Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'll Let U Lick The Lollipop

Britney Spears spent some quality time with her dad this weekend:

Who would have guessed that Jamie Spears was a Weezer fan? It's nice to see dear ol' dad out with his darling daughter.

Oh and look at that, right on cue (a few days later) Xtina Augilera is out on the town showing off her lollipop just like Britney Spears did earlier in the week:

I'm not saying that Xtina sucked on a sucker just because Britney did it but I am used to seeing Xtina do the exact same things that Britney does ... a few days later. I wonder what's up with that.

In Holy news, Brian Head Welch, former guitarist for Korn flew to the River Jordan in Israel to be baptized:

It looks like he's looking to take over from the lead singer of Nickelback as the most Jesus-looking rocker. You know, they always say you should never get someone's name tattooed on your body:

... but it looks like Mr. Head is extremely devoted. Well, I wish him the best of luck for a happy life.

Jessica Simpson doesn't look like she's much of a PETA fan:

Fur and snakeskin? Wow, that is so Jenny From The Block of her ...

Another fashion maven is Mary-Kate Olsen ... here we have her wearing pink tights leggings as she goes out-and-about:

The New York Times felt that this was newsworthy as well, they devoted a whole article to Mary-Kate and her fashion sense, or lack thereof. I still reject the bag-lady look but ... more power to ya, Olsen!

And finally, Whitney Houston is just a mess:

Do you get the feeling that these girls really don't want to be standing this close to her? She looks like she's really hurtin' for a fix.

Okay, the news:
Yesterday was so fun ... after a day of shopping for a new unbirthday outfit for Brandon we met up with the gang at Kirsten's and then headed downtown for some hot wings at Sweetwater's Tavern. After that we made a stop at the Third Street Saloon before heading to Dearborn for some drinks and dancing at The Double Olive. The music wasn't too great but we had fun nonetheless. Of course we had to play Erotic Photo Hunt and get the #1 and #3 high scores:

We were both "Hot Kock" and "BrandonsDong" ... how's that for hot and seXXXy?

I woke up too early today ... with a headache ... I think I need to spend more time in bed. Later!