Saturday, April 02, 2005

Peace Out Karol Josef Wojtyla

... better known as Pope John Paul, II. May you rest in peace ...

Last night I took this picture of the statue of PJP,II in Hamtramck, Michigan. Despite his stance against homosexuals, stem cell research and reproductive rights, I hope he finds peace and serenity in the afterlife.

The Best Variety

With the hoopla from April Fool's Day being over and done it's time to get back to bizznazz ... unfortunately there ain't much to talk about ... Spederline has gone underground or something (maybe they're taking lamaze classes?) ... but they're bound to come out sometime this weekend. Jamie Lynn Spears, on the other hand, is on the cover of Girl's Life magazine. I managed to steal the Thigh Master's copy of the magazine for a scan:

So wholesome, so pure ... it's not bound to last :) found the teaser poster for Superman Returns:

It's very much like the Wonder Woman teaser poster ...

Justin Timberlake has a huge hose:

And he pumps it himself too. Impressive! [via A Socialite's Life]

Here is another Viva Glam poster with Pamela Anderson as the model:

I think it's the best advertisement for their makeup ... look how much better she looks than in person.

Jessica Simpson likes to wear 'do rags and throw up gang signs:

She knows that she better be street if she talkin' to me.

Faith Hill took the kiddies out for ice cream:

What a cute little family ... I wonder where hubby/daddy Tim McGraw is?

Is it just me or does Shania Twain look a little plump?

Hmmm ...

Aaron Carter looks ridiculous lately:

Just in case you were wondering ...

Horror of horrors ... 93.1 WDRQ in Detroit, my favorite pop station, changed formats yesterday ... they became something called Doug FM:

At first I was convinced that it was an April Fool's joke ... but they were still playing their new format well into the early morning today. Their tagline is "We Play Everything" and they aren't kidding ... in one sitting we heard The Byrds, Xtina Aguilera, Journey, Depeche Mode and Rod Stewart. Can I be the first to say that it sucks balls?! I hate it! Apparently they fired everyone as well ... boo! Sad day in Detroit radio.

It's the news:
The Bloc Party show was awesome ... obviously it sold out ... I can't remember the last time I saw the Magic Stick so filled up. We ran into Nick and his girlfriend but didn't get a chance to talk with them long ... we showed up about 2 minutes before Bloc Party took the stage. It was our best timing ever! The band sounded great:

I always end up taking a ton of pictures, you can see the rest HERE.

username: pinkblog
username: pinkblog

We had so much fun! And I'm out ... Later!