Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wednesday

Hello to all my reverent readers ... today, as you surely know, is Ash Wednesday:

My blessings upon all of you!

Rumors continue to circulate about the alleged marriage problems between Britney and Kevin. She can rest assured, if she suffers a break-up (hopefully she'll dump his freeloadin' ass) I will be here to console and support her:

Never fear Brit-Brit, I'll have your back. You just work on your new movie (In the Pink ... loves it!) and I'll take care of you. is reporting that Access Hollywood is airing their interview with Spederline on Thursday ... I can't wait!

Also, big up to The Ultrahotness for sniffing out Kevin Federline's long-lost brother.

MTV kept hyping up the altercation between Shavonda and Melanie on last night's episode of The Real World: Philadelphia:

What a freaking let down! I've seen better tongue lashings on second rate MTV challenges (Holla atcha I don't wrestle, I beat bitches up!). I'm so done with this stupid season of The Real World ... bring on The Inferno 2!

BTW, did you watch My Super Sweet 16: Boy Edition last night? What a loser ... if you have to bribe people to come to your party then you are not a pimp. This was, by far, the most pathetic sweet 16 party I've ever seen. I love how the dad was trying to pretend that he was 16 years old too ... lame lame lame. Which obviously means, it's a great show!

So we were all a-buzz yesterday about the news that Marcia Cross is about to come out as a lesbian. Now we have THIS report and THIS report that she is NOT going to come out as a lesbian because she's not gay ... despite what people might think:

Hmmm ... the plot thickens. Someone better come out of the damn closet already!!

Green Day is all over the place, geeze, it feels like it's 1993 all over again:

I keep reading really good reviews of their new album American Idiot ... I might have to pick it up and decide for myself. Word is that they are going to clean up at this year's Grammy Awards ... we'll see. Holla atcha Dookie!

So as we anxiously await the pictures of Debbie Gibson nude in Playboy magazine we are treated to a clip of her new song entitled Naked (download HERE).

Or you can entertain yourself with these totally NSFW fake pictures of Deborah HERE.

Jude Law really knows how to terrify his son:

Isn't that so cute?

Don't Pamela Anderson and Stephen Dorff make a cute couple?

This is the kind of Hollywood romance that will last throughout the ages. I'm pulling for these 2 to live a long and happy life together ... or they can just break up and move on to their next conquests. Pam would have to find a younger dude and Stephen would have to find a woman with bigger breasts ...

... and speaking of ... Martha Stewart is looking to try out a new look when she is released from prison:

She should totally call up Stephen Dorff when she gets out.

Let's hit the news:
Sorry if you stopped by yesterday and some of the pictures weren't loading. I was in the process of working out my image host issues and I think I've got it solved. The blog will show one entry a day (since each entry is so image-laden) but you can access any day you like via the archives. Thank you so much for all the kickass emails and messages many of you have been sending my way. It really makes me want to keep doing what I do.

Erik and I are going to see Million Dollar Baby tonight (finally) so that should be kinda cool. Yesterday was a nice warm(ish) day and today we woke up to falling snow ... I need my ass a vacation ... Who wants to take me to Bermuda? I'm out.