Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Power of Orange Eye Shadow

Tori Amos is a fashion DIVA, y'all:

She provided music for a fashion show in Paris today for Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf. The makeup is very Boys For Pele/from the choirgirl hotel era ... Loves it!


The somnambulist girls circled a stage where Tori Amos sat at a grand piano, premiering a specially commissioned 15-minute composition set to the biblical words of the Song of Solomon. "I sleep walked, my heart waketh," she sang, dramatically tossing her mane of crimped red locks. Sound mad? It was, but in a gentle sort of way. Fashion needs an occasional nudge of performance lunacy, if only to keep itself awake.


In Your Satin Tights

TV shows of the late 1970's are the most ridiculous things ever! I picked up the second season of Wonder Woman (I'm so not going to go into my schpiel about how much I wanted to marry Wonder Woman when I was a wee lad) and watched the first disc last night. First, I have to say that Diana Prince rules:

As far as secret identities go ... Diana Prince is right up there with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Second, I have to say that the storylines of the show are completely ridiculous! In episode 1 Wonder Woman foils a plan to hijack a nuclear power plant as it is being transported, by air, to a third world country ... and she has to defeat a stupid-looking robot that fences to do so. In episode 2, Wonder Woman foils a plan by Nazis in exile who temporarily manage to successfully clone Hitler. In episode 3, Wonder Woman rights the wrongs of a former concentration camp detainee who has super telekentic powers.


I have to admit, though, that seasons 2 and 3 of Wonder Woman are much better than season 1 was (all set in the 1940's WWII era) and I am very much looking forward to reaquainting myself with the episodes.

Incidentally, I am also looking forward to reaquainting myself with the original Bo and Luke Duke:

Defamer came up with these awesome shots of Duke bulges that come straight from the DVDs of the series. I know that the movie version of the Dukes cannot live up to the original. I'm going to start watching the Dukes of Hazzard as soon as I'm done with Wonder Woman. It's like 1977 all over again!

Ruh-ro ... It looks like Colin Farrell has got 99 problems ... including the "bitch" one:

Homie got served at home in Cali while shooting Miami Vice in Florida ... and he don't look too happy about it. Apparently he is being sued for things such as "stalking, mental anguish, stress, cell phone minutes, dresses, return of art and return of tape" ... I wonder what's on the tape ... Hmmmm ...

Nicole Richie was African American for a minute as she made an appearance at the Soul Train Music Awards:

It's good that she's true to her roots ... sometimes.

Fantasia was also on hand at the Soul Train Music Awards:

But as a 3rd rate American Idol she was only awarded a shoe ... an old shoe ... well, her own shoe ... Wait, why do people want to be the next American Idol?

Let's pause for a message from Donatella Versace:

... and let's move on ...

Jennifer Lopez was channeling Pocahontas as she made an appearance to sign copies of her new album Rebirth:

I think she looks good. I'm so down with La BoriQua Mamacita from La Isla Bonita, y'all!

Nikki Hilton has decided to come out with her own clothing line:

Paris Hilton is such a wonderfully supportive sister.

Jessica Simpson is just like you and me:

Well not me, I don't shop at cheapass Rite Aid ... but I'm sure she's just like you.

PS: If anyone ever tells you that I used to work at Rite Aid they are a dirty liar and are not to be believed! That's all I have to say about that.

Madonna's men like playing in the snow:

They look so cute! Back in 1992 she had 2 guys pose in exactly this same way ... except they were semi-naked, wearing buttless chaps and were covered in honey ... Ah, the good ol' days.

Xtina and Pamela make a cute pair:

I really like the natural 80% and 60% (respectively) of them ... they look so nice!

Mariah Carey has decided to become Beyoncé, mainly because she wants her career back:

The top picture is Mariah's actual album cover ... the bottom picture is the same picture of Mariah but the text has been Beyoncified ... would you know it was Mariah Carey if I hadn't told you? Yeah, that's what I thought ...

Let's do the news:
Tonight is the first night of the Metro Times Blowout and we are planning on checking out Dorkwave at the Garden Bowl and then, hopefully, Thunderbirds Are Now! at the Magic Stick. Thunderbirds don't go on til after midnight so ... it's still up in the air. I might have to call in tomorrow ...

Our weekend plans are taking form ... It will be so much fun! More on that ... later.