Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Documentation Of Love

JUST ADDED! Spederline to have their own TV show:

Britney bares all
Pop star, hubby topline UPN show


Britney Spears is turning the tables on the tabloids.
In a bid to offer another take on her much-documented love life, the pop superstar and hubby Kevin Federline will topline (to star; to be billed above the title of a show or film) their own unscripted series on UPN. After fierce competish from several other outlets, net has snapped up six episodes of the as-yet-untitled skein (a TV series), which will document the story of the Spears-Federline courtship, engagement and wedding.

UPN is wasting no time putting the series together, planning to premiere the skein before the current season ends next month.

"From the day that Kevin and I met, there have been constant rumors and inaccurate speculation about our lives together," Spears said. "I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened rather than all the stories, which have been misconstrued by journalists in the past. As I mentioned before, I am now going to be expressing my personal life through art."

UPN Entertainment prexy (president) Dawn Ostroff said the skein will give Spears and Federline the chance to "tell their love story their way."

Indeed, the bulk of the show will consist of video footage shot by Spears and Federline themselves, with UPN adding in some new commentaries and follow-up footage.

The Grammy-winning singer and her new husband will essentially "host" the series, walking viewers through the story of their relationship. "They'll tell viewers, 'This is when we first met' or 'This is when we started dating,' " Ostroff said.

Duo documented their European tour, preparations for their wedding and the wedding day itself. Skein will consist of five half-hour episodes and an hourlong finale focusing on the wedding day.

An outside producer will be brought in to help edit the footage into a series, but Spears and Federline will take exec producer credits on the finished product.

In a bit of corporate cooperation between different parts of the Viacom empire, one of the MTV Music Group Channels -- MTV, VH1 or both -- will rerun the most recent episode of the skein not long after UPN's initial broadcast. MTV or VH1 will also air a five-episode marathon.

"The competition for the show was pretty heated, and we were able to reach out to MTV Networks and put together a deal," Ostroff said. MTV will foot part of the deal for its second window on the skein, which was packaged by ICM.

Ostroff said Spears "is someone who appeals to (UPN's) audience, the young female demographic that's been following her career and personal story" for the last few years.

While Spears and Federline shot most of the skein themselves, Ostroff said the show will not seem like a video press release.

"I don't think there's anything sugarcoated about this," said Ostroff, who's already seen a significant amount of footage. "It's pretty raw and pretty real. I don't think (viewers) have ever been exposed to people being so honest and open about their lives."

Ostroff said the story of Spears and Federline is so compelling that "even if it were a fictitious story, it would be interesting. The fact that it's about one of the biggest stars out there makes it all the more fascinating."

Federline said the show will speak for itself. "It is a documentation of love," he said.

No premiere date has been locked in, but Ostroff did say the goal is to get the show on sometime during the May sweeps. It's likely some episodes, including the finale, will air after the official May 25 end of the 2004-05 season.
Date in print: Tue., Apr. 5, 2005, Los Angeles

HOLY SHIT! This is huge news! I posted the entire text of the article for those of you who don't have a subscription to read Variety magazine online. OR you can read confirmation of this new show HERE and/or HERE. Woot!!! Words cannot even express what I'm feeling right now ... it's like a dream come true! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kevin Federline calls the show "a documentation of love"!!!!!

LOL!!! Anyways ... back to our regularly scheduled goss already in progress ...

There are days at a time when it seems like Britney Spears will wear the same outfit over and over and over ... and then you have days when she must change her clothes 3 times in one day:

What the hell?? She is so weird sometimes ... It seems like she was done with staying at home suntanning so she decided to go out and do everything all at once:

She's staying active, that's good. Have you noticed that she hasn't been seen smoking or drinking lately ... hmmm ... I wonder how Fetus Spears is doing today?

Last night's episode of 24 was pretty damn good and it was shocking alright but I am so desensitized that when I realized what was going to happen I squealed and then just braced for impact:

I can't believe they blew up Air Force One with the president onboard!!! In case you missed it, you're in damn luck because Fox is going to reair the episode this Friday night at 9PM and this Sunday night at 9PM.

And while this was all "shocking" and stuff ... I want to know what happened to Behrooz Araz. Is he alive? ... dead? ... I must know!

Aww look here ... Ryan Phillipe and daughter Ava ... and, you guessed it, Reese Witherspoon is nowhere to be seen:

Hold the phone, here's Reese with Deacon:

But Ryan and Reese are not together. Geeze, it's getting old already. US Weekly did a cover story on "Reese's Lonely Marriage" this week ... but I've been talking about this for weeks now ... Hello, I've got my fingers firmly on the pulseTM, y'all!

Mary-Kate Olsen looks terrible:

Does she ever look good anymore? Ashley Olsen, on the other hand, doesn't look quite so bad:

Probably because you can barely see her underneath her mounds of clothing. Yikes! If this is what a billion dollars does to a person ... well, I'd be happy to suffer their same fate.

Jessica Simpson has a big mouth:

Her hair makes her look like an old broad ... maybe she should go back to wearing the 'do rag. But, one thing's for sure, Jessica makes a much better Daisy Duke then, say, Brittany Murphy:


Lindsay Lohan's bangs don't work for me:

I do not approve ... someone tell her publicist I'm not pleased.

Matthew McConaughey looks pretty good wet:

I wonder if ocean water is able to wash away that awful Stetson stink?

Jean-Claude Van Damme kinda looks alright wet:

But he's got an old man head ... I wonder what he's so shy about?

Nicole Richie is headin' back to school:

She's guesting on an episode of 8 Simple Rules. Aw, I'll admit it, she looks cute ... she's wearing black and pink, y'all! Loves it!

Madonna is shooting a music video:

And doing photoshoots or something ... I'm not sure what for though. I've read conflicting reports. I'll let you know what's up as soon as I figure it out. Oh and I hate her dress.

Yay! Sarah Harmer won a Juno Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year and here is a cute picture of her with her award:

Ever since my Sarah got me hooked on Sarah Harmer I've loved her music! You should totally check her out if you've never heard of her. She rulz!

Nick Carter has a new girl to play around with:

Let's hope that she does the driving.

The Michael Jackson faithful are a crazy-ass bunch:

This woman can't be playing with a full deck.

And finally ... I love this picture:

Wish I would have thought of it first.

And now, the news:
Well DUH! Hey guess what! I'm:

Abercrombie & Fitch
You're cute and fashionable ... you're not afraid to splurge if it means you're gonna look hott!

Which clothing store are you?

Last night was a nice quiet night. I have to lay low for the next few days to conserve $$$. I'm flying out to New York for the weekend on Friday and I need to save my cash for the Big Apple. Woot! More soon ...