Friday, February 25, 2005

Letter Of Truth: Bit Bit Edition

February 23, 2005

I hope none of you really took my comments seriously when I was talking about Bit Bit and Tinkerbell. I was just being silly and of course I think that Tinkerbell is very cute. Who knows? Maybe they will have a little play date together!

Britney Spears added a special section devoted to her dogs on her official website.

This is why I love her so!

Fred? WORST!

Okay, so I lied, it wasn't the last word ... well, not really a lie ... I did say that there were more pictures from Paris Hilton's Sidekick that we've yet to see ... well HERE are some more. [via Page Six Six Six]

There are emails (from the magical Sidekick) that hint at a relationship between Paris and Fred Durst Worst, does this picture confirm that relationship?


Also, pictures allegedly from Fred Durst's Sidekick have also hit the Internets:

You can see more HERE. [via ONTD!] WARNING: THESE LINKS FEATURE VERY EXPLICIT PICTURES. Most of the pictures are EXTREMELY NSFW. They feature Fred's penis and a naked woman ... sadly it's not Paris Hilton? Could the dirtbag have released these pictures to get back at her or something? Maybe to one-up her? If you're interested, and I know you are, there is also a self-made Fred Durst porn clip available for download ... get it while you can. Don't blame me if you go blind.

Oh magical Sidekick ... what other secrets will you bestow upon us all?!?

Bad Boy, What 'Cha Gonna Do?

Things have been relatively quiet for Spederline while they are away on vacation. We know from Lynne Spears' letter that Britney and Kevin are on the coast maxin' and relaxin' ... let's hope they are staying out of trouble:

Kevin does look like he could be featured in an episode of Cops, don't he?

The weekend is almost upon us and Hollywood's biggest night is just days away:

Have you made your Oscar picks yet? I've made my picks so the Thigh Master better watch out ... I think I'm going to win it all! Kurt Loder is a tool but we agree on a few Oscar hunches.

Speaking of His Royal Thighness, check out some really awesome pictures from his National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Defamer always comes up with the best stuff ... behold Keanu Reeves Heaves:


Hmm ... Jessica Simpson looks pretty chummy with this random dude:

It's interesting how she's "out shopping" and then "randomly" runs into "some guy" on the street and "hugs" him ... very, very interesting.

Hilary Duff was out on the town tearing it up with the beautiful peeps:

Word is that she spins some mean shit ... I can only dream of being at a club where Hil. D is spinnin' the tunes.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted grocery shopping together:

I bet he paid for her pads.

Drew Barrymore is launching a new beauty line for Lancome:

She looks hot!

Nick Carter was seen hanging out in front of a hotel in West Hollywood:

Note the Sidekick ... Hello, Sidekicks are going to be so over in about 10 minutes.

Did y'all catch Alyson Hannigan this past week on Veronica Mars?

If not you can download the clips that feature Aly HERE.

And now, the news:
So, yikes, I have over purchased lately so I'm broker than a joker. Hello, it's not my fault that all these concert presales snuck up on me! I can't be expected to curb my normal spending when I don't know that very important concerts are about to go on sale. Ugh! It's so unfair!

Ah well, this weekend looks to be a quiet one anyway ... But I wouldn't say no to accepting donations ::wink wink::