Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Do Somethin'?

Britney Spears is a demon in the kitchen:

It looks like she could always snag a job at her daddy's restaurant if she ever needed to. Aww Brit :)

Whoa man ... did y'all watch 24 last night? Jack Baur is a crazy motherfucker, that's for sure! I was so happy when Chloe came back to the show! With Sarah getting the boot last week and Edgar having mother-loss issues you just knew she was bound to come back to work. Wee!!!

And what's up with Dina Araz ... I want to like and care for her but she is a terrorist! She is only helping CTU because she wants something (immunity for her and her son). And can we be totally sure that she really was helping CTU all along? She is a very convincing liar ... Marwan had her shot and killed for betraying him but we didn't see her actually get shot. Could she be double-crossing Jack and CTU? Wee!!! I love this show ...

Hahahaha ... I feel sorry for Tinkerbell sometimes:

You just know she gets tired of being gripped in Paris Hilton's bony arms all day long. I wonder what horrible deeds Tinkerbell did it her last life to deserve this kind of punishment in this life? Poor thing.

I bet when your mom is Angelina Jolie and she takes you to Toys R Us that you can get pretty much whatever you want:

Maddox is a lucky-ass kid with pretty cool hair! What more could one ask for?!

Look out, here come Demi Moore's kids:

They're not particularly cute. Anyways, they're so young that you just know they love Ashton Kutcher more than just because he's dating their mom. How gross is that whole scenario?

Does Reese Witherspoon look a little more tummy-full in this picture?

Hahahahaha! If you really wanted to you could see pregnant tummies in any paparazzi picture out there. Still, Reese and Ryan haven't been seen together lately ... Hmm ....

Can someone tell me what Jessica Simpson was doing in a Barnes & Noble?

And she actually bought something? This is very strange behavior ...

Some dude in Indiana claims that the face of Satan has appeared on this turtle shell after the turtle was the only survivor of a store fire. Do you see the face of Satan?

I bet if you feed that grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary to this "Satanized turtle" ... you could exorcise it or something.

Speaking of the spawn of Satan ... Jack Osbourne has picked up the spoon again ... and this time, it's serious:

He's looking pretty rough ... Jack, I don't think ice cream is the answer.

Wow, what is it with sisters of celebrities getting all the ugly genes? Mischa Barton's sister looks ... very creepy:

Not that Mischa looks at all good in that picture either. And speaking of Ms. Barton ... she and billionaire beau Brandon Davis were again spotted at that same resort having another exchange ... he's what transpired this time:

And then a little later on ...

Whoa! Barton boobs! Click HERE to see a larger more NSFW version of her boobie picture. Enjoy!

Les News:
Last night was really fun ... Kirsten spent some time stalking Meg White of the White Stripes (in her defense, she didn't know it was Meg), who was extremely skinny ... she has lost a ton of weight, y'all. Anyways, Brendan Benson was great ... he played about 45 minutes of new and old stuff. It was fun staying out so late ... just like the good ol' summer ...

I think I'm going to go do something today ... but I'm not sure yet so I can't say yet ... but if I do do what I think I'm going to do then I'll be sure to tell you ... if I do not do what I think I'm going to do then there will be nothing to tell.

Hee hee, I said do do ...