Sunday, March 20, 2005

Delayed Gratification?

Whilst I am gleefully enjoying my 2-week vacation from having to work I am still going to blog as usual, each day ... the same content. BUT ... I am planning on sleeping in as much as I can. So don't panic if I haven't posted before noon:

I will write at least one post for each day, just like always, but the posts may come a little later in the day ... or not ... we'll see!

Break, Fast!

Boo ... nothing exciting to report on the Spederline front. Britney is using the power of her new streaks to promote her fragrance Curious:

Too bad she didn't show up barefoot or something like that ...

Kylie Minogue opened her Showgirl tour in Glasgow, Scotland last night and from what I hear, it's an amazing show:

You can see pictures and hear some audio from opening night HERE. At one point in the show she has some of her hot male dancers showering on stage!!! Oh Kylie, bring your show to the US ... please.

What-ever ... I guess we're just going to have to find other ways to get to see the hot dudes ... like maybe taking a walk in LA ... you might stumble across a random hot dude:

I love that Ryan Phillipe is wearing his iPod Shuffle in the proper manner. Suffering through cold weather that will not end, I miss the hotness of California ... and I'm not just talking about the weather ::wink wink::

Ashlee Simpson's tour is getting everso close to Detroit (we get to see her from the 3rd row this Thursday) that I can't hardly wait! Kelly Clarkson will be here next month ... it's good to see the girls are doing well so far on their respective tours:

Daddy Joe met up with his daughters in New York and managed to creep out everyone in attendance:

You can tell, he really loves his daughters.

Snoop Dogg doesn't look like he's a big fan of the Roses Lady:

But you can tell by his club attire that he's a big Michigan State fan.

Mandy Moore never does anything scandalous:

But I still like posting pictures of her ... she's so cute!

Yesterday I got to see the trailer for the new movie The Island, which you can see for yourself HERE:

Some of the movie was shot in Detroit and they managed, from what I could tell, to make the city look great! D-town in da hizzy, y'all!

Let's do the news:
VLB's concert last night was amazing! She looked stunning and sounded amazing. I have never had a better time listening to death music ... well, since my days at City Club but that's an entirely different context. After her concert we had a quick bite to eat at Pronto! before heading downtown for some bowling at the Garden Bowl. Best.Time.Ever. It was so fun ... I couldn't bowl for shizz but we all had a lot of fun.

Ahhh ... today promises to be a lazy Sunday ... and oh ... guess what ... my 2-week Spring Break hasn't even officially begun yet! Holla!