Sunday, February 27, 2005

Let's Go To The Moooovies!

It's finally here! The biggest night for Movies all year long ... That's right, it's the night that Britney and Kevin head to the local cineplex to catch a flick just like the normal people:

These pictures tell us 2 very important things ... First, Britney has dyed her hair dark again ... Second, at least 2 people went to see The Wedding Date ... a big night for Hollywood, indeed!

Oh yeah, and tonight are the 77th annual Academy Awards ... do we really care who's going to win?

Well I do ... I need to win the Thigh Master's money ... what's your excuse?

Well, just in case you do care you can print out your own ballot HERE and see if your picks ended up winning.

The Independent Spirit Awards were handed out last night (they are always handed out on the night before the Oscars ... how indie!) and Gael Garcia Bernal won the Best Debut Performance award for his work in The Motorcycle Diaries:

And Garden State won the award for Best First Feature:

Sideways won a bunch of awards ... 6 to be exact ... I think one of them was the Best Semi-Consolation Prize for Lead Actor Who Didn't Even Get Nominated for a Real Academy Award award. You can find out who else won these "awards" HERE.

Did you know that Avril Lavigne likes the colour pink?

Pink is the new punk! She showed up on TRL UK looking quite blonde and quite the little pop tart ... I wonder why she doesn't dress like that on this side of the pond?

The Superficial has some great pictures of Scarlett Johansson and her TWIN BROTHER ... yeah, I had no idea either:

I think he looks pretty good as a Pussycat Doll.

And finally, the Pope has learned that if you fall ill and have to be hospitalized then it will behoove your popularity to wave at your fans from your hospital window:

All the big name celebs do it ...

And now, the news:
Not sure what we're going to do today. Erik will probably run for hours on his new (150 billion ton) treadmill and then, I'm fairly certain, he is going to dye his hair dark -- he wants it known that he "thought about it first" way before Britney Spears did (but I have to add that she actually did it before he did).

I want to see Cursed so I'm going to lobby for a matinee:

We'll see ... Later!