Friday, April 01, 2005

Foolish Games has the artwork for Brintey Spears' new album Original Doll: is reporting that Kelly Osbourne will play Björk in a new Oliver Stone movie:

In advance of this year’s Cannes film festival Fine Line/Paramount have revealed that Oliver Stone , the king of the historical biopic, is going into pre-production with "Big Time Sensuality" a movie about Björk. After honing his talent on real life subjects such as Richard Nixon, Jim Morrison and Alexander the Great, Stone feels the time has come for him to tell the story of a major female character. " She is larger than life, a real Earth Mother. I want to show how she grew from being a despised little girl, a withering seedling, in the culturally starved Iceland of the 70's, to become the prettiest tree in the garden of modern music, " says Stone about Björk.

The film has been in development for the last four years or since the artist, who has praised Stone's work in the past, and the American director were introduced at Elton John's party after the 2001 Oscars - an event remembered for Björk's infamous swan-dress appearance. The screenplay is written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (the writer team behind Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" and Milos Forman's "Man on the Moon") and is reported to cover Björk's career from the tender age of twelve, when she released her first album in gloomy Reykjavik, up to her above mentioned stunt on the red carpet.

A recent "Inside Hollywood" article claims that casting is well under way with Kelly Osborne hotly tipped for the lead role, leaving hopefuls Christina Ricci, Hilary Swank and Winona Ryder fuming in the wings. Especially Ms. Ryder who is a true fan of Björk and gave a stuttering, starstruck introduction to the singers musical number at the 2001 Academy Awards Ceremony. Stone claims Björk and the rest of the "Big Time Sensuality" team agree that Osborne has the right aura of 'rebellion and individuality' for the role. "They were looking for someone who can sing as well as act," says a spokesman from Björk's American record company Atlantic/Elektra. And he goes on to say that Björk's commitment to the project is confirmed by the fact that for the first time in her career she is giving a rival musician an unlimited access to the master tapes of her songs: "Kelly will sing on top of the original songs. Björk is stepping aside as a singer to concentrate on writing new music for the rest of the soundtrack".

Other acting talent that has signed up for "Big Time Sensuality" is eccentric director Spike Jonze in the role of Björk former band mate Einar Örn, David Morse and Debra Winger as her parents, Kirsten Dunst as P J. Harvey, and Danny de Vito as Lars von Trier.

Wee! I love April Fool's Day!

I'm A Fool 4 U

OMG ... you guys are so fucking cool! I can't believe all the awesome comments and emails that I have received since I last posted. There are so many supportive comments and messages ... someone even started a thread at Say Hey!, the Kylie Minogue messageboard about the end of Pink is the new Blog ... someone even sent me legal advice -- I don't even know what to say! Thank you so much for your kickass messages!!!

Yes, it was an April's Fools Joke ... I wanted to do something believable and simple ... I know that a lot of you saw right thru my ruse anyways :) I had to do something, y'all ... I love you all if that makes up for it? Click HERE for a bunch of programs that you can use to fool someone into believing their computer is broken ... just don't use them on me. Enough of my bullshit, let's get to it ...

SOOOOO MISS BRITNEY SPEARS thinks that she can publicly come out against tabloid magazines AND THEN BE SEEN READING A STAR MAGAZINE?! Hypocrisy, thy name is SPEDERLINE!

And WTF is she reading Star magazine for ... she can get all her fun and juicy reading right here at Pink is the new Blog. Yeah, we all know she knows better. Anyways, after her little suntanning session she was seen wearing another flowy dress ...

If she really didn't want people to think she was pregnant then she would stop wearing hippie-looking maternity wear. Does that other girl in the picture look like Jamie Lynn Spears to you? It doesn't look like her ... but I can't be sure.

Anyways ... whilst Britney was sunnin' herself, Kevin Federline (her rat husband) was left at home:

Is he really in the dawg house, maybe for what he did in Las Vegas? Hmm ... whatevs, Spederline ... I loves you!!!

Jessica Simpson was out shopping for ugly trinkets for her new abode:

I kinda like her Tupacesque do rag ... and I really like that she's wearing her pink sweats.

Pamela Anderson showed up at press op for her Viva Glam campaign looking like ... geeze, what the fuck does she look like?

She looks horrendous, that's for sure. Oi vey!

But if we're talking horrendous then we're talkin' Whitney Houston:

Holy moly ... look at how she used to look compared to this very recent picture of her ... this woman needs to get clean fast ... or she's not going to last much longer.

Let's get back to the pretty ... Rose McGowan is playing Ann Margaret in the new upcoming Elvis miniseries (staring Jonathan Rhys Meyers):

She looks great! I can't wait to see her in the miniseries. Yay for Rose!

Her Royal Thighness II, Elisha Cuthbert is just like you and me:

She shops at Best Buy for all-in-one printers!

Jennifer Lopez sometimes looks pretty when she goes au naturale:

See J.Lo, you don't need fur to look fab!

Hey American Idol fans, do you remember Jim Verraros from the first season of AI? Well, it looks like he got a Queer Eye makeover:

Except he ain't a straight guy ... he went from mousy-nerd to Ashlee Simpson in just a couple of years. Judge Jru's American Idol Blog has a link where you can hear one of his songs.

I'm sorry, I know I sound like a hater but Xtina Augilera looks totally creep-creep in this picture:

Her hair isn't so scary though ... that's a plus, right?

And finally, I love this picture of Pat Buchanan ... the conservative buttwipe was doused with salad dressing while speaking at Western Michigan University:

The dude who threw the dressing on his head yelled out, "Stop the bigotry!" Woot!!! He never looked so good :)

And now, the news:
Last night was pretty fun. Erik and I had a great dinner at OSLO then went over to Jacoby's to see Pilot To Co-Pilot play a small gig. They were pretty good ... 2 female lead singers ... much like Veruca Salt used to be.

Tonight is the Bloc Party show at The Magic Stick ... I hope to have lots of pictures to share.

I'm very sad ... today is my last official day of Spring Break. I'll be back to work on Monday. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm gonna go cry on the couch as I watch The Young & The Restless now ...


PS: Happy Birthday Denise :) And once again, I love all of you guys ... you make this so fun and so worthwhile! XOXOXOXO!!!