Friday, March 25, 2005

Pieces Of Ash

Britney Spears has released some "exclusive" pictures for her fan club members ... and here's what you get:

The pix were taken while she was in New Orleans doing Curious promotion. She looks very nice in the pictures ... unlike just the other day when she was spotted on her way to the hair salon:

WTF?! I loves me some Britney but damn girl ... run a brush through your hair once in a while. She totally looks like Mrs. Crabtree ... the bus driver on South Park ... all she needs is the little bird in her hair and she's all set. [pix via]

But, hello, the queen of looking HIT is Whitney Houston:

Poor thing needs to go to beauty rehab after she's done with drug rehab. Yikes!

Let's bring it back to the beauty ... Drew Barrymore looks stunning on the cover of next month's Vogue:

Thank god she's not wearing those ugly shoes and leggings that she was caught wearing last week ... I think she looks really nice in these pictures. Go Drew!

Ah Reese, little Reese Witherspoon ... keepin' in shape ... doing some running ...

Where's your husband today, dear?

LOL ... Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey still seem the portrait of the happy marriage ...

And you gotta love Jess for wearing a shirt that shows that she understands her own celebrity. Cute!

There haven't been any tiny chihuahua sightings today but have you see the cute little dog that Ashlee Simpson received as a gift from (her then current) boyfriend Ryan Cabrera?

That dog is so cute! I think she named it Blondie ... cute cute cute! And as you know I got to see Ashlee play her Detroit show last night ... those pictures and a full review coming up a little further down ... the tour is being sponsored by Thermasilk and here is one of the ads:

Hideous ain't it?! What were they thinking?!!!

Poor Denise Richards ... first she served Charlie Sheen with divorce papers and then she gets served herself:

I'm not sure what he's suing her for but ... I love that celebs get served in very public surroundings ... so that the ENTIRE WORLD is privy to their business ... Whatever ... they are RICH AS HELL ... it comes with the territory.

Jack Osbourne has no problems getting dates:

Everyone knows that drunk sluts are easy ... and not very discerning.

Let's do the news:
The Ashlee Simpson concert last night was so fun! We really had a very fun time. The place was packed by the time we got there (the show sold out) and we had to be escorted to our seats ... WE WERE SO CLOSE! We were close enough to touch her ... the 3rd row Orchestra seats were just awesome. The first opening band, Click Five, were cute ... they looked like The Hives (but younger) and sounded great. They did a fun cover of Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now ... so fun! The second band sucked balls, we skipped their whole set and chose to drink beers in the lobby instead of having to hear them play. Of course I had to get a t-shirt and then Erik and I got beers ... the beer lady TOTALLY though Erik had a fake ID ... she quizzed him on his birthday! Then after that a couple of girls tried to pick us up. One of the girls asked us why we were at the show and Erik told her that I was with "the online media" and we were covering the show ... HILARIOUS! So we get to our seats and find that we had better seats than Jessica Simpson's hair guy (who is from Detroit and is always on The Newlyweds) who was about 5 rows behind us. Hee hee! Anyways ... here's how the show went down:

The Setlist:

Nothing New
Love Me For Me
Harder Everyday (from UK version of her album)

Acoustic Set:

Giving It All Away
Love Makes The World Go Round
Hollywood (unreleased track)

Back with full band:

Surrender / Celebrity Skin (Hole cover)
Brass In Pocket (Pretenders cover)
Call Me (Blondie cover)
Burning Up (Madonna cover)
La La


Pieces of Me

Here are the pictures:

Right off the bat she messed up the ending of the first song. She forgot a verse at the end of Autobiography and totally messed it up ... she ad-libbed and recovered but it was totally noticible to anyone who knows the song. The rest of the show was pretty flawless though ... she sounded great. And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, she sang throughout the entire show. Before she began her acoustic set she confirmed that she had broken up with Ryan Cabrera and that she is happily single. As she was performing La La I could feel the ground swaying back and forth (we were over the Orchestra Pit) and Erik had this horrified look on his face, I turned around and we could see the entire balcony MOVING ... a lot! We were sure with Ashlee's terrible luck that the balcony would break and hundreds of people would be killed! The Fox is such an ornate theater ... they don't usually get "rock" shows ... but that balcony was moving up and down for the whole song ... crazy!

The show as so fun ... we loved every minute of it. I was surprised when she did that Hollywood song ... I had never heard it before so it was a nice surprise. See her if you can ... I promise it's a fun show.

You can see the rest of my pictures HERE.

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Additionally, has tons of MP3s from her tour ... you can download them HERE.

After the show we were able to meet up with Stephanie for her last night before leaving for Nashville ... we had some drinks, some shots and MORE stories from college ... fun! We'll miss her but we'll be seeing her soon.

Whew ... that's it and ... I'm out!