Saturday, March 26, 2005

It's Ostara, Beyotches!

Britney Spears has updated her Dog's Crib portion of her website with pictures of Spederline dogs ... the bull dog is Porkchop (her brother's dog) and of course you all know Bit Bit:

The little bitch is wearing a pink mink coat! That is so fab! Not that I'm advocating fur but ... a dog wearing mink is kinda totally fierce! 2 snaps way up!

Lindsay Lohan is walking around with a bruise on her cheek:

Is it part of her movie ... or did she run into someone ... at a club ... or something? Hmmm ...

Nicole Richie and Wilmer Valderrama (and her fiance) think they're cute:

They're not.

Shirley Manson, on the other hand, is really cute ... and hot ...

... and vicious-looking! I love her!

Gaw ... I have to share this other Ashlee Simpson Thermasilk ad:

It's almost as horrible as the other one ... what is wrong with these people?

Calista Flockhart hasn't died of starvation, in case you were wondering:

And her little boy is getting huge ... what is up with all these kids growing up so fast?! I must be getting old :(

Here is the cover of the new Backstreet Boys single:

I dunno ... I'm not really feelin' it.

Kristin from Laguna Beach has updated her My Space profile:

She still seems pretty close with Stephen ... Apparently, they are going to Cancun for Spring Break in April ... can't wait to see it on TV.

Fred Durst is a nerd ... and he's auctioning off his watches on eBay:

I can't imagine wanting a second-hand (fake?) Rolex that used to belong to Fred Worst Durst.

Here is a new Fantastic Four movie poster:

Flashy, ain't it?

Finally, I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend:

May you get all the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and Easter eggs that your heart desires! Holla!

The news:
Last night Erik, Mike and I went to The Painted Lady to see The Javelins play a show ... unfortunately we only got to hear their last song because we got there so late. We thought they were headlining and in fact they went on first. We had fun nonetheless.

Erik and I are going to Toledo, Ohio tonight to see The Javelins open for Thunderbirds Are Now! at a place called The Happy Badger. It's a concert venue/gift shop/restaurant! I can't wait to see what it looks like :) We're also planning on having some Chik-Fil-A since we'll be in town! Woot!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter weekend! And, I'm out!