Thursday, March 24, 2005

Baby, I'm A Star

So remember that thing that I was going to do but couldn't do and then finally got to do? Well here's what I did:

I did my best to take very My Space-looking pix. I was finally able to get my star tattoo on my neck! OMG I love it so much! I think it looks awesome! What do you think? I had it done at XS Tattoo in Rochester, MI. If you're in the Detroit area and you need tattoo work done you have to go there ... the shop is so cool and the guys are the best.

Wee!!! I'm really happy ... a new tattoo, a new PSP and I get to see Ashlee Simpson tonight! RAWK!!!

We Gonna La La

It's hard getting streaks and then flying to New Orleans to promote your fragrance and then flying back home to celebrate your rat-husbands birthday at your ex-boyfriend's club in the span of about a week ... believe me Britney Spears, I feel your pain! In order to chill out, center herself and recharge her batteries, Ms. Spears spent some time maxin' and relaxin' poolside:

I love that she's a multitasker, y'all! But, the life of a pop diva isn't just all fun and games ... there's more work to be had at any given time. After loading up on caffeine (doesn't look like she got Starbucks this time, has she found that magical part of the world that is yet untouched by the plague of Starbucks?) she had some shoppin' to do:

I have to say it ... that's a fucking ugly looking painting Britney ... but I'm sure it'll look lovely in your shabby-chic homestead. My girl, B. Spears ...

I know I love her!

Tori Amos is a Goddess and she looks stunning in these pictures that accompanied an interview in a Polish magazine:

You can read the interview HERE. [via The Dent]

We still don't know the name of Paris Hilton's new pooch but it looks like it's here to stay:

Paris went shopping for Easter supplies, no doubt she's going to make a fun little Easter basket for her current beau Paris Latsis, the other half of Paris2. I just love when celebs get into the holiday spirit:

Reese Witherspoon was out and about with daughter Ava and baby son Deacon ... and surprise, surprise, her husband Ryan Phillipe was nowhere to be seen:

Hmmm ... how long has it been now that they've not been seen together? It's not like I'm keeping track or anything ...

Anna Kournikova seems to have lost her keys ...

... or something like that.

Shirley Manson shows how flexible she can be in the new issue of Rolling Stone:

I love rocker chicks that can bend themselves in half. That's Hot!

Michelle Branch is starting to show:

Now she's chubby for a good reason.

The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their return to the music scene:

But are wearing entirely too much makeup in the process. EEK!

Those hot men at Oh La La found some great pictures of some pretty famous-looking people in compromising positions:

These are celebrity lookalikes that are featured in a book by photographer Alison Jackson. I've seen the David Beckham lookalike picture before but I love the Prince William lookalike! Loves it!

While those nudies are fake, this one is real ... the most lovely Greek Princess sent me this hilarious picture of Janet Jackson with her boobies hanging out ... It's not like we haven't seen it before but this time there is no piercing:

Click the image to see the NSFW version

It's newstime:
Yesterday I was finally able to do what I've been wanting to do for so long ... but I will post about that a little bit later on ...

Tonight ... WEE!! ... Tonight we finally get to see Ashlee Simpson fight through her acid reflux problems when she performs live at the Fox Theater here in Detroit Rock City:

I am planning on bringing a camera ... but just in case I can't sneak it in I've got 2 camera phones ready to go ... I will do my best to snap at least some pictures! I can't wait! Woot!!!

More soon!

PSP Diddy

I had to wake up early to go out and get this:

It's freaking awesome! Woot!

Full post on the way ...