a few cover songs:

The Pretenders Brass In Pocket
Blondie Call Me
Madonna Burning Up

Hmmm ... I doubt she is going to break any musical ground with these cover songs but I'm very excited to hear them live nonetheless. Holla atcha acid reflux!

Missing out on Ashlee's tour? Then you're in luck, you can win prizes AND do your hair just like Ashlee Simpson:

Don't lie, y'all. You know you want your weave too look just like Ashlee's!

I'm not sure what's going on here but Ben Affleck thought it would be fun to take this kid for a ride on his crotch rocket:

I don't know what's worse, risking death on the bike or having to be that close to Ben Affleck.

The Batman Begins website has been updated with a new look and a bunch of goodies for download. You can also watch the latest trailer which gives us our first official look at The Scarecrow:

Woot! It looks good! I'm fairly certain that this movie will hearken back to the dark days of the Batman myth and shy away from the glossy, technicolor bullshit that Joel Schumacher tried to shove down our throats. Bring it on!

Superhero Hype! is reporting that a statue that will be put on display in Christopher Reeve's honor:

It's pretty damn cool looking. I wholeheartedly approve!

In other Superman news, Superhero Hype! is also reporting the release date of the new Superman movie -- June 23, 2006.

Is it wrong that I really like Heatherette's designs ...

... for me? Well not really for me (unless they start making men's jeans ... and I don't mean "men's jeans from France" which are actually women's jeans) but their designs are really hot. They've been dressing Britney forever! ::sigh:: Sometimes girls (and ugly drag queens) have all the fun.

So it's Fat Tuesday and there are celebrations going on all over the globe ... VLB sent me this picture:

This balloon comes from Düsseldorf, Germany. It's so sad how the world views our country. But, we should try and forget about all of that, stuff our faces with paczkis and have a gay ol' time ... yehaw!!!

And heeeeeeere's the news:
Just as a head's up ... sometime very soon I think I'm going to start showing one day at a time on the blog main page. Thanks to a lot of great shout-outs from some very cool people I've been enjoying a lot of traffic. Now that I'm paying for bandwidth I think I'm going to have only one day show at a time. You can still access any day you like from the So Yesterday menu on the sidebar. I hope this works out for people :)

My work situation is becoming increasingly unbearable ... I'm prolly going to skip out early today. Tonight should be fun as Stephanie comes over to hang and watch bad TV with us. Should anything further develop, you know I'll be back.