Monday, March 14, 2005


Okay I lied ... I said I had Britney's back concerning her new makeover (and generally, I do) but there is one thing that I just cannot overlook nor forgive:

What the fuck is wrong with her?! I swear, if she tries to pull a side-pony tail with her new, longer locks I will fly my ass out to Santa Monica, pull that thing of her hair and slap the shit out of her! I will not standby and endorse the use of scrunchies by ANYONE!

UGH! I am going to have to calm down ... but A SCRUNCHIE ... CAN YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT?!?! UGH ... I need a drink now ...

Extreme Makeover: Spederline Edition

It may have been a nice chill, quiet weekend for some but not for the illustrious Spederline! The weekend did start out nice and quiet for Ms. Britney ... she very casually took Bit Bit to the pet store to pick up a few things ...

Nothing fancy, nothing too exciting. I figured it was going to be a quiet weekend with nothing much to talk about ... but then new pictures surfaced:

Homegirl got her ass a white girl weave (with streaks!!!)! And what about "prince charming" K-Fed? Well, he got a new 'do too ... along with a new tattoo:

When will the fool learn that the braids look STUPID?! Oi! The tattoo appears to read "My Blood Runs Through Your Veins" on a banner over a question mark. WTF?!

So let's recap the Spederline makeover:

What else can you find wrong with this picture?! Whatevs, I keed, I keed ... I love me some Brit-Brit and she looks pretty happy too:

Do your thang girl ... I got your back ...

Much like candles are the new cat (What's up, K-Dawg!) it seems that dogs have become the new handbag:

Every celeb these days has taken to being seen with their new dog. Personally, I think that Bit Bit is the cutest one (yes, even cuter than Tinkerbell) ... and I'm going to shut up now because I can't believe I've sunken so low as to start rating celebrity pets ... let's move on, shall we?

Chris Martin took his new baby girl, Apple, out for a walk:

It's so sad ... the poor thing has his British teeth.

Paris2 went out this weekend, here they are at the Spyder Club in LA:

I don't understand why Paris (female) can't get Paris (male) to dye his hair all one color ... his lame-ass old dye job is way too grown out. Well, at least he doesn't have braids or ... GASP ... corn rows!

Oh and by the way ... what happened to Paris Hilton's neck?

Did she lose that too?

Drew Barrymore should not be making fashion statements:

Unless her statement is meant to be "I'm trying to look this stupid."

Speaking of fashion sense, Sarah Jessica Parker usually has some ...

I don't know who talked her into being seen wearing a figure skating sweater but ... they should be commended because she looks ridiculous in that hideous sweater.

Ashlee Simpson is talking back to her critics in THIS interview with The New York Post:

The interview mentions, of course, the backlash that is still surging from her disastrous SNL snafu last November but goes on to mention that her album is about to go triple-platinum, she's starring in a movie that will be released this summer, her show on MTV is the #1 show in that time slot and she easily sold-out two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC ... not too shabby! It's a pretty good interview ... make sure you check it out.

And finally, here are some new pictures from the Fantastic Four movie:

They're not that ground-breaking ... but they're still pretty cool.

And now, for the news:
The weekend was pretty chill, Erik and I got to spend a lot of quality time together ... The Fondas were way cool, we're going to try and see them live as much as we can (if only to be publicly serenaded by Julie).

I am in the home stretch ... t-minus 5 days 'til a 2 week Spring Break ... and I'm dying for it now ... like Chynna, Wendy and Carnie sing ... I gotta hold on for one more day ... well, 5 more days ... oh, you get what I mean ... and I'm OUT!