Saturday, April 09, 2005


As soon as we woke up we packed up our stuff (we barely unpacked) and checked the FUCK out ... Oriana left keys for us with her doorman and we were able to shower and normalize at her apartment. As soon as we were ready we went back out to hit the town. We went to Union Square to shop some more, eat some more and just hang out. We people watched for a long time just relaxing in the beautiful weather. We saw a topless woman with large boobies being photographed and then played a rousing game of "Would You or Wouldn't You".

Oriana finally arrived home from Morocco and we met up with her at her apartment. We hung out for a bit with her but she was way too tired to go out with us. Sooo at around 10PM we ventured out to the Motor City Bar to see what New York thinks Detroit is like. The bar was really cute ... we liked it a lot. They have a test that people from Detroit can take and if they score high enough they get free drinks ... we took the test and scored about 80% (it asked fairly insane questions and I think we did pretty damn well). The very cool bartender gave us shots for our trouble.

After the Motor City Bar, we were to meet up with Ultragrrrl and Josh aka The Vicar at MisShapes to hear Josh DJ. When we arrived we were told they were too full up, it was "guest-list only" and couldn't get in ... one call to Ultragrrrl and we were let in :)

MisShapes was very fun ... Josh played some great stuff (from Hall and Oats to JJ Fad) and we had a great time:

We danced until about 4AM and then took the train home ... where some chick puked her BRAINS out!! She didn't have a mohawk, she was nicely dressed with nice-looking friends ... It was sooo gross ... and I couldn't believe that it happened AGAIN!