Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Real Slim, Shady Business

Our Lady of Streaks, Ms. Spears, was out and about again showing off her longer locks:

She appears to be scrunchie-free and for that I am MOST grateful. Her hair is pulled back by what DOESN'T APPEAR to be a scrunchie ... she almost looks nice ... unlike later on in the day ...

When she decided to slob it all up and spill something on her little pink dress. Do we know if she's preparing for her new movie ... is she supposed to play a crazy woman? Perhaps she is method acting ...

Can someone get her a brush? That would be great, thanks!

I'm still not decided on Jessica's new haircut ... she does look better in these pictures:

I wonder if Nick hates it?

I suspect Nick likes having sex with Jessica so even if he does hate it I doubt he'd tell her.

You just know that the little pop divas, like Kelly Clarkson, all hate one another:

I love it when they get all catty. And, hel-lo, Kelly Clarkson looks kinda creepy-scary ... Her hair ... Oi Vey! I don't much care for her being a blonde.

Paris Hilton went south of the border to Mexico to promote her new fragrance:

I think she looks great! That color really suits her well ... I wonder if she will pick up any "stuff" while vacationing in Mexican-land ...

Speaking of "picking up stuff", what exactly is Nicole Richie doing with this strange man in his expensive car?

Apparently, he handed something to her in a "little baggie" and then she kissed him and he drove off ... Hmmmm shady, shady business if you ask me ... I'm sure it was all purely innocent.

Lindsay Lohan took a tumble on set yesterday:

I'm almost fairly certain that she wasn't drunk or "on" some illegal substance ... Seriously, I'm not one to start any rumors or anything like that ... I swear :)

Pink was seen shopping on Rodeo Drive, hitting stores like Yves Saint Laurent:

But I have no idea why ... when does she ever dress up? Maybe Yves Saint Laurent has started selling a new line of bandanas???

Jared Leto was also out shopping on Rodeo Drive:

He's such a ham ... he's another one who complains about the paparazzi and yet, you know he loves being photographed.

Lil' Kim has cleaned up her act:

Well, at least while she's on trial for perjury ... I think the bow tie is a bit much ... I miss the Lil' Kim that would freely let her boobies and coochie hang loose. ::SIGH::

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing on the cover of Elle (Nippon):

She's Hot.

Tori Amos was on the Ellen show yesterday:

She also looked hot ... Wee! I can't wait to see her in NYC next month!

And finally, Superhero Hype found these great aerial shots of the set of the new movie Superman Returns:

Smallville looks great, don't it?

And ... here's the news:
Last night was chill ... we hung out with Stephanie but no Tracey ... I think tonight Erik and I are going to watch some horror movies ... I have a few in mind ... OH YEAH ... and I'm only 3 days away from Spring Break ... Wee!!!