Monday, February 14, 2005

A Flaming Case of VD

This is my special Valentine to all my favorite readers, that means you:

Happy VD to all!!!

And just in case you want some love from someone slightly (and I mean just slightly) more famous than me:


Okay, let's get to the Grammy talk. Y'all already heard that Britney Spears became a Grammy Award winner last night. I'm still feeling the effects of the couple of glasses of vino I drank in celebration last night (I know I said Red Bull but the wine was too fine to say no to). It's too bad she wasn't on hand to pick up her award but holla atcha Recording Academy-lauded girl anyways! It was nice to see The Killers come out for the awards (I kinda knew they were going to get shut out, they're way too new to get any votes) even though they left empty-handed:

Beyoncé looked a bit scary with her weave drawn back that tight and Melissa Etheridge looked and sounded great having just gone through chemotherapy.

James Brown dusted off his best wig and Kanye West ... did ... something to his head ... I can't believe he thought it looked good:

What is it with celebs and the Jesus-complex these days? It's too bad Amy Lee didn't show up with her black feathered wings and then they could have fought ... that would have been hott with 2 t's.

Loretta Lynn won her first Grammy awards in almost 30 years:

Jack White opted for the black tonight ... lookin' mighty Jesus-like as well ... the antichrist perhaps?

The much hyped duet between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was just a steaming pile of turds covered with poop sauce:

I'm sorry but the theatrics were ridiculous and the song just plain sucked ... and I'm not the only one who thought so. If you missed it, you can download the performance HERE and see what all the crap is about. And what language were they singing in ... who even understands Mexican? Hey Jenny, get back on your block and do what you do best:

Her new remixed video for Get Right (featuring Fabolous) is light years better than her Marc Anthony duet ... still ain't as hot as the original version of the song but at least it's in American!

I have to give it up to Prince who won a couple of Grammys last night. Ray Charles really cleaned up last night though, he was the big winner of the night. And WTF was up with that train wreck of a performance of Across The Universe by that bizarre mish-mash of singers? Not even Stevie Wonder could save that performance ... eek!

A full rundown of winners can be read HERE, HERE or HERE.

Trent Reznor showed up at a post-Grammy party:

He looks incredibly understated ... has the NIN man lost his edge? He better be wearing latex and electrical tape on his upcoming tour or I'm going to be pissed!

Okay ... let's move away from Grammy talk now ... My Space is SO the place to be and to be seen ... just ask Carmine Gotti:

These pix come from his My Space profile ... is it real or is it fake ... you be the judge. The pictures aren't fake and they really speak for themselves, don't cha think?

I don't know WHY I still care but I also watched the new episode of Charmed last night:

You'd think that I wouldn't have anything to do with a show that features Billy Zane as a demon who thinks he's Robin Hood but you'd be wrong. What ... what can I do? I'm a glutton for punishment ...

But there are some things that I just can't stomach, like the 7th Heaven Musical episode that is set to air tonight:

Puke! What a blatant Buffy rip-off ... blech!

And now, the news:
I'm not sure what Valentine's Day night will hold for Erik and me ... is it a surprise or is it merely unplanned as of yet? I'll keep you in suspense.

I actually stayed home from work today. I wasn't feeling too great this morning when I woke up so I decided to take the day to recoup. I think I need to rest up for later so ... I'm out.

PS: I'm going to try to show 3 days worth of posts on the main page again ... Let's hope my new image hosting issues have been completely resolved.