Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh Snap! More Pix!

Here are a few more pictures from my weekend in NYC that I took with my camera phone (Motorola RAZR V3) ... enjoy:

Speak UP!

BREAKING: A friend of mine told me that CNN (cable, not online) did a story this morning at about 10AM on how blogs were "killing" tabloids like US Weekly because they report news immediately while tabloids only come out once a week (in relation to the Britney Preganancy story) ... he said that they showed a screen shot of my site along with the URL! Did anyone else see this? Please shoot me an email along with any info (a screenshot or picture would be FAB!) you could provide. THANKS!!!


Have you ever wondered what Kevin Federline's parents look like? Well wonder no more:

I'm going to be NOT MEAN and not say anything further about them ... but it is conceivable that this is what Kevin Federline, Britney Spears and Fetus Spears (if it turns out to be a girl) will look like in about 5 years. I can't wait!!!

So, a couple of nights before the big announcement Britney and Kevin decided to make it a Blockbuster night:

It's obvious that Fetus Spears is a Wendy's fan and not a Cheetos fan (since it seems that Britney has stopped eating Cheetos and drinking Red Bull).

These pictures were taken just hours after Britney's announcement was made public ... after Kevin went out to pick up a few things, it's clear that they shared a tender moment on the balcony looking out into the sunset:

Awww .... Obviously this news spread like wild fire ... you can read about it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. THIS article has more information on her trip to the hospital:

The sexy singer was at the centre of a health riddle when she was taken to a private clinic suffering from abdominal cramps and bleeding. A source said: "Britney developed severe abdominal cramps and was rushed to a clinic. She was also bleeding and feared that there could be something wrong with her unborn baby. But she has been told that everything is OK."

ONTD! has another take on the hospital visit HERE. Wow! It's going to be a VERY interesting next 5 months ... just ask Fetus Spears ... WOOT!

Hello Ryan Phillipe ... do I even have to tell you that he's been photographed solo again ... of course not, but I do have to say that I like the clothes he's been wearing (and not wearing) lately:

Wait ... what wife? He don't need no wife ...

Speaking of having no wife, poor Nick Lachey gets stuck doing all the housework:

I wonder what Jessica Simpson is up to that keeps her from doing ANYTHING that is housework-related at all ...?

OOOOH, she's been hanging out with fake hair metal band guys at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. Um, what?

From what I understand, Andy Roddick is kind of a jerk ... he looks like one in this picture of him and ex Mandy Moore:

But she looks amazing on the cover of Asian Harper's Bazaar:

You go Mandy!

Joshua Jackson is all bundled up:

... and iPoding along ... cute.

I wonder who this girl could be?

Aww, it's Nicole Richie! She should be holding her bag in front of her friend's face ... EEK!

Hmm ... what is going on here ... just how close are Selma Hyack and Jared Leto?

They look pretty tight ... and where's Scarlett Johansson?

Ashton Kutcher carrying the game Guess Who? ... um ...

... is that a little lame? I think it is.

Did you know that CT from The Real World: Paris was a model?

Whatevs, hot bod or not ... he's still an jerkface asshole. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

Here are individual posters of the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

They are beautiful! I love the Charlie one and the Violet one.

Here are some pictures of Kate Bosworth on the set of Superman Returns ... she is, as you know, playing Lois Lane:

I guess she looks alright ... kinda plain. We know that Lois is a spitfire so ... she better not be lame or I'll sue! And finally, in more Super news, here is the first look at the new logo for Superman Returns:

It looks like Supes is becoming a metrosexual ... HOT! [via Superhero Hype!]

Let's do the news:
The Kelly Clarkson show last night was really impressive. I don't care what you think, that girl can SING! She did a Janis Joplin cover that had my jaw on the floor. It was a great concert! I didn't bring a camera because I didn't want to deal with security ... but it turned out that they were allowing cameras ... BOO! I could have taken so many pictures. I did have my camera phone so I took some pictures to share. This is Erik and me in the audience:

A shot of the stage:

And the marquee:

If you get a chance to see her you should go ... she is utterly fabulous. And what was up with all the homos ... there were TONS of gay guys there ... more than you usually see at a concert. There were a lot of young gay couples there ... it was cute.

Last thing, I have to give a shout-out to K-Dawg ... because I just found out and I'm SOOO happy for her ... and I must get details first-hand from her soon ... and I'M SOOO HAPPY FOR HER!

And ... I'm out.

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