Thursday, February 17, 2005

Time To Get Ill, Y'All

From his hospital room, Michael Jackson decided to show the world how much he loves us:

I wonder what cryptic message MJ is sending out to his insane fans with the phrase "I Love More"? Is it code for them to start collapsing themselves to divert attention away from him? Maybe they are being alerted to move into phase #2 of "the master plan"?

UPDATE: Defamer has decoded the message HERE:

"Peace, my beautiful friends. I am well now. The faithful can join me at Neverland Ranch in 24 hours. We’ll party before I burn the Ranch down and escape to the moon. Bring a Boy Scout. No, five Boy Scouts. Jacko out!"

Anyways, as severe as his illness is, his doctors decided to release him so that he can recuperate at home. Hmmm ... I have a sneaking suspicion that this will not be the last MJ illness for the duration of the trial.

So did y'all watch Lost last night ... or did you slip into a coma like I did?

I get that they have to tell some backstory to make the overall storyline more rich but the new information that we learned wasn't even minorly exciting. See, 24 does it right ... there are slow parts but the episodes start out exciting and end exciting ... pulse-pounding excitement is what makes viewers NEED to see more ... let's hope Lost doesn't get into a rut. And will Claire have that damn baby already? Sheesh!

I think it's like a law that once you pose for Playboy magazine you have to do the Howard Stern show ... Like a good little pinup, Debbie Gibson did just that:

After the show she did an in-store where she signed copies of the magazine:

Wow, she was really airbrushed for that photoshoot wasn't she ... yikes!

If you're still interested, click HERE to see the rest of the Debbie Gibson Playboy pictures (NSFW).

Here is the most unshocking news item I've ever heard, Kid Rock arrested at a strip joint for punching a guy in the head:

He allegedly hit the DJ (and made him cry) for playing music he didn't like. If I hit every DJ that played music I didn't like I'd be rollin' like Suge Knight. One of the kids at ONTD has the inside scoop with more details on the trashy story HERE.

(The story basically involves the termination of a local police officer who failed to give Kid Rock a sobriety test earlier in the evening when he got pulled over in his car; the cop asked for autograph instead and let him go)

So Paris Hilton has been hanging out with a dude named Paris:

But she swears they are not engaged. Well duh, the sex tape hasn't even come out yet ...

Xtina Augilera is so annoying, I don't understand why people like her (seriously, Kelly Clarkson is a much better singer than Xtina -- I just don't see the appeal) ... anyways, I'm only posting this picture to show how annoying the beyotch can be:

Has this woman ever had good hair? At least with the washed-out platinum blonde color it's harder to see her bald spots.

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, looks hot as hell in this promo picture from her Rebirth album:

I don't think I've ever seen J. Lo with bad hair ... that's a diva, y'all! It's too bad that she contracted the MJ illness that forced her to cancel her UK appearances for the immediate future. Is she really ill or perhaps pregnant? Hmm ...

Jake Gyllenhaal is rockin' the shaved head-look:

And I dare say it looks pretty good on him. He looks beefed up too ... when does Bareback Brokeback Mountain come out? has some screencaps of the Veronica Mars promo of the upcoming episode where Alyson Hannigan guest stars:

The episode airs on February 22 ... set those TiVos/VCRs!

Have you heard that Kirstie Alley is a Fat Actress:

Yipes ... this definitely looks like a job for Trimspa, baby!

And finally, the illustrious Uncle Grambo from was interviewed for Ostrich Ink magazine:

I love that he is true to his D-town roots and makes every effort to call attention to the fact that he is from Motown. I know when I get interviewed for a magazine (Spin perhaps? Details?) I'm going to let the world know that I represent Detroit Rock City. Holla!

Let's do the news:
So yeah, Sarah and I hung out to watch Lost last night in the hopes of an extremely exciting episode. We were not treated to such an episode. It was cool to hang with her though!

Not sure what the plan is for tonight ... we might be going out to hang with Scary Sarah but that's totally still up in the air. We'll probably end up staying home to clean the house instead ... how fun! And ... I'm out.