Sunday, February 13, 2005

And The Grammy Goes To ...

Britney Spears won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Let's raise a glass of Red Bull to our First Lady of Pop Music!


Best Solo Gossip Performance

So the Grammy Awards are tonight:

Are y'all excited about who's going to win? I think it's safe to assume that Kanye West and Ray Charles are going to win a few awards. But Britney, my girl, is up for an award too! Toxic is up against Kylie Minogue's Slow (and others, including the Scissor Sisters) for Best Dance Recording. I have a feeling Britney is going to win it!

This year's crop of performers looks promising:

I'm not sure if I am going to watch the show live but I'll prolly tape it (TiVo what?) to make sure that I don't miss anything.

Paula Abdul showed up at Clive Davis' Grammy Party looking hot-as-hell!

This woman is not known for her keen fashion sense (usually) but she looks amazing here, don't you think?

But what the crap is up with Aaron Carter showing up at the predominately African-American 3rd Annual Artist Empowerment Coalition Pre-Grammy Brunch?

I was perusing the gallery of attendees and he was the only white dude who showed up. It's a good thing he cocked his cap to the side ... Whew! How embarrassing for him if he had worn it properly. I guess that's Aaron, keepin' it real ... fo' shizzle!

Is Kelly Osbourne back on drugs again?

I was just wondering ...

I have to applaud Lance Armstrong for taking up the cause to bring pink gossip awareness to the masses:

I love that he's doing it in the nude!

If modeling (or whatever the hell it is that she does) ever falls through for Heidi Klum:

It's nice to know that she's got options.

Let's do some quick news:
Erik and I are continuing our quest to see as many Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards are presented by going to see Sideways:

Here's hoping all the good buzz will turn out to be true.

The Bang! last night was The Bust! We got there early to beat the crowds and ended up sitting for about 3 hours. The music has really gone down the crap hole. I get the whole it's cool to dance to 60's mod music when you're a super-cool hipster who is disenfranchised with the current music scene but 3 hours of the same sounding music is really irritating. We were bored to death ... I only danced to 2 songs (Blondie's Heart of Glass and a Michael Jackson song I can't remember). Sarah and Mark hadn't committed to coming out and didn't return any calls yesterday so we assumed they weren't going to show up. We ran into them at the door (they were coming in as we were going out). Sucks too, because we probably would have had more fun if we'd known they were coming (believe me, there were plenty of people to talk about). Ah well ... we hear that there is a new indie-hipster dance party scene (is it called Dorkwave or Les Enfants Terrible? ... guessing is part of the fun) developing in downtown Detroit ... perhaps this will surpass The Bang! and make dancing fun again.

I certainly hope so.