Tuesday, February 22, 2005


24 was so good last night! This episode was all about developments ... the Thigh Master saw it coming all along, Kid Araz killed Daddy Araz in self-defense ... well not really, he just wanted to kill his daddy because his daddy wanted to kill him ... kid's these days.

I was very surprised and disappointed that Marianne Taylor (Aisha Tyler) was killed off! I was hoping she would turn out to be some pathological insane-o who would really fuck with CTU. And what is up with Audrey's estranged husband ... is he really working with the terrorists? Next week, armed with some electrical wires, Jack Baur is going to find out. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD ... SOO GOOD! Of all the shows I watch, this is the one I look forward to seeing each week the most.

Thanks to the FBI and the Secret Service all the hoopla surrounding the Paris Hilton hacked cell phone extravaganza is dying down. Although, there are Canadian celebs who are pretty excited that they were found in Paris' phone book ... Hollywood rules!

Steph & Alek have posted the message left by the H@ck3r$ who posted Paris Hilton's phone information onto the Internets:


Nicholas Lee Jacobsen pleaded guilty last week to hacking into Paris' phone and faces a sentence of up to 5 years in prison. He'll be sentenced on May 16, 2005. Man, what an awesome story! I think we've seen all the possible fallout from all of this:

Except, there are some celebs who feel slighted that no one called them 4,000 times this weekend. Buck up Hilary, make sure Paris has your number this time ... she's bound to lose track of her phone again.

In other skankuloid news, Pamela Anderson was on hand to unveil a new slut slot machine bearing her image:

And let me tell you, if there ever was a woman of high-class and immense integrity so deserving of her own slot machine, it's Pamela Anderson:

Don't you just love it when they fall out of the bottom?

I wonder if Stephen Dorff even knows what to do with so much silicone? If we hear one day that he suffocated to death ... well, just don't be surprised ...

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi were seen about town shopping at Fred Segal:

You ever wonder if Portia is sleeping with Ellen to get ahead with her career? What, you got a more believable reason?

Yesterday you saw the print ad, today you get the commercial screencaps:

Personally, I would have preferred if it were called XXX-pose.

Do you dare? WhatEVER Xtina ...

I love Mandy Moore:

She just doesn't get enough press these days.

And finally, for those of you who missed the episode on Sunday night (::cough:: Diana ::cough::) here are some pix from this week's Xtian-angering episode of The Simpsons:

Not to be a ruiner (and since the episode did already air) but ... In the first picture Patty is kissing a girl in high school, in the second picture Homer is about to marry Patty to her "girlfriend" Victoria who turned out to be a man who fell in love with Patty ... she said "Hell No" and left his ass at the altar ... to go back to living with Selma as a happy lesbian. ::sniff, sniff:: It really was a great episode.

UPDATE: GorillaMask.net reminded me to check out the website SpringfieldIsForGayLoversOfMarriage.com (which was featured in the episode):

It's a "real" website, with some "real" pictures:

I meant to check out the URL after the show was over ... but I forgot ... Hello, The Simpsons rule!

Let's get to the news:
I have to make sure I get to the store to pick up Tori Amos' new album today ... Tickets go on sale for her Detroit show this weekend (Garbage tickets also go on sale this weekend) so Sarah and I are getting ready to plan our assault. I was just complaining that there haven't been shit for shows lately and now a whole slew of shows have been announced all at once ... While I'm happy there will be a lot of shows to see (Wee!!) I am a little annoyed that I'll have to secure the tickets all at the same time (Boo!!).

Ack ... I'm out.