Monday, March 07, 2005


I just found out that Nick Carter was arrested for drunk driving in Huntington Beach, California ... here is the requisite mug shot courtesy of

Access Hollywood has released his statement:

"Nick Carter deeply regrets the current situation. He is on doctor prescribed medication and was unaware of its interaction possibilities."

It is entirely possible that he had just smoked a bowl with his little brother Aaron Carter ... anything's possible I suppose. Let's see how this develops ...

Sisterly Advice

I posted earlier that Britney Spears spent some time this weekend with kid sister Jamie Lynn ... she was overheard giving her little sister some sage advice:

Truer words were never spoken.

All Spears, All The Time

Ah ... it was a nice weekend for the Spears Clan ... they were out and about in droves over the past few days ... even better, K-Fed was nowhere to be seen! Britney was out shopping wearing a cute t-shirt toting around Bit Bit and a purse that is 3 times the size of Bit Bit:

She managed to pick up a tacky looking little faerie figurine ... no doubt to put on display in her home:

Britney met up with lil' sis Jamie Lynn for lunch:

Note that the Spears' are seated at the window of the restaurant where they ate. You can't tell me that Britney doesn't love to be photographed by paparazzi. After Britney and Jamie Lynn ate they hooked up with mama Lynne Spears and hit the road:

Lynne ain't lookin' too hot these days. I always used to think that Lynne Spears and Tina Simpson were the same person but they are starting to no longer look alike. Tina is on TV more often (grabbing as much screen time as she can on both The Newlyweds and The Ashlee Simpson Show) so she's more made up all the time. Whatevs, I still have much love for mama Spears ... I just love all the Spears' ... except for Kevin but he's not really a Spears so there ...

On VH-1 yesterday I caught an episode of My Coolest Years that featured B-Boys & B-Girls ... to my extreme shock I found out that Vincent Gallo was a B-Boy in high school:

He talked about how he beat Ice-T in an MC battle and I about fell onto the floor. According to his official website, it was in 1982 that he "turned Puerto Rican and [became] a world class leader in the hip-hop scene". He was known as Prince Vince back in the day and was a member of the rap duo Trouble Deuce, who were known to "serve all sucka MCs". That is so interesting because Vincent got served some sucking in his latest movie The Brown Bunny!

I don't even know what to say. You learn something new everyday, I suppose ...

Anyways and moving on, Hilary Duff is turning into quite the little Diva:

And I LOVES IT! Ah, what a dream it would be to meet the lovely Miss Duff someday ...

Ryan Phillipe is such a cute dad:

He walked his little girl Ava to a birthday party over the weekend ... she looks so cute! She looks just like a mini-version of mama Reese Witherspoon. Sooo cute, so cute!

Look at this picture of Ashlee Simpson and Benji Madden ... I'm sure they're just good friends but ...

They look pretty good together. Benji has been known to spike his hair up really high (just like Ryan Cabrera) so I can see why Ashlee would go for him ... it's very interesting ...

Jessica Simpson can't get enough of Rite-Aid:

But she looks so damn good all the time ... even sans makeup she looks very pretty ... that bitch!

Jennifer Lopez flew to Japan to undertake a super secret undercover mission:

I wonder who she's out to assassinate? I guess all I can say to J. Lo is


And finally, here is an update to the stolen wallet saga that has plagued Jake Whateverhisnameis from Road Rules: Islands ... in case anyone still cares he got his wallet back:

He also posted a very disturbing set of pictures from one of the MTV Challenges that he was on. I must warn you, the pictures and descriptions are extremely disgusting (ya ever hear of jacuzzi enemas?) ... but they involve some of your favorite Real World and Road Rules cast members so ... it's up to you.

In less disgusting RW/RR blogging fare you can check out Theo and Timmy's site HERE.
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Incidentally, Angela from Road Rules: X-Treme must be hurtin' for cash because she's selling her "handsome reward".

Let's get to the news:
Well, the weekend is over and done with. It was a bit hectic but generally very fun. I'm a little bummed that we didn't get to spend much time at the Blowout shows this weekend but that's kinda the way the weekend turned out.

I'm still 2 weeks away from Spring Break and it's driving me crazy ... I'm still seriously thinking about doing the star tattoo on my neck ... Erik claims he will get a tattoo with me ... we'll see about that. More later ... I'm out.