Monday, February 21, 2005


Paris Hilton -- Your cell phone, chock full of private and explicit pictures and a large number of celebrity phone numbers, was stolen, hacked and the information was posted onto the Internet ... now what are you going to do?

Blowin' Up

While the celebrity world has been rocked by Paris Hilton's hacked cell phone book (there are reports that the FBI is now involved), Britney Spears has been quietly hanging out in Kentwood, LA:

It's okay if you pick up copies of Star magazine (or US Weekly), Britney ... I do the same thing. As long as you still love the Pink then we cool.

Eh, I wish Britney's number was in Paris' phone book ... I really need to give that girl a call. Ah well ...

Yeah, so anyways this Paris hacked phone thing is getting huge, (the first site to host the phone files) was contacted by the Secret Service and was ordered to remove the files immediately! Checkout THIS link. And hello, things move really fast on the Internets ... check out this t-shirt:

I shizz you not, I ordered one this morning:

I can't wait to get it!!!

And props to those of you (like WarJunkie) who also got through to celebrity voicemails!

Alright, there are other things going on in the world that don't relate to Paris Hilton's hacked cell phone so let's get to them ...

Tara Reid is continuing her reign as queen lush of the alcoholics:

I bet she's fun to be at a party with ... It's too bad she's no longer with Sergei Federov (ex-Detroit Red Wing) ... I was hopin' to run into her around town.

In her usual fashion of doing everything that Britney Spears does (but a year too late and in second-rate fashion), Xtina Aguilera has released a fragrance outside of the US:

She is so lame. And her new ring is still ugly.

Okay, I found a David Beckham Pepsi ad picture that wasn't stupid-looking (he was wearing a kimono in the other pictures) so here you go:

Don't you just love commercials that are treated like movies? Apparently, they are big in Japan.

Ryan Cabrera is just like everyone else:

He goes through his own ups and downs ... but always with bad hair.

Adam Bush (ex-Warren on Buffy) is doing a great job as an evil lackey on Point Pleasant:

It's too bad he has to play second fiddle to (the ancient) Grant Show but a gig's a gig. Point Pleasant is getting good, actually. Last Thursday's episode was really, really good. I am enjoying it very much.

The Simpsons had their "gay" episode last night:

The episode was called There's Something About Marrying and featured Marge's sister Patty coming out of the closet ... it was a pretty funny episode. You gotta love The Simpsons!

Ever since I started getting a lot of new visitors to my site I have been getting really nice emails from all over the world ... it has even spread to getting My Space messages and new friend requests ... it even spread to Friendster:

This message is weird ... I think she's looking for a husband. Unfortunately for her, I'm not into Russian Brides. I bet the Thigh Master might be interested ...

And now, the news:
It snowed like crazy yesterday ... from morning to night ... we already had today off for Mid-winter Break (aka President's Day) but we totally might have had a snow day if it were a regular day!

Erik and I are going to have fun today ... so I'm out!