Thursday, April 07, 2005

Recording An Album Is A Lot Of Work, Y'all! has a really interesting interview with Britney Spears from Spanish CosmoGirl magazine ... here are my favorite parts:

On people saying mean things about her appearance -- "You are what you are, you know? I don't look in the mirror and say, 'Oh, I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. Look at me.' I see my imperfections, I do see my flaws, I just don't care, I walk out of my house in my pajamas, with no makeup on, and I just don't care, because that's how I feel more comfortable, if you want me to wear a fancy dress to go to Starbucks, then you are completely wrong."

On making music -- "Recording an album is a lot of work and a lot of stress, you're in the studio constantly and you work really really hard, so sometimes you sort of get fed up because you can not get this or that part right, and there are so many different things and they have to be so critically done, so I just decided to take a little break from all of that, and focus more on my personal life ... Man, I just think I deserved it. I still wanted to give you something extra though, but you know, it's also a lot of fun because most of the time, and since dance tracks are my forte, I think that you can always put your own flavor in it, so this time, I wanted to make something different, and that's how 'Mona Lisa' came out ... With Mona Lisa, I just feel so attached to it, and it's basically about me and the way the media seems to be showing and handleing things of my own personal life lately, and it really pisses me off, so it's about you know these different lives that I feel like I need, you know, I can't be Britney Spears the star 24/7. So there's the Britney that my friends and family know about, and there's the Britney that my fans know, and of course the one everyone seems to think that they know but at the end of the day, they are far away from the truth."

It's not easy being Britney Spears, y'all. But she is happy with who she is.

You can read the full text of the interview HERE.

1 Down, 47 To Go

Spederline news is kinda thin today ... but Fetus Spears is alive and kicking. It posted this picture of mama Britney Spears on its official blog:

I can't wait for official Spederline confirmation that Fetus Spears even exists ... what a great premise for a reality show!!! But, there is some Spederline-related news ... Shar Jackson is, sadly, looking for attention ... in a new interview with Star magazine she proclaims that Kevin still feels love for her, that she and K-Fed decided to have children after 9/11 and that she blames herself for his leaving her for Britney. She also says that Spederline aren't experienced enough to watch her baby, Kaleb, by themselves:

"As a mom, I won't put my baby in the hands of somebody who can't handle it. Britney has no experience with babies, and Kevin's a great dad, but his only experience is with Kori, and he had my help the whole time."

The only thing that Shar Jackson has going for her is that she is the mother of Kevin Federline's first 2 children ... she shouldn't be biting the hand that feeds her. But I can't hate Shar Jackson ... K-Fed is the rat ... he's like woman poison ... I hope Britney gets rid of him before it's too late.

Sooooo ... Lost ... y'all watched it right? The 1st huge shock was learning, via flashback, that Jack was married ... and could still be married?! This is a huge piece of new information. It still irks me that Jack has such a huge hero-complex ... he has to save everything and everyone ... every time:

Not only did Jack pop a hole in Boone's collapsed lung but Jack even gave Boone his own blood? Of COURSE Jack has blood that's compatible with almost everyone. But, you just knew that Boone was going to die ... I'm just glad Jack didn't chop off his leg as well. The other big development was that Claire FINALLY gave birth to her baby ... and you know that baby is going to be trouble:

And hello, Sun knows EVERYTHING ... she is just as important to the survivors' survival as Jack is ... I really like her. Sooo ... we know there will be a showdown between Jack and Locke but will someone else die too? The season finale airs May 18th. Drama people ... this show rules!

And we're moving on ... Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are still happily together:

They are still very affectionate ... all the time ... I give it a couple more years.

Shirley Manson is a badass:

And a beautiful woman ... I'm glad she's a rock star because she'd probably make a very bad waitress or stewardess.

The Olsen Twins are so strange:

They always look so freaky ... Didn't they start college this year ... what a waste of money ... oh, wait ... nevermind.

Hold the phone, is this Nicky Hilton?

THE Nicky Hilton? I had no idea that she posed for FHM magazine ... and that she could be made to look this good! Hmm ...

Madonna likes to ride bikes:

And, apparently, she likes to do so sans makeup. What has domesticity done to her?!

Does Alicia Silverstone look pregnant to you in this picture?

This picture was taken while filming a movie so maybe she's supposed to look pregnant for the film ... but still ... who knows?

Gwyneth Paltrow, also shooting a movie, looks all goth and stuff:

That's all ... I don't even know what else I can say about this picture.

Julia Roberts is looking quite frumpy:

But she looks happy to be out by herself ... I bet hanging out with twin babies is ... tiring.

Nicole Richie looks cute:

But the outfit does look like something that Bea Arthur (as Dorothy) would wear on the Golden Girls.

Pamela Anderson looks tired after lugging these groceries:

You would think that she would be used to lugging around big, heavy things ... like fake boobs.

Jim Carrey is a bad mother-effer:

Seeing him riding around on a Harley is proof positive of that fact. Doesn't his helmet look too big for his head?

This is supposedly the cover artwork for Kelly Osbourne's new album:

It looks a little fake to me. If it's real, then it looks a bit cheap. I believe that is a scene from her music video for One Word. Let's hope it's fake. Her single is really freaking awesome! Regardless of what the cover may look like, I really think she's gonna have a hit with this album.

And because it can't be said enough times:

Michael Jackson fans are effing crazy.

And now, it's newstime:
I got my hair cut yesterday evening and then had a fun Thai dinner with VLB. She hung out with me all night (we watched Lost and The West Wing together) since Erik was working really late ... he didn't get home until about 10:30PM! I planned on packing for New York last night ... but that didn't happen. I have to pick up a few things today for my trip ... I'm running out of time.

Gah ... I have to jet ... more soon.