Sunday, February 20, 2005

Don't Lose Your Phone

See, this is why it's a good idea to blog over the weekend. It seems that Paris Hilton lost track of her mobile phone, well her Sidekick II (again?) ... now a whole slew of pictures from her phone are making their way across the Internets today:

A very cool reader sent me a link to the story and another reader sent me a link to the actual pictures (hosted at Not only are there a bunch of camera phone pictures:

But you can also read her phone's entire address book and notebook as well. I tried calling Ashlee Simpson (310-254-7114) but a recorded voice said the number was invalid. I also tried to call Lindsay Lohan (347-596-9990) and I got a voicemail message from some dude that apparently has her number now that she changed it (he mentions that he knows he has her old number). Yeah, I figure the rest of the numbers have been changed as well otherwise I could call Lil' Jon, Adam Levine, Ashley Olsen, Pharrel and others.

Loves it! Make sure you follow the links and check out the pictures and other phone files before they might become unavailable.

The weirdest thing is that I had a dream last night that I met Britney Spears (circa the Lucky era when she had that cute shorter hair cut; pre-Spederline) and we became fast friends. I kept trying to take a picture of the 2 of us together on with my camera phone (the new one I just got) and I just couldn't get it to work ... I tried and tried and tried and I never got to successfully take a picture. Hmmm ... such a weird dream to have in light of this Paris story.

Wax On

David and Victoria Beckham birthed their 3rd son this morning:

Apparently, rumors that the baby was going to be a girl were false. And in fine Beckham fashion, the kid got a weird name. Brooklyn and Romeo will now welcome their new little brother Cruz.

Lindsay Lohan, love her or hate her, really knows how to work the paparazzi:

Own it girl ... you are young, beautiful and incredibly fucking rich ... I'd do the same exact thing.

I went to the movies last night and was able to see the trailer for the new movie House of Wax, starring (Our Lady of Thighs) Elisha Cuthbert and Paris Hilton:

Call me crazy but it looked pretty good! I am a fan of the original so I know the story ...

I wonder how long it will take for Paris Hilton to utter the phrase "That's Hot" in the context of the film? You know where I'll be on May 6th!

Speaking of what's hot ... well, this crap is not hot:

The shirt is kind of camp but the accessories are atrocious!

So yeah, I am on a total Garbage kick lately (uploaded all 3 Garbage albums onto Phillipe, the iPod Shuffle) ... and I was finally able to watch their new video for Why Do You Love Me:

I love it! The video and the sound are very reminiscent of their debut album ... I can't wait for it to come out.

Here are more pictures from the Beyoncé and J. Lo international Pepsi ad:

Note the Kill Bill feel of the whole thing ... and note that Pepsi is still not featured anywhere. New poppa David Beckham is also featured in the ad but the pictures I've seen are too ridiculous to post.

Roger Ebert has lost a lot of weight:

But kept a lot of skin ... he looks deflated. And, generally, his movie reviews suck.

Let's do some quick news:
So Erik crapped out on going to see Constantine with me so I went last night by myself:

I am not too familiar with the Hellblazer comics (which the movie was based on) but I really liked the story. Great special effects and an interesting play on the God vs. Satan story.

Sarah had a bunch of girls over at her place last night for a girl's night ... I was allowed to hang out with them as an honorary girl. We gossiped, ate, drank and watched Mean Girls ... hello, my life! Twas mucho fun ...

It's snowing outside right now ... it's very depressing ... I think I'm going to just going to veg on the couch and watch TV ... you know, like any other day off work.