Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Britney On Jacko

The case against Michael Jackson was dealt a blow yesterday when attorneys for MJ got the accuser's brother (the one who testified that he saw MJ masturbating with his little brother) to admit that he lied about other earlier statements that he made. Everyone from E! to MSNBC are devoting much time and manpower in covering this "trial of the century".

But what does Britney Spears think of all of this? Here are some quotes from her Allure magazine interview:

Britney cares, y'all ... she feels!

The issue of Allure with Britney on the cover hits newsstands next week.


Lynne and Jamie Lynn Spears must have flown home to Louisiana because Britney was seen out with K-Fed in Beverly Hills:

Can we talk about how kickass her bag is? Not only is it pink but anything that says "Bitchy" in sparkly letters is the total hotness ... I wonder if it's meant to be a message to Cher? Of course Britney had Bit Bit in tow which, apparently, got her into some trouble at a couple of restaurants.

But anyways, found a really fun little program called Montage-A-Google that let's you make collages like this:

Click image for larger size

You type in the person or persons you like (i.e. Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears) and the program will generate a collage of pictures for you. It's so cool ... but not as cool as THIS mixtape that the kids at ONTD! sniffed out ... the cd has a Britney Spears featuring P. Diddy song on it and I want it! Unfortunately, it's sold out everywhere I look ... does anyone have a high quality MP3 of the song or know where I can purchase the cd? Please contact me if you can help :)

MOVING ON NOW ... Charlie Sheen has recently moved into his own apartment and Denise Richards has been seeking consolation at Target since they announced they were divorcing:

She looks so sad ... anyways, Charlie swears he did not cheat on the pregnant Denise saying, "The reason for our separation is a private matter between the two of us." Hmm ... I wonder what happened?! Still developing ...

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner think they turn invisible by just putting on hoods and drawing them tight around their faces:

... or they just look stupid.

Here is the other picture of Lindsay Lohan from W magazine:

She's a diva, y'all! Look at that tiara! I like how she is quoted in an attempt to prove her modesty (i.e. she doesn't dance on tables) while posing topless. Hot!

Michelle Trachtenberg looks stunning this picture [via]:

I'm not sure where it was taken but she looks fabulous! has some new pictures of the lads from My Chemical Romance:

They look a little bit Marilyn Manson and a little bit 30 Seconds to Mars. Are bulletproof vests in this season?

Here is the final poster for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith:

It's light years better than the first poster they released.

Here is the cover of the limited edition version of Mariah Carey's new album The Emancipation of Mimi:

She looks less like Beyoncé on this cover ... I quite like it too.

Here is the cover of the new Harry Potter book:

... in case there are any fans ...

And finally, in really kickass news, my dear friend Adriana had one of her pictures chosen for the label of Jones Soda:

The legs in the picture belong to her boyfriend Brian but it must be known that I was photographed on that couch as well.

Jones Soda is looking for pictures of landmarks for upcoming soda labels ... you can find more information about that HERE. I might have to send in a few of my Detroit landmark pictures and see if any of them get picked. EDITED: I'm a moron and just posted the link (that Adriana sent me) without reading the fine print ... This contest, sadly, is over.

And now, the news:
Last night Erik and I hung out with Stephanie and Tracey. Tracey let me rub up on her belly all night long but I wasn't able to feel the baby kick ... I think she hates me :( Anyways ... we had a really fun time!

Incidentally, yesterday was my busiest traffic day ever:

I'm not sure what was so special about yesterday that would cause my previous busiest day ever to be surpassed by over 1,000 hits ... but I ain't complainin'.